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Aside from a nice-looking website with interesting and regularly updated content, SEO is essential to bloggers. In this post, we are listing our 5 favorite SEO tools you can use for free, and if that is not doing it for you, there is a second list of 15 more tools to try out at the second part of the post.
Majestic SEO is one of the most advanced and complete SEO services on the market, focusing specifically on link intelligence and domain-based metrics. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider is an extensive website crawling tool that will help you analyze and audit your website for maximum search engine optimization.
SEER’s SEO Toolbox is an all-in-one spreadsheet-based SEO toolbox that can be used to analyse data from sources such as Google Analytics, Majestic SEO and Twitter. The Internet Marketing Ninjas have more than a few free SEO, Webmaster and Social Tools on their website. Niels Bosma’s SEO Tools For Excel is an Excel add-on that adds a number of SEO-centric features. This is a Google Chrome extension that adds on-page SEO data drawn from various websites and services. Open Site Explorer is a tool that you can use to investigate backlinks (both dofollow and nofollow links) on both your blog as well as competitor’s blogs. Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool that suggests common sense keyword phrases based on Google’s own suggestion engine.
This tool helps you optimize your pages’ title and meta description tags in order to maximise the appeal of your websites when seen in Google search result listings.
Browseo is a quick and simple web app that lets you look at websites as a search engine would. This simple web service checks your site for any over optimized anchor text that may result in your site falling foul of Google’s search algorithms. Xenu’s Link Sleuth is an essential tool to check for broken links on your website, including partial checking of FTP, Gopher and e-mail links.
One of the most useful utilities that the engineers and think tank at Google have ever devised is the Google Sitemaps program.
The said program, which is a product of their much publicized and much vaunted policy of allowing its engineers to spend 20 per cent of their paid time on personal projects, has been a boon to many webmasters, website operators and SEO professionals because it has made certain aspects of their work far easier and more intuitive.
Googles decision to come out with Google Sitemaps is based mainly on the desire to present more intuitive and better search results to users.
The complement of new features that are part of the Google Sitemaps programs also means that it has become a great tool for search engine optimization professionals. For example the top search queries feature of Google Sitemaps allows you to see the top search queries that not only returned the client website as a result as well as those that Google searchers actually clicked on.
Since any type of error can have a detrimental effect not only on the functionality of the website but with the page ranking of a website in Google, the report function of Google Sitemaps is a big help to SEO professionals.
Blog Commenting – Commenting on various blogs in your niche to drive traffic, get your name out there and build an audience. Essentially I build a small group of SUPER strong backlinks and an array of low to medium quality links to diversify my profile. This means I can build a network of high Page Rank authoritative websites that I can use to link to my own sites. For $200+ you can get a Page Rank 5 domain, so if you’re on a budget you can build a couple of them per week or month.
The reality is they are still the most effective way of getting top Google rankings, period. Once you do everything outlined in this blueprint, it would be bad for Google not to rank your website.
Guest blogging is a great way to ethically steal another bloggers subscribers, its a great way to build highly relevant backlinks to your site as well. Guest blogging is really hot for businesses nowadays it is not only beneficial for all parties but also help to build your brand and bring free traffic. This is the personal blog of David Wood, and the opinions, or expressions on this site are not the official opinion or stance of Empower Network, LLC or any other corporate entity. Leggi le recensioni che persone ed aziende hanno scritto sul nostro operato e sui servizi forniti.
Marketing Seo supporta il Joomladay13-05-2015 Hits:1621 Blog Marketing AdministratorIl Joomladay 2015 si svolgera a firenze e data la prossimita dell'evento e la nostra passione nello sviluppare siti web in Joomla non potevamo mancare. Bing fara promozione su Windows17-04-2015 Hits:1706 Blog Marketing AdministratorBing a annunciato grandi cambiamenti!
3 Contenuti che piacciono all'algoritmo di Facebook15-04-2015 Hits:1704 Blog Marketing AdministratorNel lontano 2006 Facebook introdusse il News Feed, la serie di notizie che ogni utente vede nella sua bacheca.
Aumento Followers Twitter, quando e efficace?16-03-2015 Hits:1825 Blog Marketing AdministratorAumentare Followers twitter grazie ad operazioni di marketing e un sistema che permette di raggiungere molte persone interessate in poco tempo.
