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In this article we will discuss the general sequence of marketing management hierarchy which is followed by most of the organizations in the same or with slight variations.
Marketing Team Leader – These professionals are responsible for supervising the entire team of marketing associates in their outlet and managing the team to fulfill the targets on time for the company in an exquisite manner. Branch Marketing Executive – The professional who handles the marketing tasks for the company’s entire branch are referred to as branch marketing executives. This is the top level of the marketing management hierarchy and is responsible for administrative level work in the company. Regional Marketing Manager – Regional marketing manager handles the marketing tasks for the company for a specified region provided by the company to the regional marketing manager. Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director – The highest managerial level attainable in the marketing management hierarchy is of a chief marketing officer, CMO also referred as the marketing director. Having the right perspective matters in marketing. In particular, having the big picture view in mind while focusing on issues at hand or dealing with specific parts of the marketing function allows us to quickly prioritize tasks or even whole projects.
Consider the scenario when someone says to you – “Man, have you seen Company X’s new commercial? At first, we had some ideas of what integrated marketing management should look like but we didn’t quite know if we could visualize it appropriately. Vendors in our space all use slightly different terminology when describing what they “do” or “focus on” – and SAS does as well. The above is a depiction of how SAS views the Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) process and the capabilities that we provide with regard to IMM. Customer Intelligence is any information or intelligence you have about your end customers. Integrated Marketing Management, a subset of Customer Intelligence, is the application of Customer Intelligence methodologies by the marketing department of an organization. We will discuss each one of these four categories in detail in subsequent posts, but today I want to first speak to the visual as a whole. Synchronization – Can your organization synchronize the messages that it delivers across channels, over time – in order to ensure a lapse in dialogue doesn’t occur? Real-Time – Can your organization respond immediately, in real time, to an inquiry or concern that your end customer may have? Optimization – Can your organization optimize the messages that are delivered to your customers – so that common problems like over contact or customer saturation don’t occur? Next, you see a blue bidirectional arrow connecting the customer to the orchestration and interaction section of the visual.
Welcome to Customer Intelligence, a blog for anyone who is looking for ways to improve the business of marketing and communicating with customers. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS.
Explain the differences and similarities in the marketing communications mix of online and onground businesses. Prior to selecting and designing any communications, however, objectives must be established for the marketing communications program.
The marketing communications mixAdvertising, sales promotion, events and experiences, PR and publicity, direct marketing, interactive marketing, word-of-mouth communication, and personal selling. AdvertisingAny paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Small businesses must choose advertising mediaRadio, television, newspapers, billboards, the Internet, and magazines. Advertising on the Internet is also a consideration for the marketing communications mix of any business with a web presence. Relating ads to the target market, making ads appealing, and including the element of surprise. Given the expense of advertising and the fact that consumers are exposed to so many advertising messages every day, many companies correctly believe that advertising alone is not enough to get people to try a product a product or a service. Sales promotions can be delivered to the customer in a variety of ways, such as snail mail (US Postal Service), in person, in local new newspapers and regional editions of national magazines, on television and radio, in e-mail, on websites, and in electronic coupons that are sent to a customer’s mobile device.
Events and experiences also tap into the importance of the customer experience, discussed in Chapter 6 "Marketing Basics". Social media services such as Google Alerts and TweetBeep can be very helpful for managing a company’s reputation. Direct marketingThe promotion of a product from the producer directly to the consumer or business user without using any type of channel members.
Direct marketing is about using information to educate, establish trust, and build a company (or someone in it) as an authority.
Interactive marketingOnline activities and programs designed to engage customers or prospects and directly or indirectly raise awareness, improve image, or elicit sales of products and services. Common interactive marketing tools include e-mail, websites, online shopping, videos, webinars and webcasts, blogs, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. A blogA web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically.
Social mediaWebsites that feature user-generated content or material created by visitors rather than the website publishers and encourage visitors to read and respond to that material.
