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Experience with social and emerging media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest a plus! ShareContent marketing has taken off as brands move away from traditional advertising in order to embrace a more social, engaging way to connect with consumers in order to nurture brand loyalty and awareness. Content marketing is based on the idea of creating, curating and most importantly, publishing and sharing original content. Despite its success, the idea behind creating a content-focused strategy is still relatively new.
However, 55% of in-house marketing specialists said they were planning a content marketing strategy in the near future, as did 58% of agencies.
The two most effective mediums through which brands are able to conduct content marketing are undoubtedly email newsletters and social media platforms as they provide the best possible conduit for sharing content with online communities.
The study mentioned above also found that in-house marketing strategists were most likely to plan an increase in Twitter and Facebook usage, at 90% and 81%, respectively, to distribute content, making the social platforms the most popular channels for sharing and promotion. The absolute majority agreed that content marketing was “key to creating an emotional connection with customers”.
With platforms such as blogs, multiple social media networks and of course their own website at their disposal, brands are able to push content out without ever having to work with the media or press as such. Content in this instance can refer to a variety of content ranging from articles to videos or static images. The internet is becoming increasingly fascinated with visual imagery — as crystal clear displays and retina screens become more common and the popularity of photo sharing sites such as Pinterest peaks.
Even social networks which were heretofore mostly text-based are embracing the trend, with posts on Facebook and Twitter consisting of more images than ever before. People and brands alike are now experimenting with visual content marketing by making arresting images the centre of both their email and their social media campaigns. The process of content production, publication and sharing is one which actively builds links and generates traffic to brands’ websites and blogs.
The changes sweeping the market require that marketing structures change as well… content, social, all of them are driving change in the very structures of marketing.
First, and foremost, the creative application of ideas through social channels, as a major vehicle, will spawn a new era of truly integrated marketing communications.
En effet, vous n’avez pas a payer le journal couteux local pour passer votre pub ni une chaine nationale a la television pour se faire remarquer.

Creez votre propre competition. Demarrer par exemple une « competition amicale » avec une autre entreprise et vous aurez un buzz assure. Organisez un evenement pour un organisme de bienfaisance local par exemple. Cela montrera que vous avez l’esprit communautaire et que vous pouvez allier business et charite.
Ecrivez un article dans votre journal local en donnant des conseils concernant votre secteur d’activite. Cela vous fera passer pour un expert dans votre domaine.
Donner des representations dans des ecoles locales, des clubs, des bibliotheques et des eglises… Ayez toujours votre nom et adresse sur les documents que vous laissez sur place. Rediger des communiques de presse des que vous faite une action benefique pour votre economie locale, cela fera parler de vous.
Utilisez les medias sociaux tels que Facebook et Twitter pour faire des annonces commerciales.
Nous sommes joignables du lundi au vendredi, de 9 h a 18 h (parfois meme plus) toute l’annee.
If you’re not yet using Pinterest as a part of your marketing plan, you should consider doing so as this very popular pinboard-style, photo-sharing site provides you with the ultimate platform to showcase those items you sell. In today’s information obsessed online communities this branch of digital marketing is rapidly growing as people increasingly realise the power of branded content. According to a recent study conducted by Outbrain and Econsultancy, a minority of people, along with 13% of agencies worldwide, are already defining content marketing strategies. That left just eight percent of the former and 29% of the latter without any content marketing plans for the future. However, a buzz word that’s been doing the rounds lately is visual content marketing — which focuses on all aspects of design, font and images.
This trend is likely to continue as time-starved consumers increasingly prefer strong, communicative images rather than wordy copy. In fact, the two practices are so closely linked that most white hat SEOs these days rely almost entirely on a branded content marketing strategy rather than any actual ‘tweaking’ of the system. As more users gain exposure to the content, so the likelihood increases that they might share it — thus creating more inbound links which ultimately benefits a site’s page rank within the search results.
Secondly, real-time consumer information and speed of response should be seen as a critical ingredient to developing breakthrough creative insight. Par exemple si vous vendez des biscuits et que vous n’arrivez pas a les vendre, mettez en sur un plateaux fraichement sortis du four et marchez dans un centre commercial pour les faire gouter. Une fois que les gens auront essaye une fois, ils reviendront vous voir (si ils aiment bien sur).

Par exemple, organisez une collecte de sang ou un « super Noel » pour les enfant defavorises.
Il est necessaire que tous vos clients ou prospects soient au courant lorsque vous lancer un nouveau produit ou une promotion. Here are a few tips you can use to help you market your home entertainment goods on Pinterest.Target Your Ideal AudienceIn order for your pins and boards to be appealing to your targeted audience, be sure that you focus providing your ideal customer with useful or inspiring information related to your  pool tables, bar stools, etc. Clearly, this new way of thinking about marketing is more than a trend and something your brand should be investing effort and time in. And finally, the organizational lines between marketers, their customers and the agency will become even more blurry.
Meme si elles ne sont pas de qualite professionnelle, offrez des informations concises ayant un vrai plus. You can do this by posting beautiful images that draw people in and by using creative titles. You could run a contest where pinners are asked to create the ultimate home entertainment room with the most popular room being the winner of the prize you offer.
You can have a board for each of your home entertainment products if you wish but only include photos of the products being used in real people’s homes. You could build an entire board of customer photos like this and then link to those customers’ Pinterest accounts in your pin descriptions. These types of photos featuring your products and real people will help to inspire those out there who are thinking of buying similar items into coming into your store to so they can see, touch and try out your products in person.Carrie Fox has been a Pinterest fan for a few years. She loves to collect and organize beautiful images for home and gardening.A post by Kidal Delonix (1530 Posts)Kidal Delonix is author at LeraBlog.
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