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If everything is running smoothly, no misconstrued messages, no embarrassing faux pas, then you just might have a secret you should share with the world. As SMS Text Marketing begins to leave email in the dust, taking us all into a world of speed-of-light communication and an exponentially increasing number of relationships we must be prepared to communicate with greater authenticity than ever. If your business is one that can benefit from a two-way dynamic, understand that authentic transparency will help you harness SMS text marketing’s power while avoiding the pitfalls. About The AuthorAn 18-year sales and marketing veteran and seven-figure producer in two separate Direct Sales businesses before the age of 35, Andrew Cass is a nationally recognized expert and speaker on the topics of Direct Response Marketing and Direct Sales training.
He is one-of-the-few ‘Dan Kennedy Certified’ Business Advisors, co-author with Dan Kennedy in, The Ultimate Success Secret (South Florida Edition), and Founder of the Renegade South Florida Entrepreneur’s business growth group, in partnership with GKIC Insider’s Circle.
Since the early 2000s, with the growth of SMS messaging, companies have used this technology for marketing and communication.
In Europe, for example, SMS Marketing is the most popular form of marketing for mobile phones, adding about 100 million messages with advertising purpose. In Brasil, Business Solution International ? BSI ?, using all our expertise with knowledge in marketing and communication, can develop successful SMS Marketing campaigns for your business.
SMS Marketing is a great way to inform your customers about events like sales, special discounts and new store openings, for example, keeping them updated. Works as follows: an SMS message is sent to the customers on your records, which, when presented in the shop counter, earns a special discount or a free gift.
This type of SMS Marketing campaign provides excellent results with a very high return in events like parties and celebratory dates (Mother's Day, Children's Day, Christmas etc.), being a very effective way to promote an immediate increase in sales.
In addition, as people usually take always their phones with them, the chance to forget it at home is very small, unlike what would be with coupons. It is also a measure aligned with the most modern marketing practices and environmental preservation, because SMS Marketing promotes a fully virtual communication, having no need to use paper. Through the customer records of your business, you can select the most important ones (either by size of account or other reasons) to send them special offers and invitations to exclusive events. This is a very useful use of SMS Marketing to promote the loyalty of these customers, preserving and strengthening the relationship. The internal marketing is very important to keep the company workforce engaged and well informed, and SMS Marketing is a great way to do this. Are you a retailer looking for some great examples of how other retailers are using mobile marketing? Three Ace Hardware locations in California have been using mobile marketing, and reporting some pretty impressive metrics when it comes to the annual value of each new customer that opts into their campaign. National Wholesale Liquidators offered $5 off any purchase over $25 for their customers to opt-in to their new mobile marketing campaign. Lifetouch Portrait Studios was running a retail mobile marketing campaign, but they were looking to grow their mobile customer database at a faster rate.
Avenue Stores ran a retail mobile marketing campaign in which they generated a 6,600% ROI from sending MMS coupons and promotional content each week to customers that had opted-in.
In Northern California, five Westfield shopping malls created a retail mobile marketing campaign to send mobile offers, promotions and information about special events to interested customers. Kiehl’s ran a 6 month retail mobile marketing pilot, where the retailer with 250 locations sent up to three mobile offers a month to customers based on their proximity to their retail locations.
Seattle Sun Tan was able to generate $196,000 in new sales in the first 30-days of their mobile marketing campaign. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. The most important aspect of running any advertising campaign is finding a way to measure its performance.
Digital advertising has revolutionized the way marketers can track and measure all aspects of a campaign. Mobile marketing—SMS marketing in particular—is starting to become the most popular and preferred method for reaching customers. In order to measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign, you must first decide your campaign’s primary goal. SMS marketing messages often contain URL links that the user can click to follow to a mobile-friendly site for more information or purchase opportunity. TextBoard recently studied all the outgoing messages from the application to discover what kind of click-through rate marketers could expect from their campaigns. The keyword you choose for your SMS call-to-action should be enticing, relevant to the product, and easy to remember. Legends In Concert Myrtle Beach, for instance, ran an outdoor advertising campaign in which ads were placed on five billboards throughout the region. Another great way to generate responses from your outgoing text messages is to invite subscribers to call a vanity 800 number to request more information or complete a sale.
Once an inquiry is made or a sale is completed over the phone, you obtain important data about the effectiveness of your text campaign in converting text recipients into callers. Integrating a coupon code into any point-of-sale system is a great way to measure the results of an SMS campaign. If you don’t have the ability to work with a point-of-sale system to generate coupon codes on the fly, place a clipboard next to the register and take note each time someone presents you with a text message.
Use as many of these tips as you can to achieve the ultimate goal of compiling useful data about your subscribers for better targeting and segmenting. Justin Rockwell is the CEO of OIR Interactive and owner of the SMS marketing application TextBoard.
