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This system is composed of five modules: Definition, Organization, Process, Campaign as well as Report.
Definition module: this module includes all the items needed defining such as Country, City, Language, Organization Type, Card Type, Gift Type as well as Order Status. Organization module: this module enables users to define organization and to set hierarchal relations among different organizations.
Process module: this module not only allows users to create new products, gifts, clients as well as cards, but also enables users to create orders. Campaign module: this module allows users to create the activity, including specifying the type, time and places of the activity. With a wealth of experience in MVC and Telerik third-party components, Nova have completed many related projects for different clients and won their unanimous approval and recognition. Most importantly, agile development, together with relatively low proposal, allows clients to get high quality products with the least input of time and money. We send to the clients daily and weekly report, indicating our progress and time we spend on each task. We develop faster than the client expects and the functionalities developed by us fully match with the client??s requirements.
Document Management SystemOur Free document management system online tool helps to index, track and reference your business, marketing, technical and correspondence documents. TheEasyRef allows you to manage and track your business documents, such as sales quotations, orders, business correspondence, faxes, marketing and technical documents, by using a unique file naming convention.The tool is accessed online and is completely free! TheEasyRef uses a unique file naming convention that integrates standard identifiers, such as "Recipient", "Sender", and "Date of Document", into an easy-to-remember and readable format. Immediate access to customer data - With TheEasyRef's standard naming convention, information about your customers is available at your fingertips.
Web-based solution with no software to install - As a online hosted solution, this document management system can be accessed securely from any computer located anywhere in the world.
This document management system can be used to create file-naming conventions for any type of document, allowing you to easily reference, manage and track virtually any kind of data. Don't wait longer and start managing your documents efficiently with TheEasyref document management system. Knowing exactly what you need and when you need it can be one of the most challenging aspects to running a business.
Description Nova Software has been dedicated in software outsourcing industry for over 7 years, providing web development and mobile development services.
Nova Software - Company focuses on offshore outsourcing, software outsourcing and offshore software development from China. With such an array of marketing assets at their disposal, companies encounter a number of problems.
The prevalence of these problems has highlighted the need for effective marketing asset management. Before companies can initiate any improvement in their marketing asset management system they must first identify their weaknesses. One way ineffective marketing asset management can manifest itself is when sales reps simply reuse content that is easy to access rather than the most appropriate asset.
Once the marketing asset management assessment is complete, companies will be able to list a set of needs that marketing asset management software must address. A relatively straightforward way companies can improve their marketing asset management efforts is to use cloud storage services. Instead, companies should prioritize marketing asset management software that integrates with cloud storage services like Box and Dropbox.
A centralized marketing asset location can dramatically reduce the time employees spend searching for documents. The increased mobility of modern sales and marketing teams means marketing asset management software must also cater for mobile asset access. While the increased efficiency marketing asset management software can bring to an organization has many benefits, it may not necessarily increase sales unless it is accompanied by a set of marketing asset metrics. If the usage levels are satisfactory, marketing asset management project owners should present the results of the successful pilot before senior management.

