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The Master in Digital Marketing for Tourism and Events Management trains managers and professionals from the tourism sector and MICE on the use of digital and web marketing. The Master in Digital Marketing for Tourism and Events Management is a master, in which formal and informal opportunities for discussion are created to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants. Networking develops between students of the same class, between participants and teachers, and with students from other courses. The Master lasts 12 months (summer break in July and August) for a total of 17 on-campus sessions, normally articulated in a day and a half (Friday and Saturday), to which is added the final presentation of the project work carried out by the participants. Headquarters of the lessons:  classes will be held at Rimini at the facilities of the Polo Scientifico, and then subsequently held at the headquarters of Bologna in Bologna Business School. 9 courses developed in close succession to allow participants to deepen the different perspectives related to digital and web marketing. Il programma di bilancio applicato alle aziende turistiche si preoccupa di trattare le tre seguenti parti.
The course is structured in two modules, the first module is dedicated to the introduction of technologies and methodologies for the management of modern information systems on the subject of server-side Web applications.
The course explains the concept of a tourist destination and describes the competitive dynamics in place among tourist destinations globally as well as national and international tourist flows. Quali sono i grandi cambiamenti organizzativi e strategici in atto nelle imprese turistiche? Il ciclo dell’esperienza turistica segue questi passaggi: dream, search, book, experience, share e con essi gli operatori devono rapportarsi, oggi anche in ambiente digitale. In recent years, the global affirmation of the Internet, the advent of social platforms and mobile devices have led to a decisive acceleration and irreversible change. A tourist destination, the fundamental unit of analysis for understanding the phenomenon of tourism, is now a complex digital ecosystem in which the size of the "real" and the "virtual" inextricably intertwine.
The Master provides an academic methodology based on lectures, tutorials and group projects. The courses are taught in close succession to allow participants to deepen a single subject area at a time, ensuring effective progress of the learning path.
This year Bologna Business School will be awarding 1 scholarship to the most qualified participant to the master, for a value of 4.000 euros .
Thanks to the agreement between BOLOGNA BUSINESS SCHOOL and Unicredit, participants in the Master have access to an honor loan without collateral and at reduced interest. The Master is intended for professionals who desire acquire, develop and systematize their competence in the area of digital and web marketing.
Candidates must have obtained their degree prior to the enrolment deadline, which is 25 February 2016, including all other requirements described in the Call for applications.Candidates who only possess a secondary school diploma may be admitted up to a quota of 20% of the total amount of enrolled students. The Master has 40 places reserved for participants in possession of a university degree from the new or the old system, provided that they are of the disciplines indicated in the Call for applications. Admission requires you to successfully pass an admission test, which will be held at Bologna Business School on 29 January 2016. More information on how to enrol are available in the “Call for applications for admission to a first level University Master”, which can be downloaded from the websites of Bologna Business School or Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. Yes, since it is a first level Master, a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement for participation. Faculty members at Alma Bologna Business School work together offering outstanding teaching standards.