Despite the hype surrounding social media, and the fact that many small businesses are already connected, small businesses must still consider the use of social media just as carefully as the other modes of marketing communications.
Although personal selling plays an important role in the sale of consumer products, it is even more important in the sale of industrial and business products. Like all other forms of marketing communications, personal selling offers both advantages and disadvantages. On the minus side, the biggest disadvantage may be the negative perceptions that many people have of salespeople: pushy, annoying, slippery, and willing to do anything for the sale—whether legal or not. IMC is about pulling all the marketing communications together to convey a consistent message.
Small-business owners should be familiar and comfortable with the terms promotion, marketing communications, and integrated marketing communications (IMC).
The marketing communications mix for a small business will consist of some combination of advertising, sales promotion, events and experiences, PR and publicity, direct marketing, interactive marketing, and personal selling. Frank’s All-American BarBeQue has historically taken a very low-key approach to promoting the business, choosing to rely on word-of-mouth communication.
Choose two products or services that you purchased recently from small businesses, one from an online business and one from an onground business. Highly accomplished enterprising visionary combining outstanding sales & marketing talents with high caliber general management qualifications. Created a responsive market-driven department increasing market share from 25% to 50% in 3 years. Established 5 new SKU's with the Target Corporation triggering $2.5 million in additional sales revenues. Devised a "service team" approach for company's top 10 accounts creating a consultative sales process. Reengineered product specifications in the water kettle category producing cost savings that led to  product expansion opportunities within existing accounts. Liaised with Customer Service Manager developing a QC reporting process across all categories.  Quality control scrutiny led to significant improvements of the Costco rice cooker and increased sales by 20%.
Streamlined the sales presentation process through the creation of a "product development  database" providing sales managers with immediate access to product progress, features and pricing information. Conceived and implemented a sales strategy  targeting a niche market of clients with licensed  properties, which was adopted as the center of Teling's  international sales campaign. Established accounts with Elvis Presley  Enterprises, Marilyn Monroe Enterprises and Anna Kournikova. Developed a six-month training program utilizing video tape for teacher performance training reviews.
Gained hand-on experience in pre-press  production, project management, content writing and editing, layout and design and desktop publishing. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Of course we already know that P&G first realised the idea of 'moments of truth' in 2005, they said that the first moment was "in front of the shelf,"A and that the "second moment of truth" was gained through product trial and experience. ZMOT also explains that this happens largely online, using multiple journeys and multiple devices. The over-arching ZMOT thinking, led by Jim Lecinski at Google, is more great stuff for people trying to sell something to someone, it hails further signals that, as marketers, we all really need to wake up to. It's a concept orientated (though far from exclusively) towards online retailers, which makes sense given Google's commercial goals to sell retailers their advertising opportunities. Step 4: Open a new browser window, are their any that come recommended by experts or commentators? McKinsey's Consumer Decision Journey and Google's ZMOT are very similar though differ in what they focus on in regard to post purchase behaviours.
Every shopper is unique: And, they always have been Google, we've not become emotive and human, we've become empowered to exercise that irrational nature with more choice just one one click (or finger flick) away. Shoppers are multi-channel and multi device: This is the important point, as users now have more time to research and consider purchase (and let's not forget those of us that make massive impulse purchases!). Advertising is no longer the primary effective tool: You need to earn the attention of the consumer, the reality of high cart abandonment, high bounce rates and your brand or product generally being lost in a sea of noise. 80% of success is showing up: This is actually the most important point, what makes it easy to get started and near impossible to ever be perfect. Given that you're unlikely to be able to beat every competitor on price and warehouse inventory, Google advise that you need to beat those competitors at the point of ZMOT, where decisions are made outside of price alone.
Collect the data about your brand across as many review sites, blogs, forums and social networks as possible.
How do your compare to competitors - where are you in the market so far as the searching consumer is concerned?
As the consumer hits your site, is it credible, does it demonstrate a trustworthy brand, making realistic promises that are valuable outside of price alone?