Online Marketing Inside Out is a book by Brandon Eley and Shayne Tilley, published by SitePoint in May, 2009. Despite the prevalence of mobile apps and with nearly everyone in the world owning a smartphone, using a text message to interactively engage your audience remains a cost-effective marketing technique.
TTAG Systems is a Toronto telecommunication technology company providing custom solutions for enterprises and consumers.

In our previous post, we discussed about SMS marketing and we learnt that it is very effective if implemented right way.
You can segment your customer list based on their purchase history, demographics, interests and any other opt-in data. Your message must contain clear Call to Action (CTA) Which carry offer relevant instructions. Now that you’ve sent your campaign, you can track your campaign result based on some basic metrics such as delivery rate, open rates, clicks & unsubscribes. SMS marketing, text marketing or mobile marketing, whichever you call it,  is all the rage. One of the problems with the Macy’s program is the promotion is almost always the same. Overall, SMS can be a great tool to target subscribers and almost guarantees your message will be seen Where companies will go with SMS in 2013 may ultimately determine whether consumers will be open to receiving messages from companies in the future.
However, we’ve all been the recipients of text messages with words that have been “autocorrected” to make no sense at all. The immediacy and expanded reach of SMS text marketing can open a business up to unforeseen pitfalls due to the real-time nature of this virtual communication tool. He is the founder and editor of the first-ever iPad Magazine on the topic of 'selling', now featured on the Apple Newsstand, Direct Selling Insider, is host of the Sales Velocity Podcast, now in Apple iTunes, and author of the book, Sales Velocity, as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.
Andrew is currently President and Co-Founder of his own Mobile Marketing company, RemarkaMobile. On average, these messages are read by users less than four minutes after they were sent, making SMS Marketing a powerful tool. This is a very common form of promoting in other countries, like the United States, for example, but not widely used in Brazil. This is a fact that can be explored in future institutional communication campaigns of your company.
This way, in addition to draw closer the various levels of the company and the direction, you can also find out how they feel, identify problems and understand better how the organizational climate is.
To promote their new campaign, Julep sent emails to their pre-existing email database of customers, and posted information about the new mobile marketing campaign on various social media profiles. In addition to Julep generating significant click-through and purchase conversion rates, their subscriber churn for this SMS promotion was a mere 00.90%. The promotion was advertised in-store, online, and in the retail chain’s print advertising.
The portrait studio tested running a $5 discount promotion when customers opted-in to the mobile marketing campaign. The 500 location retailer that caters to women wearing apparel sizes 14 or larger reported that the MMS campaign had an average open rate of 97%, with the subscribe database growing at a rate of 30% month over month. To grow the mobile subscriber list, Westfield advertised the campaign on signage throughout each mall, in addition to offering the chance for one customer to win a $1,000 shopping spree after opting-in.
After the pilot was complete, it was found that 73% of the customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase. The 10-day mobile campaign was promoted on 33,000 Redbox kiosks, to Redbox’s more than 3 million Facebook fans, and 30+ million email addresses. In addition to the new sales for the 35 location tanning salon, the retail mobile marketing campaign was able to generate 4,750 opt-ins from customers to receive future mobile offers.
Without measurable results, you risk wasting money on ineffective campaigns while missing out on easy opportunities to maximize the campaigns that do work. Tracking data allows marketers to monitor a campaign’s ongoing performance and then make informed decisions on how to continue in the future. But in the haste to spread mobile marketing to clients and get text messages out to as many consumers as possible, too many marketers are losing sight of the things that make up a good campaign, and among the most important of them is how to measure results. Then, determine what the key performance indicators will show whether or not that goal is being met. Click-tracking measures all aspects of URL activity, and it is quickly developing into one of the most powerful ways to measure return on investment. If, for example, the goal is to push the subscriber to a mobile site to purchase a product over their mobile device, click-tracking will enable you to track the sales process from point A (message sent) to point B (purchase completed). Still, some keywords outperform others, and knowing which ones yield the best responses can tell you a lot about your campaign overall. Using a custom number that redirects to the main line is an excellent way to measure conversion. If you’re able to use a unique code within the POS system you can then associate any purchases in the store back to a specific mobile subscriber.
Record a coupon user’s phone number and time of purchase, and analyze the data later to assess conversion.
Justin assists brands in developing and executing mobile marketing strategies including application development, online mobile content and text message marketing campaigns. This website is an extension of that book, with advice and articles about all aspects of online marketing including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, online advertising, public relations and media, website optimization, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media and more. SMS marketing can be used for a variety of great reasons such as: coupons, appointments, reminders, events, feedback, votes, contests, information, and more.
Tell the customers that offer is for limited time & will expire soon, for example- 40%discount on this service.
The incentive is for 20% off, which we all know is their standard coupon (think Bed Bath & Beyond).
