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Domino’s Australia has had thousands of customers sign up for its Pizza Mogul app that enables users to design a pizza, advertise it on social media and receive a part of the sales whenever it is sold.
In return for sharing its profits, the company has received a wealth of promotion on social media from consumers eager to earn from their pizza concoctions. At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits.
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The top-earning participant, who calls himself Pizza Master on the website, has reportedly earned more than AU$22,000 for selling over 12,000 pizzas of his own design.
Mobile Marketing Australia’s Role In The Mobile Marketing Revolution Share This June 10, 2015 Phillip Kissonergis The expansion of technology has meant many things. Innovation, exploration and creativity for audiences all over the world, but many forget one of the fundamental benefits behind the expansion of technology – just how it has for so many years been the driving force behind communication and connectivity. The new, exciting age of mobile is reshaping the way consumers interact with organisations, the way marketers promote and attract consumers and the way businesses connect with their customers.

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