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A obiettivi diversi corrispondono eventi diversi e, spesso, il bisogno di scelte, modalita organizzative e competenze diverse. Con quali riferimenti teorici possiamo identificare interpretazioni soddisfacenti e strategie di intervento efficaci? Nel corso, partendo dal ruolo crescente degli strumenti a disposizione dei viaggiatori nell’era del web 2.0 e della connessione in mobilita, verranno approfonditi i temi dello storytelling, della conten curation e della brand reputation per  imprese ricettive, ristoranti e destinazioni. The online presence of a tourism business is created through the construction of a digital ecosystem that goes beyond the mere creation of a website. As in a natural ecosystem, they combine to form a whole in which coexistence allows for economic and social returns much higher than those obtainable by remaining in one subsystem or another. The total amount of the loan covers the tuition fee or the part of it not already covered by a scholarship. Moreover it is also recommended for recent graduates whom already possess professional experience in the tourism sector. The test consists of an interview regarding the professional goals of the candidates and its subsequent coherency with the academic path of the Master. In order to verify admission requirements we ask you to please consult the Call for applications. Tuttavia, con richiesta formale al Direttore Scientifico (che dovra essere valutata) e possibile ottenere la sostituzione del project work con uno stage formativo di 500 ore in azienda.
An international and interdisciplinary approach is guaranteed by a joint team of distinguished national core professors, adjunct, visiting professors, guest speakers and top managers.
Over the past 30 years, information and communication technologies have had a crucial impact on the way business is done.
Dopo questa prima fase intende approfondire le principali forme di imprese ricettive, senza dimenticare di fare un breve cenno alla legislazione delle agenzie di viaggio e dei tour operator. The evolution of information systems, from enterprise system applications to traditional big-data and social-media analysis. It then focuses on the declination of management and marketing services for the tourism and hospitality sectors.
It will present the 6 main roles with emphasis on the promotion, marketing and communication (with reference to both the tourism that all 'hosting of events). Il corso prevede una panoramica sulle principali tipologie di evento con un approfondimento sulle fasi piu significative del percorso organizzativo e di comunicazione. Il corso intende rispondere a questi interrogativi e offrire allo studente una panoramica dei principali temi e problemi della strategia e dell’organizzazione nel settore turistico.
Infine verranno approfondite le case history della Maremma Toscana, della Basilicata e del Lazio significative, sotto aspetti diversi, nella gestione della relazione online di una destinazione con i viaggiatori.

While complex in appearance, in reality an it is an opportunity to return to being the protagonist of a commercial destiny. To achieve these results, however, a thorough understanding of aspects of the Web and social media and how these relate to the "real"  component of a destination is required. However, a quota not exceeding 20% of the places are open to participants lacking a degree.
This is even more true in the tourism sector and the organization of events, in which the web and social media have changed the shopping experience and the sharing of information both in consumer demand, whom are increasingly more aware and demanding of both supply suppliers who must respond with products and of services which are becoming more personalized. In ultimo si concentra sull’Accountability, nello specifico, sul ruolo del bilancio d’esercizio nel contesto delle aziende turistiche.
The second part illustrates the technological basics and business opportunities related to the development of mobile applications. The main techniques of marketing destinations, with emphasis on the role of the Web 1.0 and social media through national and international case studies will also be demonstrated. Dalla costruzione del piano di marketing, alla definizione dei contenuti e del piano d’azione, alla realizzazione degli strumenti necessari per coinvolgere gli attori primari del processo: cliente, sponsor, partecipanti e fornitori. La didattica si basera sulla discussione di casi di studio e sull’analisi dei trend attuali relativi sia alla strategia che all’organizzazione.
Each student is asked to deposit 3% of the loan into a “Fondo ad Honorem”, in place in order to cover any cases of insolvency. In such a case, after an agreement is made with the Program Manager, it is possible to perform a selection interview with the Director of Studies. The Master in Digital Marketing for Tourism and Events Management is a part-time University master, which lasts 12 months and is divided into 10 core courses on the main topics of marketing and tourism management. Il programma di finanza per le aziende turistiche tratta delle decisioni di investimento e di finanziamento delle imprese operanti nel settore turistico. In particolare il focus vertera sull’analisi di concetti rilevanti come quello di mansioni e ruoli, configurazioni organizzative, strategie competitive e di crescita, analisi di settore e vantaggio competitivo. From the creation of the website, to its organic promotion [SEO] and investment in increased visibility on search engines [SEM].
Teaching is organized into 16 on-campus sessions (Friday and Saturday) held at the Polo Scientifico of Rimini and Bologna Business School.
Gli argomenti sono affrontati evidenziando i principali eventi che nelle realta caratterizzano la gestione finanziaria ed il ruolo strategico dell’analisi finanziaria e della finanza aziendale nel processo di gestione delle aziende e dei servizi turistici. We will then describe the technologies that support the development of advanced services for mobile apps related to tourism (eg. Al termine del corso, lo studente sara in grado di operare scelte riguardanti l’organizzazione e la strategia nelle imprese e nelle destinazioni turistiche, e di utilizzare differenti teorie dell’organizzazione e strumenti strategici per interpretare i cambiamenti in atto e per intervenire su di essi. Particular attention will be given to social platforms and mobile navigational marks which significantly increase year after year.
The training course will also touch on the phases of web analytics and reputation management which are directly linked to revenue management strategies.

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