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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Marketing Mix: 4 Ps, 5 Cs, 5 Ts and 5 EsMarketing Mix Marketing mix models can be used to decide how to take a new product or service to market orused to test existing marketing strategy.
5 Ts 5 Ts of marketing operations include total strategy, techniques and processes, tracking andpredictive modeling, technology and talent.5 Es 5 Es include experience, everywhere exchange, engagement and evangelism.Questions to Ask Yourself Are there any substitutes for products?
I know this sounds like textbook knowledge, but these are the basic things that a marketer must ensure to check. Yet sometimes it’s those same long lists of features that end up making the app hard to grasp, or in some cases ultimately useless. Vibe Community BlogThe Vibe Blog is a collection of knowledge, learning and best practices from the 100,000 strong user community of Vibe, curated and presented. Many marketing mix models been developed over years such as4 Ps, 5Cs, 5 Ts and 5 Es, which will be discussed in the following chapter.4 Ps 4 Ps refer to a set of controllable variables (price, product, place and promotion (advertising)company uses to influence buyer’s response.
Companies and certain customers will, more often, collaborateon jointly promoting Product or Service.5 Cs 5Cs presents elements of marketing mix (consumers, context, convenience, convergence andcommunity) from buyers, rather than sellers, perspective.

Product : providing the target customers the kind of product or service that they require to satisfy their wants and needs.
Price: to set a price for the product that is affordable and suitable for the target customers, thereby implying the products value in the market. Promotion: to improve the image of the product and communicate it to the target customers by way of advertisements, Sales Promotions, etc. Physical Evidence: it refers to the physical appearance of the product that distinguishes it from the other products.
Process: It determines the capability of the product to supply the demand of the customers.
Recently, 4 Ps are thought of in a different way than theway they were originally written about.
It encompassesmanagement of a range of processes involved in bringing products to end consumer.Placement refers tochannels and locations for distributing product, related information and support services. Price considers customer cost, exchange criteria, payment periods, credit terms, discounts,financial services and pricing strategy.

Charge enough for proper profit to company but low enough tomotivate consumers to make a purchase. Is there a need for a sales force (to attend trade fairs or make online submissions or send samples to catalogue companies)?
Nurture a sustainable and engaged group of people by sparking conversations and adding valueto experience with brand by sharing relevant information, stories and opportunity to connect withcommunity members. Product is a customer solution, quality, features, brand, service, durability, variety, design,packaging and warranty. Promotion may consist of advertising, personal selling, merchandising, sales promotion, directmarketing and public relations.
Determine if are any limitations due to political issues, legal problems, traderegulations, taxation and labor laws, economic concerns, growth rate, labor costs and business cyclestage, social impacts, demographics, education and culture and technological developments impact oncost structures.

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