Are you catering for those further up the sales funnel, those people (as P&G said in 2005) who are stood in 'front of the shelf' at the first moment of truth, are there reasons to make what Google call the micro decisions to register for or download some form of useful content from you?
This has implications for how you try to influence the journey (or funnel), but also how you understand the space in which consumers’ discover and form opinions about brands. I really appreciate this article because it warns us not to drink the Google cool-aid all in one gulp.
Maximizing corporate potential by driving top-notch marketing solutions, innovative branding strategies, and dynamic corporate events. More than 14 years of solid B2B marketing experience, delivering profitable solutions to drive sales, attract and  maintain customers, and build a solid corporate brand.
Initially hired into largely data entry position and upon proving marketing savvy, took over all marketing  responsibilities. Spearheaded all planning activities from concept to execution for events with up to $100,000 budgets. Handled all event budgeting, ensuring top quality while consistently coming in under budget. Directed event logistics including registration and set-up, travel, hotels, booths, client receptions, guest lists, conference accommodations, presentations, and itineraries, both remotely and on-site. Led weekly cross-functional team conference calls leading up to each event, solving logistical issues and  coordinating preparation with up to 14 individuals from multiple divisions.

Established and built successful partnerships with vendors, hotels, event management companies, and production services companies. Maintained in-depth project plans including detailed Excel workbooks with continually updated task lists, contact  lists, deadlines, and budgets.
Spearheaded email marketing campaigns, resulting in more than 80% of software services clients coming in through email marketing channel. Orchestrated two successful corporate re-branding campaigns, including coordination of legal name change and new logo with all vendors and clients, new website and marketing materials, internal and external messaging, and internal communications coaching. Collaborated with sales team, directors, and India marketing team to issue proposals (RFPs and RFIs). Assisted in executing internal and external events, including trade shows, conferences, and parties. Created content for corporate website, sales presentations, email campaigns and corporate sales collateral.
Handled allocation of $500,000 marketing budget, including advertising, print collateral, trade shows and  seminars, and services from an advertising company and a PR company.
Led company's inaugural email marketing initiative, resulting in considerable increase in customer traffic. Maintained content for company website, print advertisements, and corporate sales collateral. Consistently met and exceeded goals including collaboration with three-person team to reach 115% of annual  sales quota. Researched and wrote direct mail pieces, brochures, business letters, website content, and edited 400+ page technical textbook.
Volunteer, Sample Non-Profit, Atlanta, GA, 2009 - Present Devoted time to sorting and categorizing textbooks in  preparation for shipment to schoolchildren in Africa.
The management of a company depends on the proper working of all these officials since all officials work and operate at different positions. Following are the levels starting from the entry level or the junior level management and ending with the highest one in the industry. I am sure we would all agree that marketing has become a complex business but applying an integrated marketing framework around marketing can help simplify the process and coordinate all the pieces you'll see in the chart below.  With that in mind, I propose that we take a big picture look at how an integrated marketing management approach is the best approach for getting the most out of Customer Intelligence solutions.
Well, after many revisions and many inputs from folks both inside and outside of SAS – we have created the following visual  to uncomplicate a complicated subject, which will be explained piece by piece.
As I have discussed in previous posts – the terms we use fit nicely (in my mind at least) into a hierarchy. Let’s quickly define the terms at the top of this visual before we get into the visual itself.
Application of the IMM framework helps organizations better execute the “closed loop marketing” process – which we will define. SAS believes that capabilities solve business issues and product names can only serve to complicate.
While all components of the IMM process are critical to marketing technology success – this arrow depicts that customer engagement occurs through the orchestration and interaction category of IMM, which we will talk about in more detail in a following post.
The three categories mentioned above seem to be floating on top of information and analytics. And we hope to inspire the use of analytics for everything from multi-level marketing to social media campaigns. Marketing communications can be defined as “the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind customers—directly or indirectly—about the products and brands they sell.
