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Using a Mind Map Marketing Plan will allow you to quickly and easily put together a plan that works. Things will also be much easier if you make use of Mind Map Software for your Marketing Plan. Before we look at our Mind Map Marketing Plan, let's explore some important points that you need to keep in mind when drawing up your marketing plan. Knowing your customer will also allow you to get an idea of the market share that you will be able to take.
Mind Map your Ideal Customer and use this with your Mind Map Business Plan and Mind Map Marketing Plan to attract customers that love what you have to offer.
The success of your Mind Map Marketing Plan is also largely determined by your vision of the future.
Having this future vision will enable you to put to a Mind Map Marketing Plan that all your stakeholders (you, your staff, your customers, your suppliers) can buy into. Now that you have done some visualisation of your business, you are better equipped to put together your Mind Map Marketing Plan.
Start by putting the image of your company, product, or service in the centre of the Mind Map Marketing Plan.Put each of the above headings as headings on your Mind Map.

Once you have filled in the headings and details, you are ready to start writing up your Marketing Plan. Whatever you choose, your Mind Map Marketing Plan will ensure that you understand and tackle your market in the best possible way. Download the Mind Map of the Marketing Plan below and fill in your ideas to get a holistic picture of your Marketing Plan. Remember that you can export the Mind Map to text format if you want to create a traditional text based Marketing Plan. A Rich-picture aims at informally capturing the main entities, structures, viewpoints, the processes, the current recognized issues and any potential issues about the situation under analysis. If you don't have a Business Plan look at our article on creating a practical Mind Map Business Plan, which can not only be used to raise finance, but to actually run your business. Knowing how you are going to take your business to the market requires some serious thinking about who you are and what you are offering your customers.
Mind Maps allow your Marketing Plan to come alive, yet still explore all the necessary options. Simply follow the instructions at the end of this article to have the first draft of your Marketing Plan within a few minutes.

Try Free Mind Map software to get a feel for Mind Mapping before you try some of the commercial Mind Map Software products. Knowing what competitors your customers buy from will also give you a good insight into how you can ensure you get your fair share of the market. You Mind Map Marketing Plan depends on you having an idea of what you provide from the customer's point of view. You now have a basic Mind Map framework for your Marketing Plan.Now go about filling in the details on your Mind Map.
Many entrepreneurs choose to only use a Mind Map Marketing Plan, while others prefer to write it up in a normal, linear document. As we mentioned in our Mind Map by example article, using examples and templates to get you Mind Mapping is the easiest and quickest way to get started.
You can use the bullet points above, or simply use them as a guide, using those that you see fit and dropping those that are unnecessary.

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