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We’ve known for a while that Google is aiming to provide the most meaningful and relevant content to its searchers. Try this ViduPM SEO Task Management Tool which has almost all features for reporting of SEO repots. I find that the free usually means limited in some way or another but that is not always the case.
Luckily many of the providers of the different paid software’s do have refund policies of either 30 days or more, so take advantage of that if you need to.
Rank Checker Plugin for Firefox – This plugin works well, but it does not track your keywords for more then the day you perform a search.
W3 Total Cache (Reduces Page Load Times) – Use this along with the Yslow plugin for firefox and you can lower your page load times by a significant amount in a short amount of time. Platinum SEO (Improves SEO Quality Score) – This plugin lets you control SEO titles for your blogs home page, other pages and any posts. Traffic Travis (Free Version Available) – Perform a health check on your website, uncover technical mistakes, keep tabs on competitors, monitor rankings, and find link partners. Market Samurai (14 Day Trial) – A precision tool to help you select the good keywords to build a site around. Market Samurai (Free for 30 Keywords After Purchase) – If you buy this tool they allow you to track the rankings of 30 different keywords for multiple URLs. Rank Tracker (Free although it does not save a project) – I use this tool for tracking the keywords I am ranking for. Rank Checker Plugin for Firefox (Free unlimited keywords) – Like I said above, this plugin works very well but it does not track variations in rankings from day to day. SEOmoz (30 Day Free Trial) – A great suite of tools, from tracking rankings, to watching your link building, and also spying on competitors.  Overall this it is a bit pricey. SEO Spyglass (Free Version Available) – This tool is also part of the SEO Powersuite of tools or can be aquired on its own like the others. Majestic SEO (Free Version) – You can access a bunch of data about your site and its backlinks but the keyword is your sites. SEOmoz (30 Day Free Trial) – You can use this suite of tools for many things and finding your backlinks is one of the best or you can also use it to see what your competitors are up to. Firebug Plugin – Checks for css and html errors, and also you can perform site load time checks and it will provide the necessary data so you know what needs changed.

Website Auditor (Free Version Available – Does not save projects) This tool is also combined into the SEO Powersuite line of tools. Ultimate Demon $50 Discount – Tool of choice for building good quality links to web 2.0, wikis, bookmarks, press releases and article directories. GSA Search Engine Ranker (Free 5 Day Trial) – I am not sure when this tool was first released but I would give it the “Best Tool of 2013 to Date Award”.
GSA Captcha Breaker – This tool is necessary if you want to utilize GSA Search Engine Ranker to its fullest. Fight Back Network ($1 for 5 Day Trial) – If you want to create niche relevant backlinks on sites that have unique content this is a great tool. SenukeXcr – (14 Day Free Trial) – Great tool, used it for years before Ultimate Demon came around as my go to tool. Link Assistant (Free Version Available) – This is another tool included in the SEO Powersuite toolset.
The Best Spinner ($7 for a 7 Day Trial)– My go to tool for rewriting articles, article spinning.
Instant Article Wizard ($7 for a 7 Day Trial)– This tool certainly simplifies the process of researching a new article. Logo Creator – Excellent piece of software to create amazing logos for your websites or images of any kind. Spin Rewriter (5 Day Free Trial) – Great spinning tool, and its available from anywhere you have an internet connection. Article Builder – This product by Jon Leger is not cheap by any means but it does still work.
Hostgator (Starts at $3.96 a month) – I have used hostgator for my hosting ever since I first begun my journey into internet marketing back in 2006.
Hostnine – I have used hostnine for quite a few years as it is cheap seo hosting if there is such a thing.
Other Hosting – Bluehost and Hostmonster are a couple of others I use for my link networks. If you have some suggestions for me to try out please share them in the comments section below. I like your list, but I also noticed that you posted a while ago so I was wondering if you happen to have any new items to add to it? The tools it has to offer include the Site Explorer, Backlink History tool, Keyword Checker, Comparator and a Clique Hunter. The Site Analysis module has a full-featured crawler engine as well as a Query Builder interface to generate custom reports.