Although many IMC plans may be oriented toward a single objective, it is possible for a program to accomplish more than one objective at a time. According to Lorrie Thomas, author of Online Marketing,Lorrie Thomas, Online Marketing (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011), 157. By offering a promotion that helps a worthy cause, you can create a good name for the business. Giving away a free product or service is usually a good way to get people to try a product or a service for the first time, the hope being that it will lead to a purchase. It can be very effective if you run a promotion that helps provide information to potential customers to help them make a decision. A small business could choose to sponsor a Halloween costume event for petsJerry Robertson, “Secrets to Low Cost PR for Small Businesses,” Yahoo! Today, customers “want products, communications, and marketing campaigns to deliver experiences. Reputation managementThe process of tracking opinions and comments about a company’s actions and products and reacting to those opinions and comments to protect and enhance the company’s reputation. Instead, there will be one person whose job includes—among many other things—PR and publicity. Direct marketing can be used to sell, but it can also be used to test new markets, trial new products or customers, reward existing customers to reward loyalty, collect information for future campaigns, or segment a customer base.
Because e-mail, websites, online shopping, webinars and webcasts have been mentioned previously, the focus here will be on videos, blogs, and social media. However, even though small businesses hear much about blogs these days, creating one must be considered carefully. Social media has not worked out well for some small businesses that have used it, so each business must decide what social media is expected to do for the company, and then it must be used well and strategically. More than four times as many personal selling activities are directed toward industrial and business customers than toward consumers.John M. Because personal selling is a person-to-person, and often a face-to-face, communication, it is a natural way for getting customers and consumers to experience a product for the first time.
The most important objective of personal selling by far is persuading customers and consumers to make a purchase. Most personal selling focuses on building long-term relationships with customers and consumers. On the plus side, personal selling is flexible and dynamic, providing companies with the best opportunity to tailor a message to satisfy customers’ needs. The reality, of course, is that most salespeople (unfortunately, not all) do not fit this stereotype. This is where the salesperson tells the product “story” to the buyer: the product’s features, advantages, benefits, and value. They can be very effective, but they have not worked well for all small businesses that have used them. Robert believes that Frank needs to increase the sophistication of the marketing communications.
Results-oriented, decisive leader, with proven success in establishing a lasting presence in new markets, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances. It's a natural follow-up to my previous post reviewing McKinsey's New consumer Decision Journey. It's just as you'd expect from the might of Google's content marketing too; there's some fantastic insight and it's well researched based on insights fromA organizationsA such as Nielsen. Armed with 'ZMOT', Google are recognising the fact that for the next generation of consumers, the line between online and offline retail is already gone, 'ZMOT' helps Google brand a benefit orientated sales pitch to help retailers do something about it.
What Google are actually revealing is that the early major stages of activity in the funnel are different now. ZMOT appreciates that there's a likely response (positive or negative) based upon the product experience - where consumers might 'do something' such as share, rate, comment or post words, pictures or video somewhere about their experience, this in turn creates or supplements someone else's ZMOT. You cannot logically buy the problem out with advertising anymore, 99% of us just don't have the budgets to hand.
You don't win, you help the consumer on their journey and then monitor and measure the amount of attention and trust that you get as a result, ultimately in how many attributable sales that your efforts generate. This is done whilst also bringing the same quality of content into your website by giving the consumer the information that they need at point of purchase to confidentially make a decision. Probably the best book ever written on customer orientated marketing remains Pepper and Roger's 'One to One Field book' (1999), in fairness they too were suggesting this some time ago. I would like to add to that that Forrester has also many references to the new marketing journey and they have been blogging about it. Is it not that ZMOT has widened the first stage of the funnel to include all the contact points out there that people have either been unable or unwilling to accept? Shoppers dart back and forth as they touch down a€” again and again a€” not at cities but at all the information hubs on their journey. The consumer is like a bird, flying from branch to branch, collecting evidence each time they land. Dave and I had a brief chat about ZMOT a while ago, because I mentioned I used it when pitching clients.
