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Distributed marketing technologies were primarily introduced five years ago to address the challenges distributed organizations face when selling and marketing their products and services through local channels (independent agents, franchisee, resellers, etc.). As multi-channel distributed marketing automation software platforms continue to rise in popularity we thought it was important to clearly define the anatomy of a top performing distributed marketing platform.
Dynamic Templates: The ability to create campaign or collateral templates where certain areas of content can be locked by corporate marketing to maintain brand and regulatory compliance. On-Behalf-Of Marketing Automation: The ability for local representatives to opt-in to campaigns, upload or select contact lists and then rely on the corporate office to execute campaigns on their behalf.
Contact Management: The ability to manage contact lists and contact ownership within the system as well as track and control message frequency.
Preference Management: The ability to centralize and manage communication preferences such as opt-in, opt-out, interests and channel preferences. Marketing Asset Management: The ability to centralize marketing assets for use within marketing communications. Approval Management: The ability to control, manage and route customized content, collateral and campaigns through designated approval workflows to ensure brand and regulatory compliance. Spend Management: The ability to manage and control marketing spend throughout the organization. Robust API Capabilities: Extensive API capabilities ensure data can easily flow in and out to additional legacy infrastructure applications as needed. Colliers International's Student Housing Group represents clients in the sale of quality student housing assets by maximizing client returns and achieving their real estate initiatives. They accomplish client goals through in-depth sub-market research and knowledge, credible underwriting and modeling, and a targeted marketing strategy promoted nationally and customized to the client’s objectives.

This student housing portfolio remains one of the largest in the student housing investment industry in which brokers managed the transaction. The owner of this student housing investment property wanted to dispose of a 182-unit, 676-bed asset with challenging current performance at 80% physical occupancy, further deteriorating to 50% following turn. The owner of this student housing investment property wanted to dispose of a 289-unit, 359-bed asset with challenges including the vintage of the property, inferior property amenities and units. BP has today launched a new digital marketing platform for its forecourt stores called ‘Today’s offers’, created in partnership with Rockpool Digital. The service uses a digital platform to deliver exclusive internet only deals to supplement the in store offers and promotions, with consumers able to discover relevant offers either by a shop’s location, or by offer category – Thirsty, Hungry, Entertain Me and My Car. David Pitron, BP’s UK trading director, said: “The UK convenience market is changing rapidly and so are the expectations and habits of our customers. Peter Gandy, chief commercial officer at Rockpool, said: “Today, consumers expect to get the information they want wherever they are, so it is essential for retailers to use digital channels to engage with customers, on their terms.
However, many of the same challenges faced by distributed marketing organizations now apply to almost all organizations. Permission management is a core fundamental building block that controls the entire user experience including content access and customization options, interface and navigational elements, approval flows, channel options, spend management, vendor selection and more. System administrators have the ability to create and designate content fields that system users are required to fill out in order to utilize the platform. In addition, content can be automatically personalized with the profile information of the system user as well as that of the recipient (see Contact Management). As campaigns are executed, the local representative will receive an e-mail confirmation that the campaign was sent along with a campaign report link that provides real-time campaign performance statistics.

System administrators have the ability to create and manage contact data fields as well as incorporate field names into marketing materials for dynamic mail merge personalization. Distributed marketing platforms have sophisticated digital asset management (DAM) features that should easily replace preexisting DAM applications thus resulting in a cost savings for the organization.
Co-Op spend management capabilities are also often times a necessity for organizations that rely on independent agents. In addition to its own reporting features, a distributed marketing platform should also have the ability to integrate with leading third party analytics applications such as Omniture and Google Analytics in order to provide true closed loop reporting as well as insight beyond just direct campaign interactions.
In addition, the ability for other third party systems to trigger campaign messages to be sent out of the platform automatically is also a big plus. Today, just about all organizations face the same challenges associated with managing, optimizing and distributing content across channels and throughout various layers of the organization (sales, partners, regional offices, etc.). Single-Sign-On capabilities allow for seamless integration with existing internal permission management applications to prevent unnecessary data duplication efforts.
Automated inventory notifications, direct CXML vendor data feeds, and detailed reporting capabilities round out this feature. This profile information will be used to automatically personalize content and assets throughout the system.

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