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When it comes to developing your B2B marketing plan, you can spend a lot of time spinning your wheels and writing not-so-useful rhetoric. But that’s ok, because the key to creating an effective B2B marketing plan is just to get started and check your success along the way. Like anything else, if you keep talking about your plan without taking any action, time will keep passing without anything really changing. If you haven’t ever used a persona before or don’t know what a persona is, click here to download our free customer persona template.
Next, you need to define your brand — who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Now that we have a clear picture of who you want to attract with your marketing and who you are as a business, we can start to plan your marketing tactics.
However, you still want to try to find better reasons that relate to the goals you are trying to achieve. If you’re spending money on something, you need to know why you’re spending that money and what you hope to achieve as a result of it.
Every minute is worth something in your business, and you want to spend your time as wisely as you spend your money, so make sure that the tactics you invest your time and money into are targeting your ideal customers and clients.
You can’t launch into a new marketing tactic without having some sort of expectation of outcomes. Remember, the important thing is to meet your audience where they already are, and to properly represent your brand in every tactic you plan. If you’re ready to get to work, then sign up for our newsletter to download our B2B Marketing Template. Armed with an Apple computer and head full of marketing knowhow, she built Blue Steele Solutions to help small businesses market themselves and grow in ways they didn’t think possible.
But that doesn’t mean she has to leave her coding, design, or writing days behind—when she isn’t building out CRMs or getting her hands dirty in a new Genesis theme, you might find her writing a blog post about management or watching reruns of The Office. When she’s not moderating questions on WordPress Facebook groups, Heather hangs out at Disney World, kills old flash applications, and writes functions when she’s bored. We'll add it to our list of topics to shareCommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Students in the MKTG 4350 Policies and Problems course are helping develop the beginning stages of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the Charlie’s Place 50th Anniversary by creating a marketing audit for the institution.

The class visited the organization last month to meet the staff and develop an understanding of their goals for this project. Aside from the marketing advice, the students also hope to raise awareness about Charlie’s Place and attract volunteers and sponsors to the facility. This audit is one of four phases of the marketing project which will incorporate a variety of courses over the next three semesters. The City of College Park needs your help!  As part of a citywide marketing campaign we are looking for the most truthful, surprising, interesting, or little-known things about the City.
Fluff might work for a college English paper on The Old Man And The Sea, but it has no place in a serious B2B marketing plan for your business. You need a plan that is going to cut straight to the point and get you where you need to go, a no-nonsense plan that’s still flexible enough to adapt to changing business conditions. Similarly, if you spend tons of time trying to come up with the perfect plan, you’ll end up with a plan that was perfect for conditions 3 months ago but that may have no relevance to your business today.
We have a template for that too, you’ll want to really invest some time in this one before you move on with your plan. You have an overall marketing plan – that’s your strategy–the overarching direction you want to move in. You have to cut the fluff, cut the things that are too far-reaching, too high level for what you’re doing. You wouldn’t plan to attend a tradeshow where none of your potential customers (or other parts of your supply chain) will be in attendance. You need to make sure you’re utilizing your resources effectively, and planning it all out will force you to look at the costs as a whole. Try to set attainable yet aggressive goals for your marketing and evaluate your progress and reset your goals and tactics along the way. Byus says that the final project for MKTG 4350 will become the curriculum for another course. Other courses include MKTG 4320 Marketing Research, MKTG 3325 Guerrilla Marketing, and MKTG 3315 Promotional Strategy courses. Due to the dedication of Charlie Acklen and others who wanted to assist or who had themselves been helped, Charlie’s Place has become a professional and comprehensive treatment center known for working miracles in the lives of their clients. Click the link below to participate by finishing the sentence: “The City of College Park is…” Submissions may be voted on and the results will be used to guide a marketing campaign to attract new residents and businesses to the City.

Plans that might be effective in the first quarter can fall apart when the business environment changes, so you need a plan that is going to flow with the dynamic environment of business, and the only way it can do that is if you are referring back to it constantly and making changes when necessary. Your focus should not only be on the long road ahead — especially if you are a small or new business (or let’s be honest, one that is struggling) your focus should be on what’s right in front of you. You may have multiple reasons for including a tactic in your marketing strategy, so list them all if you do. If that is the case, then you need to come up with multiple personas to make sure that you target each customer segment effectively. For instance, you may want to wait until the fall to start your email drip campaign, leading up to an industry even in the spring. Start out with an aggressive task load and you may never get your marketing plan off the ground.
You likely won’t get far with your B2B marketing plan without getting budget approval, so go ahead and factor in those monetary costs now. Is it worth it to keep paying someone to spend hours blogging when their time might be better spent writing marketing emails for you? At least monthly you should be analyzing progress in each area of your marketing plan and adjusting the plan accordingly. And stop procrastinating — start your marketing plan today and work hard to complete it so you can get down to business by marketing your products and services. And if you have built your customer personas (and you did, right?), then you need to make sure that, no matter what tactic you use, it targets your ideal customer.
You can’t afford to waste time or money on something that isn’t working, and won’t create a return on investment. Some tactics may only have a start date, with the plan to continue for the foreseeable future. It will also make it easier to determine if you’re getting a positive return on your investment when you check your progress later. Just looking at how much time you and your employees are spending on various tasks can show you where you can make changes.

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