Special  talent for enhancing corporate marketability through electronic and print marketing tools as well as clear, effective corporate messaging. Found innovative ways to market AAA brand, including highly successful email marketing campaigns.
The designations in the company compose the hierarchy, like designations in a marketing firm will compose the marketing management hierarchy of that organization. Customer Intelligence, Customer Analytics, Integrated Marketing Management, and Marketing Analytics all have their respective places in an organization’s ecosystem. Simply stated, closed loop marketing uses customer actions and feedback to refine future marketing messages and customer interactions. As we move into the category capabilities and descriptions in more detail, we can certainly outline individual products if needed.
We would all agree that a marketing message must be three things to be exceptional – it must be anticipated, relevant, and personal.
SAS can help organizations interact with their end customers via numerous marketing channels, which are displayed in the orchestration and interaction section of the visual.
Please stay with us as following posts will dive into the three categories of strategy and planning, orchestration and interaction, and customer experience in more detail! The problem is that this may be confusing to potential customers.Dana-Nicoleta Lascu and Kenneth E.
Each mode of communication has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should all be considered carefully before any final selections should be made.
Advertising is around us all the time—for example, ads are on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines, in train stations and on trains, on the sides and inside of buses, in public restrooms, in taxis, on websites, and on billboards. Sales promotionThe variety of short-term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a product or a service.
For example, a small electronics store that is competing with a large retailer could offer a discounted price on a popular cell phone for a limited time. Donate a portion of sales to the local food bank, buy clothing for the homeless, or donate to the local animal shelter to help pay veterinarian bills.
Coffee clubs are popular (buy so many coffees at the regular price and you get one cup free), but this approach can work for sandwiches at a deli, bags of bird food or dog food at the local pet store, shoe repairs at the local cobbler, dry cleaning services, and virtually any other kind of business. However, the product or the service has to be good enough to stand on its own so that when the “free” unit is gone, the person will come back to buy. This works especially well for products or services that are complicated or unfamiliar to customers, for example, software or product usage (particularly for business-to-business [B2B] customers), financial services, investment services, or estate planning.
The degree to which a company is able to deliver a desirable customer experience—and to use information technology, brands, and integrated communications and entertainment to do so—will largely determine its success.”Bernd H. The key is for PR and marketing to work closely together so that “every piece of communication produced by the company speaks with one voice.”Dana-Nicoleta Lascu and Kenneth E. One great idea is to have a group of people outside the business with positive picketing, holding signs such as “Low prices” or “Beware of friendly employees.” This was actually done by a small business, and it resulted in the business being on the front page of the local paper.Jerry Robertson, “Secrets to Low Cost PR for Small Businesses,” Yahoo!

This can translate into a higher conversion and success rate than if you tried to communicate with everyone in the mass market. Everything is personalized and individualized—from the website content to the products being promoted.Dana-Nicoleta Lascu and Kenneth E. Using online videos has become an increasingly popular strategy in small business marketing. However, strong relationships can be built only over time, and they require regular communication.
The successful salesperson is the person who focuses his or her efforts on satisfying customers over the long term as opposed to his or her own selfish interests.
For example, prospects for a small electric motor company would be all the businesses that use small electric motors.
For example, you want to know about the prospect’s needs, attitudes about available products and brands, critical product attributes and benefits desired, and current vendor(s). It is important not to spend too much time on product features because benefits and value will most directly influence the purchase decision.
The key to overcoming these objections is to maintain a positive approach, ask the prospect to clarify the objections, and respond to the objections by reiterating the major benefits of the product or the service and pointing out additional features, guarantees, service, and anything else that would address the objections. The request can be direct, or the salesperson can encourage the purchase by using a trial closing approach like asking, “Would you like us to finance product A for you?” Closing the sale is understandably the most difficult step for many salespeople because of the fear that the prospect will say no. They are key to establishing the strong long-term relationships that every small business desires and needs. Web searches and online content help prospective customers or clients do their own prospecting and qualifying.