The SEO Spider checks your website’s links, CSS, scripts, images and apps to identify problems such as duplicate pages, broken links, URI issues and redirect errors.
Google’s Keyword Planner provides a wealth of information on currently popular keywords that you can further fine tune with advanced filtering options. On-site tools include a Duplicate Content Tool, an LDA Content Optimizer and a Density of Keyword Tool. Like most SEO tools of this type, Web CEO has features such as rank checking, link management and analysis as well as on-site opitmization tools such as a Site Auditor that can scan your blog for broken links and other SEO-damaging errors.
Just register a free account and you’ll be able to use tools such as their Keyword List Generator, Meta Tag Generator, Server Header Checker and Link Suggestion Checker, all for free. Some of the tools SEOgadget provide include a Link Categorization Tool for Excel, a Content Strategy Generator, Anchor Text Tool as well as a SEOgadget for Excel tool that allows you to interpret data from services such as Majestic SEO in Excel. Some of the SEO Tools include a Page Speed Tool, a Robots Text Generator Tool, a Meta Tag Generator Tool and a Search Combination Tool.
Some of the functions added by SEO Tools For Excel include the ability to find duplicated content, check backlinks and obtain WhoIs data. It provides aggregated data from Google PageRank, Alexa traffic details, Quancast rank and Dmoz domain presence. SEOquake provides a wealth of information essential to any blogger looking to improve their site’s ranking, including information on Yahoo!
Simply key in a query or keyword and Ubersuggest will provide a list of suggested keyword phrases based on your initial input. This lets you view your blog purely from an SEO perspective quickly, without having to dig into the code. Just input your site’s URL and the service will generate a list of keywords and keyword phrases with measurements on how optimized or over optimized these keywords are. The app also supports re-checking of links, SSL websites and can also detect and report redirected URLs.
Because of the current limitations presented by web crawling, there is a high probability that not all pages in a website will be noted and registered with the search engine.
The automation of these features has made it easier for SEO professionals to do their job and formulate the proper strategies to increase the page ranking of a website.
This feature also allows you to see the top position for the website in the search results generated for either set search queries. With the new feature, a webmaster or SEO professionals can download information straight from the Sitemaps account into a comma separated value (CSV) file. The more Facebook likes, shares, Tweets, Re-tweets, bookmarks and Google Plus Ones your content gets; the more popular it seems. If you build 2 per month, you’ll have a network of 24 high PR sites you can use for link building in one year. While using public networks is a lot cheaper than building your own; the risks outweigh the benefits.
If you are actively participating in forums and blogs in your niche as well as talking about your niche on social networks; Google will know it thanks to the Google Authorship strategy. Finally, marketers and advertisers have meaningful data to see what elements of their campaigns are the best performing.
This is improving the user experience for Google searchers as well as keeping marketers on their toes. That means there’s lots of opportunity to capture the audience that 72 percent seems to be ignoring. He has over 10 years experience increasing brand awareness and growing revenue in companies of all shapes and sizes through digital tactics, content marketing and social media strategies. There are many tools that are used for both onsite and offsite SEO functions today as well as checking on competitors.
That being said sometimes you get what you pay for and other times you do not, you get less. Items such as keyword density, total words and many other functions can be done using this plugin. You can write a unique title for each post for the search engines, control the meta description and meta keywords as well. You can hide your affiliate links and make them pretty for both the viewer of your site as well as the search engines. This tool will help you narrow down a keyword list from 1000’s to a small list relevant to your niche. This tool will find your backlinks, their anchor text and the PR of the site and page where the link is located.

If you verify that you own a site you can aquire a list of your links, but you can not check on your competitors and do any research using the free version. Works great and allows for some complex link building on autopilot using its built in templating system. This is the perfect tool for engaging with your audience through social media, blogs and forums. Their spinner creates some wonderful spins, with just a small amount of editing needed after just a push of a couple of buttons. They are secure and I find the site load times to be very good.  Shared hosting I feel is much faster then other kinds, unless you go dedicated since the hosting provider seems to use their newest hardware on the largest part of their business first. They allow you to put sites onto servers in 3 different locations in the USA as well as other locations such as Britain, Singapore, Amsterdam.
