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Author: Brianne DawsonBrianne Dawson is a Marketing Coordinator at Marketri LLC, where she is responsible for assisting with the execution of client marketing plans including Web site development, graphic design, search engine marketing, social media, public relations, event planning and more. While these two departments certainly cover similar ground and ultimately contribute to the growth of a firm’s business, they can be quite different and should each have clear and distinct responsibilities. By clarifying what each department is responsible for and communicating these responsibilities up front, professional service firms can better play on the strengths of each department and have them collaborate with one another for greater success.What is Marketing?Marketing involves developing a strategic plan for the firm, establishing the firm’s overall message, benefits, and capabilities and making sure this information is consistently and accurately expressed through all communication. The marketing department should also be responsible for executing a number of strategic tactics including design of marketing materials and Web sites.

This might also include developing new markets, such as different geographic areas, or identifying new potential markets for an existing service.
In our experience supporting our clients we have found that events and programs and direct mail campaigns are some of the most conducive areas for marketing and business development to partner together. For events, the marketing department can execute messaging, collateral and mailings; and the business development department would do the follow-up and help to get attendance and follow-up after the programs. The process should be similar for direct mail campaigns.  Marketing does the design, messaging and mailings and business development should do the follow-up to set meetings with prospects.

How do you view the relationship between these two groups?  We’d love to hear your stories!

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