Companies need to start treating SMS like an independent marketing channel and less like it is email. Well, as previously mentioned, reorder reminders and information alerts like flight delays are great.
There are only so many times you can send someone something of no value before they decide they don’t want it anymore.

By now you have no doubt heard all about the MailboxIs Your QR Code Process Mobile-Friendly? It’s important to understand the choices at your disposal and to use the ones that are going to be most productive for your business today. Below you’ll find mobile marketing examples from retailers such as Julep, National Wholesale Liquidators, Lifetouch Portraits, Avenue Stores, Westfield Malls, Kiehls, and many more.
The mobile marketing campaign was advertised to customers in-store, in many different locations including at the register, on corner displays, and even on customer receipts. The 12 location chain was able to build up a mobile database of 50,000 customer mobile phone numbers, and it was determined that customers that were part of the mobile marketing campaign on average spent 80% more than customers that we’re part of the mobile marketing campaign. This new tactic to grow mobile subscribers at a faster rate worked, resulting in a 163% increase in consumer opt-ins. Westfield was able to generate 6,000 opt-ins within the first week of launching their mobile campaign. The retailer gave customers the option to sign up for mobile offers on their mobile phone by texting  “KIEHLS” to the 25787, or through their website.
The most impressive results from this mobile marketing campaign was the fact that customers that redeemed the initial mobile offer, spent 500% more than regular customers.
There is less guesswork with mobile marketing campaigns than any other type of advertising available.
In other words, what things can you track and measure to assess the campaign’s efficacy toward achieving its goal?
To be effective, an SMS campaign should utilize click-tracking to learn every pertinent detail about the links that are followed and the purchasing interests and habits of the people who follow them. Sites already using Google Analytics to measure mobile site performance can quickly generate a tracking code to be tagged onto any URL that is being sent.
By using different keywords in different media and different locations, you can track the participation rate for each one and differentiate instantly the advertisements that are working from the ones that are not being read, heard, or followed. Legends tracked the number of subscribers that texted each of the five keywords for three months, and we discovered that the most expensive billboard had the lowest conversion rate.
Only one-third of all mobile devices are smart phones, so this still leaves a large number of people who can’t access your mobile website content from their phones. A recommendation for locations with high call volume is to take a random sampling of calls per month, listen to them, and then extrapolate from the data the campaign’s total conversion.
When you start to see a high conversion rate, you may consider upgrading your equipment to read texted coupon codes or to digitally store the subscriber information when a sale is made. By implementing these tracking techniques, marketers can study exactly what level of engagement subscribers have with a brand. This website is not affiliated with SitePoint, and the opinions expressed here are that of the authors and no one elses. Companies just haven’t completely figured it out yet and that is to be expected to some degree.
This information was then sent to local Ford dealership, where sales staff to do a follow up call with the interested buyer. It was also found that 81% of respondents to a survey after the pilot reported that they recalled receiving the mobile offers from Kiehl’s.
Check out the following blog posts which gives information on how big a retailers mobile subscriber database should be in comparison to their email marketing database, and what a retailer can expect in regards to their average opt-out rate for their mobile subscriber database. Without keyword tracking, Legends could have spent months wasting money on a medium that underproduced. However, most phones do support the ability to physically click a phone number within a text message, so an 800 number is a good option for people whose phones don’t support typical URL activity. Even just reviewing the total number of calls generated from a text message will give you a grasp of the campaign’s response rate.
Also, don’t forget your inactive subscribers—those who have opted to receive your messages but have no purchase history. Why shop now when I can wait for the next one?  Another problem with this the link simply takes me to a mobile version of the site. Legends also learned that the overall conversion rate for the season on all boards combined was a whopping 16%. This may be the most important key factor to follow if you want SMS campaign to be successful.
Although you want to take the person to a mobile optimized page, I find shopping on my phone to be cumbersome (as do my friends and colleagues) and rarely ever do it. So consider running a specific and unique program during the year such as 12 deals of Christmas; one text per day for 12 days with text-only specials. Check out this blog post, in which we let you in on the one trick that will supercharge the growth of your mobile subscriber database. Without the keyword strategy and tracking we implemented, Legends would have had no way to measure the effectiveness of any individual billboard or the value of billboard advertising in general.
While the tracking techniques teach you a lot about individual subscribers, they also equip you with useable data about your campaign’s overall appeal, and you can use this information to reach those less active subscribers waiting for the ideal offer. I might be better off navigating to a specific product or category in order to keep it more focused on the immediate conversion.  Here is another example from BuyBuy Baby. Not to worry, only 13% of the largest online retailers have an SMS loyalty program, so there’s still time for your brand to launch their very own mobile marketing campaign. Making it possible for one-click reordering while on the go will certainly pay better dividends than a random batch and blast text message like the BuyBuyBaby or Macy’s messages. Campaigns like this can create demand for your text program and keep your messages fresh for your audience.

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