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Heineken isn’t interested in being in the beacon business; it just wants to make that one-to-one connection to drive a purchase. But, as a panelist at proximity specialist inMarket’s SxSW panel on the concept of making points-of-purchase into “Smart Places,” Hilinski also made it clear that brands need to focus on what they do best — in Heineken’s place, that means selling beer — and letting the platforms, companies, retailers, and venues it partners with prove that they each deserve its business. In terms of looking at technology, Hilinski discussed plans to work with Shazam on using location targeting to create engaging content that can be tied back to in-store sales, as well as working with indoor and outdoor venues about the role of beacons as the music festival season gets underway. Amberly Hilinski: For one thing, Shazam’s technology is seamless when it comes to engaging with consumers. The goal with Shazam is to get greater sense of our engagement numbers and see if we can isolate variables and study which moves led to higher sales lift.
Shazam’s direct connection to consumers and where they are at a given moment can fill in some significant blanks. It does fill in some blanks, but the point I was hoping to try to convey was that it’s never one tactic. As we get to music festival season, the competition between beer brands becomes particularly intense. We’re relying on our partners right now, whether it a Ticketmaster venue, it’s Coachella. But what we can do is partner with a brand like that and find opportunities to really add value to consumers.

If a platform company is at an event, we’ll pick and choose and work whether to work with them. All of the week's location news, from them mainstream emergence of Uber Offers to how MINI USA bridges virtual and actual reality. The digital navigation platform’s German auto company backers are also encouraging additional investors from other industries — but that doesn’t mean Microsoft or Amazon will have a piece of HERE.
The 10-year-old local info guide has surpassed 100 million reviews, while a University of Penn study touts Yelpers' impact on hospital quality. Amberly Hilinski, marketing manager at Heineken USA, accepts that responsibility to a certain extent. But as great as Shazam is, you can’t say that 3 percent of the reason someone bought it was due to that. Over the past year, beacons have become more prominent in large venues and outdoor sites as a way for brands to connect with people in large crowds. We do question whether developing the proprietary platforms to use beacons more formally in a branded Heineken app. From there, we can aggregate them and then use that to create scale for one-to-one messaging via beacons for a particular program.
Is it strictly to assist performance-based marketing or is it part of the brand affinity focus as well? We’re different from a brand like Target, that may benefit from having an app that has a beacon layer embedded in it that actually leads to direct purchase. But it all comes down to being able to find what the right moments are to get the right message in front of someone without being obtrusive — or worse, landing the wrong message and then just having someone totally opt out.

Or it’s about trying to send someone a website or somehow getting them to stop looking at the site they’re on and go somewhere else.
And it just makes the four-step or three steps process at most to make that brand connection. But overall, what it delivers for us is the closest approximation of a purchase that we can do. Obviously, we work through an entire host of tactics and a lot of times a lot of different vendors too to get to that final purchase. Does Heineken view the use of beacons as an experiment as the season approaches or do you view it as a necessary tool in your marketing arsenal? We did that last fall when we were promoting the James Bond film (Spectre), where we were able to tie in messages and related offers from various parts of the campaign to the store environment. You can easily lose a consumer if they think you clearly don’t understand what it is they need.
Shazam has broadened its capabilities and they’re still in educating the marketplace and consumers. Our criteria for partners is this: find ways that we can use their apps, their first party data in order to serve up that right message.
As a CPG brand, especially in the beer industry, we’re selling through retailers, and apps like Shazam can help track engagement and determine if a particular tactic drove purchase of a pack of beer.

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