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While shocking social media tactics can generate buzz for a company, it’s important to remember that they are only one element of a marketing arsenal and not a substitute for a solid marketing strategy.
Social media tactics have become a useful way to attract attention and awareness, but some brands are too focused on creating shocking executions that have no relevance to their overall goals. As social media continues to gain momentum among companies and consumers, the challenge will be not to get carried away with crazy online tactics, but rather to incorporate intelligent and intriguing online and inbound marketing tactics into a marketing strategy that’s based on building a better brand. MDG Advertising, a full-service Florida advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton and New York, NY, specializes in developing targeted Internet marketing solutions, exceptional creative executions and solid branding and media buying strategies that give clients a competitive advantage. Our core capabilities include print advertising, branding, logo design, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, TV and radio advertising, customer relationship management, loyalty programs, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO. This entry was posted on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 at 6:50 am and is filed under General, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing. So you’ve spent your valuable time blogging about your latest fam trip, the newest addition to your attraction or destination or adding a new video blog to your archives, now what?How do you get more eyeballs to see your posts? As travel pros, we have exciting topics and a never-ending supply of possible content.  Marketing it is essential! How about adding your blog to your Facebook page?  Check out Networked Blogs for a free and easy way to automatically post your blog to your Facebook business page.
Below are some essential tips to ensure your blogging success.  I found this infographic here. When you ‘like’ my Facebook page you’ll have access to Free Resources just for travel pros! About Latest Posts Catherine HeegProfessional Speaker & Trainer at Customized Management SolutionsTravel, Tourism & Hospitality. For mobile convenience, Vine is an app that is available to download on your smartphone (for now, iPhone and new Android phones). Destinations: Use Vine to showcase the “real-life feel” of your area’s features to clients. Hotels: Clients are used to room and facility photos when researching where to stay, so take this chance to mix it up a bit and create a mini-tour video on Vine! Travel agents: Use Vine to create a friendly welcome message to clients that can be shared on your social pages.  Imagine using Vine to capture highlights on your next fam!
Oftentimes, creating that life-like feel when displaying your key elements is crucial to draw clients in and inspire them to travel. When you ‘like’ my Facebook page you’ll have access to Free Resources just for travel pro’s!

Did you know that 55-64 year olds are the fastest growing age group on Twitter?  That’s right, they’ve been joining Twitter in droves and their number have increased by 79% year over year. EASY!  Invite your Facebook fans to join your conversation on Twitter with a quick post on your Facebook page.  Writing a short post letting them in on the benefits of following you on Twitter along with a link to your Twitter feed will inspire them to make the leap. If the dimensions fall outside the 2:1 aspect ratio, Twitter crops the image to fit, and the full size can be viewed only by clicking the image. While adding photos may take a bit of extra work, I believe it pays off in added engagement.  Using # will increase your reach and engagement even more.
Adding video direct from your mobile device or from Vine (6 second short-form video) is an awesome way to elevate your tweets to the next level. Directly adding video from your mobile device to Twitter gives you the opportunity share videos up to 30 seconds in length.  You can shoot and edit the video directly in the Twitter platform. Adding # to each tweet will expand your reach and help potential new clients see your awesome content. Invite chat participants to your other social sites by tempting them with tweets that link to relevant, on-topic material. Growing your Twitter following is easy when you leverage your other social sites to draw people to your Twitter feed.  Tap into Twitter for great conversations and transform your marketing.
When you ‘like’ my Facebook page you’ll have access to Free Resources just for travel pros!
When a company’s bottom line is on the line, marketers can’t afford to just guess or go with their gut when devising their marketing strategies. The most powerful emotions were amusement, interest, surprise, delight, happiness, joy, pleasure, hope, affection, and excitement.
The least powerful emotions were anger, politeness, doubt, frustration, embarrassment, despair, hurt, guilt, shame, and contempt. 93.2% used online search to get information about a company in the last week of being surveyed. 77% are more inclined to purchase a product or service after learning more about it via online search. 48% of clients gauge content marketing success by the amount of leads, high-quality links, and social shares resulting from a campaign. 65% of agencies average from one to 10 native advertising campaigns every month for each client.
After analyzing 2.6 billion shares on five social platforms, the following social sources were found to dominate social media. The platforms ranked as having the highest engagement were Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
An even number of positive and negative emotions was generated by content on Twitter and Google+. 88% of publishers earned fewer than 25 million shares for all of their top articles during the first six months of 2015. The most-shared publishers on three different networks were Mashable, Forbes, and The New York Times. 68% of consumers posted on social media from one to seven times during the week they were surveyed.

42% shared that one to three of their posts were media or articles from third-party online publishers. Millennials are more motivated by their imaginations, dreams, and goals than older audiences. Millennials and Generation X put greater importance on physical appearance than the oldest demographic segments. Less than 35% of consumers felt their possessions had any effect on the content they shared.
MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton and New York, NY, is one of Florida’s top branding firms.
This entry was posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 at 9:01 am and is filed under Content Development, Content Marketing, Copywriter Services, Native Advertising, Online Marketing, Social Media, Strategic Marketing. Did you know that 19% of travellers visit a blog site when planning a trip.  Wouldn’t you love for them to be so intrigued with your content and expertise that they book with you? Content is KING!  Yet sometimes we all find it hard to get creative enough to entertain, educate and engage in each and every post.  To help you break out your creative side here are some killer ideas for you. This infographic can be found here.  For additional social media related infographics, please check out my Pinterest boards. Would you like to boost your product sales without paying out countless numbers of bucks on web marketing? Would you like to improve your marketing savvy, techniques & functions without committing a excellent offer of time? They soon find out that these eye-catching antics may make a brief impression, but they do nothing to improve sales or enhance the brand. Savvy marketers realize that humorous or dramatic online tactics can certainly play a role in their marketing efforts, but that they must be part of an integrated marketing strategy that drives the direction of the brand. Bonus tip:  remember to use a media calendar to plan out your weekly themes, then add links to your blog posts that focus on these themes. Video is such a great way to capture not only your clients’ attention, but also their imagination.
Choose a unique username that reflects your company in a way that your clients will recognize. When you make your first video, an in-app tutorial will show you how to thread together several short videos into one Vine.
You can use stop-motion to show an overview of your destination throughout an entire day, a sped-up video of your clients doing an activity on a tour or cruise, the opportunities are endless!
If there’s no dominant visual, Twitter will crop from the top and bottom, leaving the middle of the image as-is. The following findings reveal how their sharing habits were motivated by their personal identities. MDG’s capabilities include print advertising, direct mail marketing, branding, logo design, creative, media buying and planning, radio and TV advertising, outdoor, newspaper, digital marketing, website design and development, online video advertising, infographic development, email marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, paid search marketing, and SEO. Luckily, content marketing firm Fractl conducted numerous studies and surveys to discover the trends and tactics essential to achieving marketing goals in 2016.

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