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I wrote the article that formed part of this double-page spread advertorial in Inside Business Magazine.  The aim was to attract both new corporate sponsors and also corporate spectators to the professional basketball games.
Rogers Publishing has rebranded and relaunched Canadian Health & Lifestyle magazine, the digest magazine it purchased from Merit Marketing in April. The publication’s content now focuses on small adjustments readers can make to improve their lifestyles.
Canadian Health & Lifestyle, which has a circulation of roughly 400,000, covers topics from health and beauty to food and fitness using practical tips from Canadian experts.
Currently published quarterly, Jones said the frequency will increase to six times a year in 2013. The relaunch of the print publication coincides with the creation of an iPad version of the magazine. Around the time Rogers Publishing purchased the book, Rogers Media senior vice-president of sales and marketing Dale Hooper said at an industry conference that women represent one of the main consumer groups Rogers is trying to better connect (the others being sports fans, entertainment lovers and news followers). The fall issue features a cover story on Citytv’s Breakfast Television co-host Dina Pugliese—a self-described “spicy, loud Italian who loves to laugh”—and her career path, family values and how she keeps her life balanced.
Its website is set to be overhauled as well to coincide with the Winter 2012 issue, said Jones.

The design uses an established theme that goes through all elements of the clients marketing from their adverts and packaging design through to their website. This adverts target audience are interested in product ranges, as well as individual products so while having multiple products and product information is a challenge, it is a necessity. Regardless of if you are advertising with a full page in a glossy magazine or you are getting some new business cards produced; do not neglect the quality of your graphic design. BlueAnt produce some fabulous Bluetooth products and are an Aussie owned company to top it off.
Shaw has unveiled a company-wide rebranding, and is introducing it to current and potential customers through a national campaign.
These additional characters are set to debut over the coming months (likely in the spring of 2013, according to Staples) once the rebranding has taken hold.
The rebranding has been in the works since Little’s arrival at Shaw in May (from RBC).
Launched last week, the iPad edition will provide sponsorship opportunities to advertisers starting with the Winter 2012 issue, which Jones said will be in-market Nov. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”.

The brief asked that four products be included in the advert – no small task as working with more than one product in a single advertisement can be challenging. Targeting your target audience and their needs with your adverts is important and the message should be customised to get maximum conversion from that audience. Get the job done to the highest possible quality with CreationGate and turn whatever you are producing into a reflection of your company’s professionalism. As Bell’s marketing vice-president, he introduced its Beaver mascots in 2005 who defined the brand for nearly four years and, like Bud and Bit, were an animated duo who appeared across all media to promote the brand. The magazine advertisement uses contrasting vibrant colours to create impact and also manages to contain product information. Also if you love creative advertising, feel free to join 20+ others on our Pinterest community board on creative advertising.

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