Solution roll-out should be accompanied by regular follow up and reporting to track the progress of the solution. In this article we considered the balance between design and content in a website and the importance of keeping your site dynamic and up to date. Moving on from the time and money benefits of being easily able to keep your website up to date as your business evolves, the ability to manage the content on your site goes much further in today’s marketing environment. As you might have guessed, I like content management systems, but as well as being an essential tool, they can also become a source of frustration!
Over the past 25 years, working in both the corporate world, and the field of SME marketing consultancy, Duncan Wright has developed extensive knowledge & experience that really adds value to BSA Marketing's clients. As a member of the CIM, and as a Chartered Marketer, Duncan has the marketing knowledge to come up with relevant and innovative marketing strategies for clients, whilst at the same time possessing the technical knowledge to turn these strategies into relevant and sustainable marketing campaigns in the real world. The aim of this project is to build a MVC3 mall marketing management platform based on Telerik??s MVC components. Development team send work reports to clients on a daily basis so as to give clients a clear understanding of the progress of the day. Thus, the client knows how the project is going and can manage the project in an easier and more efficient manner. Improve your work efficiency thanks to a file naming convention for your documents management. After getting to know you and your business, I can create a cohesive marketing plan built to achieve your overall business goals and utilize your resources more effectively. Through a simple Google search, potential customers can obtain an abundance of information on company product offerings.
Successful marketing asset management can result in widespread organizational efficiency gains, and sales reps will always be equipped with the best content when and where they need it.
The first step to successful marketing asset management is an assessment of what works and what doesn’t. The reason many sales reps find themselves in this type of situation is because traditional file and folder structures weren’t developed with today’s Big Data in mind.
Any marketing asset management system that does not offer a solution to these inefficiencies can be immediately ruled out. In the past, marketing asset management systems were something of a one stop shop for company content – a centralized location where employees could access the latest marketing assets. Cloud storage services can bring a wide range of benefits to companies including lower costs, automation, mobile accessibility, easy syncing, effortless recovery, and improved collaboration.
With cloud storage services, team members can easily give their input into asset creation without the need for elongated email chains. One of the most common inefficiencies in marketing asset management today occurs when sales and marketing teams are forced to trawl through a number of locations and content repositories in search of relevant marketing assets. However, it is not really feasible for employees to spend their time manually transferring assets to a central location. For marketing asset management software to succeed within the organization, it must integrate with the various storage services already deployed eliminating the need for time-consuming manual transfer. In addition, teams should be able to edit marketing assets on the move via their tablet or phone.
It is vital that companies get some insight into which marketing asset are associated with winning sales opportunities and which assets have been less than successful. Any marketing asset management software solution that meets your company’s needs should be put through a carefully monitored pilot process. Consider whether the needs you identified during the marketing asset management assessment phase are being sufficiently addressed. It is possible to do many updates in house with only minimal training and no knowledge of HTML coding. E-mail and social media offer fantastic opportunities to get your message out to your market, but they require a stream of high quality content. After climbing back on my chair thinking all I held true to be a lie, I read on and the point he makes is that today, great content is a must; but that is only the start! Well, generating the content needs to be easy, you need to be able to focus on the content itself and how it is shared and disseminated, rather than the technicalities of getting it onto the web in the first place.

The best way to avoid this in the real world is to have and use a flexible CMS to ensure that your site is where it should be – At the core of your Joined-up Marketing Strategy.
At present, Nova has several teams which are engaged in developing projects based on Telerik third-party components. At the same time, weekly work reports are also delivered to clients, which enable them to have a better project management. Managing the messages and media deployed to communicate with the market – imagery, content, etc. I can even execute these activities – blogging, social media posts, press release creation, website updates, etc.
As a result, companies have had to create more unique and targeted marketing assets to suit the evolving needs of the customer. With these benefits in mind, we have put together a set of marketing asset management best practices to help companies realize the full benefits of the assets at their disposal. Allow sales and marketing to have a voice in the assessment phase to uncover where the roadblocks to effective marketing asset management lie.
The sheer volume of content companies create today coupled with the speed at which business is conducted means a separate upload to a marketing asset management system is no longer a realistic option. With Box and Dropbox, multiple users can edit documents while changes are instantly reflected eliminating version worries. For a marketing assets management system to meet the needs of today’s marketing professionals, it must integrate with other company storage repositories. Any marketing asset management software that requires marketing and sales teams to spend valuable time transferring assets from one location to another will struggle in terms of user adoption.
Companies must prioritize marketing asset management software that facilitates this mobility. Ensure the marketing asset management system you implement in your company comes with a robust set of metrics which can be used to close the marketing and sales feedback loop.
While more sophisticated systems (including the Open-Source options discussed in this article) can offer almost unlimited functionality.
Even if you outsource your web updates, A CMS makes most changes quick and easy – and cheaper! Focus can then shift to making sure that your content is going to get the position it deserves on search engines. This in now much more about covering the right subjects, making sure your content is structured correctly and contains the right keywords (yes they are still important), and that it gets shared extensively. The service is completely free.All you need to do is to register in order to get your login ID, a few clicks more and you have a reference generated which we keep track for you in the database. These assets might include case studies, solutions sheets, whitepapers, podcasts, webinars, developer research, and analyst reports.
Consider whether or not the marketing asset management software currently being deployed is suited to your company’s needs. To get the most from their marketing assets companies should select marketing asset management software that seamlessly integrates with their cloud storage service.
The ability to access and edit marketing assets on the move could prove crucial in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape where speed is more important than ever. If this group are pleased with the marketing asset management software, they can become key solution evangelists throughout the roll-out phase. In this way, you can do as much of of the work on your website as you want and have the knowledge to, and bring in the experts only when you need to, keeping you in control, and costs down. Again a good CMS with SEO functionality (We tend to use the Yoast Plugin for wordpress) is a great tool for this.
On your next request for reference, the internal number will be increased by 1, providing you, in such a way, ease of indexation.
During the pilot process, there should be a utilization report conducted to find out how many people are using the marketing asset management system.

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