For each product or service, identify the various media that were used to promote the product or the service and analyze the marketing communications mix. Researched and analyzed potential  markets, financial affairs, competitive bidding, and entire  project management.
Edited  engineering bids for infrastructure projects, semi-conductor plants, nuclear energy plants and high speed rail projects. After all - Google are saying that their Zero Moment of TruthA model represents the death of the sales funnel. The aim of ZMOT is to explain how the consumer's research and decision-making journey on the way to purchase is now fundamentally different, that there's a step prior to P&G's first moment of truth, called ZMOT. McKinsey, on the other hand, talk about the continuation of the shoppers journey into repeat purchase and loyalty. Let's not make this complicated either, it's content marketing (or inbound marketing if you're that way inclined) at multiple stages of the buy funnel. Google ran a study with Shopper Sciences early in 2012, looking at the purchase journey for 3,000 shoppers in tech, CPG, auto and finance. Ultimately, as a consultant, I find it a good lead in to reputation management and full-blown content marketing for clients. Stellar organizational and planning skills, as demonstrated in successful event planning experience. Once they complete their internship they are offered salary and are promoted to the next level in the hierarchy. Can I picture myself drinking the latest coffee creation and using the latest technology gadget from Apple?
SAS believes that organizations should continually refine dialogue with their customers in order to drive loyalty, retention, customer migration, and overall long term profitable growth. Strategy and planning is exactly as named, and allows for enterprise marketing initiatives to be created prior to execution. SAS believes that having a sound information and analytics environment is essential to executing successful marketing programs. Marketing communications are all about getting the word out about a company’s products and services because customers cannot buy what they do not know about, and, in the process, creating more of a two-way relationship with customers than was typical of the more traditional notion of promotion. Ads can also be found in other places, and the locations are limited only by the creativity of the company placing the ads. Whether the advantages of advertising outweigh the costs and disadvantages is something that must be decided by each small business.
Free onground seminars or webinars or webcastsSeminars or presentations that are delivered online and that are typically an hour in length. There is no one more qualified to educate the market about a need than a small business owner: “They’re the ones who will know their audience and what they’ll find unique, irresistible and compelling. If his name is not familiar, he is the founder of NapaStyle, a high-end small business retailer with both an onground and online presence. Many small businesses in the B2B sector are already using social media for business as a resource, to engage in initiatives, or both. Duening, Business Principles, Guidelines, and Practices (Mason, OH: Thomson Learning, 2007), 431.
Personal selling can help a small business build strong, loyal relationships with customers and consumers. Prospects can be found through a variety of sources, including current customers, trade directories, business associates, and newspaper or magazine articles. It is also important to ask questions and listen carefully to a prospect’s answers because they will provide valuable insights into the prospect’s needs. The salesperson should schedule a follow-up call to ensure proper installation, instruction, servicing, and troubleshooting and resolution should any problems be detected. Managed new business development and  strategic planning to maximize growth and profitability.
What remains common is that fewer and fewer people logically progress through the stages, the first and second moments of truth.
Develop major persona types, market to those individuals as individuals, let them see real-time relevant content to aid in decision making, in taking micro (i.e email sign-up) and macro (purchase) decisions, over time.
Consider how you can earn attention at every step of the customer's journey and especially when they're on your site.
It only surveyed online users (of which there are still a handful of folks that aren’t glued to their computer), plus it pre-ordained what Google considered research tools.