I use these and a few others so I can maintain not only IP diversity but nameserver diversity. The comparative tools require a paid subscription, but the free account is enough if you’re only interested in your own blog(s).
Keyword Planner also has a historical view, letting you see the popularity of keywords over a twelve-month period. Amongst the off-site tools are a Competitive Analysis Tool, a Link Atrophy Tool and a PageRank Recovery Tool. You can also download Firefox extensions such as their SEO Toolbar that provides competitive and search data directly in Firefox.
Since it’s an online spreadsheet, your whole team (if you have one) can work on and analyse the data together. SEO Tools For Excel can also analyse information such as the number of links and the meta keywords on your site.
It also provides information on meta tags, social media reactions and can even make suggestions to improve your site’s SEO. Backlinks, Google page rank, Google and Bing indexing, WhoIs data and keyword density reports. It can also highlight links and keywords on websites, as well as show all the page elements on a given website. The free version limits you to 200 backlinks per report, with detailed information is only available for the first five backlinks, but that should be enough for a basic overview. Ubersuggest can also be told to base suggestions on specific Google services such as Google Images, Google Video and Google News. The best thing is that there are also Android and iOS versions, so you can check your blog’s SEO optimization on the go. Xenu’s Link Sleuth can generate a simple report of all the issues it finds as well as generate a sitemap. There are also many variables and factors that are not addressed with the current methods and technologies used for website submissions.
The added features though are the detailed reports that is also generated by Google Sitemaps.
This file, which can be accessed through any text editor or spreadsheet software can contain the specific details of the website, including the errors generated (via dead links, broken links, etc) or statistics. My link building strategy has changed a lot over the years, but the principles I use have remained the same.
I source high Page Rank domains via forums and other sites, purchase them & set them up on their own IP addresses. Google penguin destroyed all the public blog networks and pushed the whole SEO community away from them.
L'azienda ha ottenuto certificati da da Paypal, da Bing e Facebook e da altri enti riconosciuti.
For consumers, it’s amazing to literally carry all of this content in the palm of your hands. See how social media has quickly transitioned into a vehicle for building trust with your customers.
Some of the tools I use overlap into others and some are free while others do require an investment. It does require the use of proxies if you are doing a lot of tracking but the good thing is it will scrape some for you if you do not have your own. SEO Spyglass also lets you find your competitors backlinks so you know what kind of links you need etc. It does not provide a comprehensive analysis though unless you combine it with other tools.
If you ever have an issue with any links there is a button to delete any posts from within, so managing your links on other sites is made simple. You can use your own articles, it will scrape from multiple locations and also will mash your articles with scraped content. It also has a detailed search engine results page (SERP) overlay that lets you compare Google, Bing and Yahoo!
In order to use the Google Sitemaps program, a person need only download a free open source tool called Sitemap Generator or use one of the many 3rd party applications. The good thing is the file can even contain the information for all of the websites operated by SEO professional and included in the Sitemaps account. This demonstrates your authoritative status and forces Google to rank you for competitive terms. Sappiamo che quello che conta e il risultato e la nostra migliore pubblicita e proprio il passaparola dei nostri clienti soddisfatti per questo ti garantiamo che se entro il tempo indicato non otterrai il risultato pattuito ti rimborsiamo! And for marketers the opportunities are endless – as long as you’re able to cut through the clutter. The smart answer is always “it depends,” but the folks at Marketo were kind enough to share campaign data to show each channel’s effect. For captchas I just input them manually as I think Link Assistant charges too much to do this automatically. Need to insert your links, or images or videos, this tool does that as well.  How about posting directly to your own blogs? These utilities are what helps in creating a sitemap of the webmasters website using the Sitemap protocol that is being backed by Google itself. This is monumentally beneficial because it fully automates the search for any dead or broken links that may otherwise be a tedious chore if done manually. Use fiverr to overload your content with FB likes, Tweets, Re-Tweets, Google +1′s, Bookmarks and comments. Guarda il nostro Portfolio clienti o informati sul web leggendo le recensioni che parlano di noi. Also available are many different topics, probably over 100 now so finding articles for your niche is pretty easy here.
The good thing here is that this is periodically updated so you will know if the changes incorporated into the website will produce broken links.

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