No matter what the image is that comes to mind when someone speaks of "marketing," marketing messages are crafted to capture mind share with a desired outcome. From there, we move to the orchestration and interaction category – where marketing programs are executed. But how do you foster effective, healthy, and positive customer engagement through the delivery of an anticipated, relevant, and personal message? While this section could absolutely have its own subsequent post – we feel that a strong foundation of information and analytics is essential for any software solution – not just Customer Intelligence solutions. IMC objectives can fall into seven major categories: increase demand, differentiate a product (stressing benefits and features not available from competitors), provide more information about the product or the service (more information seen as being correlated with greater likelihood of purchase), build brand equityThe value added to a brand by customer perceptions of quality and customer awareness of the brand. Participation in a local business fair could provide exposure for a product or a service and the opportunity to experience the product if that is possible.
By having special events, a small business will stand out from the rest,Jerry Robertson, “Secrets to Low Cost PR for Small Businesses,” Yahoo! Addressing extremely negative comments immediately is very important for any small business with a web presence. Online video content is becoming increasingly popular with avid Internet users, so a small business should consider creating a video for its website.
Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and energy—and then there need to be people to read it. Always remember that unhappy customers will defect to competition—and they will spread negative comments about the company.
A company’s website becomes the first sales presentation and, as a result, is critical in moving a prospect toward a sale. Established growth plans for individual accounts and personally  managed account calls throughout the United States.
So just like McKinsey's Consumer Decision Journey, I'd suggest that ZMOT is a funnel of sorts, more at the early stages and less at the latter. The 'over time' point is important, people will repeat visit over time, so consider lifetime value over one-visit or one-purchase value. It called magazine articles stimuli, but in funnel days, magazine articles were the #1 research tool for auto shoppers.
Gained extensive experience communicating with vendors and event support personnel, and effectively managed overseas marketing team. Customer experience comes next, where the results of marketing executions are measured and pushed back into not only strategy and planning to refine planning initiatives, but also into the information and analytics environments to detail customer contact history even more. Forrester Research forecasts that interactive marketing expenditures will reach $55 billion by 2015, accounting for 21 percent of all expenditures on marketing. After careful consideration, it may be better to focus a company’s promotional efforts elsewhere.
It stands to reason that successful small business owners should have the same sales skills. Because it is much cheaper to retain an old customer than to obtain new ones, it is in a company’s best interests to provide good follow-up and maintenance services. In short, all employees must be fully integrated into web marketing because web marketing is the primary driver of the sales process. The capabilities represented within information and analytics – segmentation, modelling, forecasting, data quality, social network analysis, and calculating customer lifetime value – are just a few of the capabilities that a solid information and analytics environment will incorporate. Small-business owners should be familiar and comfortable with all three terms because at least one of them will be the basis of conversations with vendors, employees, and other businesses. Factory tours and company museums, both of which can also be virtual, can offer great experiences for customers. Traditional PR tools include press releases and press kits that are sent to the media to generate positive press on behalf of the business. According to Ad-ology’s 2011 Small Business Marketing Forecast, 45 percent of US small businesses with fewer than 100 employees plan to use online video. Depending on the size of the company, small businesses will have varying numbers of salespeople, so some of the costs will vary as well. Tip: If you are not sure whether an online business can be considered a small business, type in the name of the business plus “corporate HQ” into Google or your preferred search engine. The other three categories in the visual rely on this stable, foundational environment in order for the solutions in these categories to operate effectively and efficiently. However, from a small business management perspective, IMC should be the guiding philosophy for a company. Liaise with 25 factories in  China to oversee cost saving product adjustments, product  specifications, quality control and order fulfillment.
If this information and analytics environment is not managed, cleaned, and tested properly – than the results of the marketing programs that are executed on top of this environment will be substandard. As with all objectives, IMC objectives must meet the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based) criteria that are described in Chapter 7, Section 2 "The Marketing Strategy Process". Paul Bond Boots, a small US maker of custom-made cowboy boots that are individually handmade to fit, features five really cool videos on its website. Any marketing operations, campaign management, or social media solution that is underpinned by information and analytics of poor quality – will not produce valuable insight that will drive profitable revenue growth – it’s as simple as that.

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