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Search the term marketing strategies on Google and you’re likely to get over 69 million results. If you’re on the hunt for marketing strategies for your business, you can easily be overwhelmed with the abundance of suggestions, all of which can run the gamut anywhere from free to the price of a small country. How many times have you thought to yourself, I wish I could afford  to <insert fancy marketing tactic here>? How many times have you seen a company do some quirky marketing and thought to yourself, one day I hope I can afford to do that? Are you using social media for marketing, but you’re just throwing out random posts, crossing your fingers hoping someone sees you and makes you famous?
It’s ok, as most, if not all, entrepreneurs have visions of going viral, gaining celebrity status overnight. The infographic below gives you 27 specific, proven marketing strategies for a small budget. I would encourage you to try a few of these proven idea to see which of these work best for you. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, pick two marketing strategies to try this week. For example, this week you can implement marketing strategy number one and comment on 10 blogs. Then, next week you can try strategy number 12 and answer questions on a forum site like Quora and execute strategy number 16 with an email campaign to your customers asking for 3 referrals.
The following week you can implement strategy number five and update your Google local listing and run a Google ad. If you break out the strategies over the course of several weeks, and stick with them, you will be a lead generating marketing machine!
Miss Kemya is a Marketing & Social Media Strategist at Marketing Sparkler, a marketing consulting firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through conventional marketing techniques merged with social media tactics. Incentivize people into giving you their email in exchange for something they would find valuable. Make sure your business is recognizable, so that when you do put out good content or provide good customer service, there will be no confusion as to who needs to be thanked. With the power of the internet, small businesses can spend less on marketing while simultaneously gaining more, using valuable resources to fight larger counterparts head-on with formidable marketing campaigns.
Although the return on investment in online marketing is high, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your online marketing campaigns provide long-term success.

One of the biggest advantages that small businesses have over their larger counterparts is the former’s ability to adapt to changing environments. Fortunately, there are a number of marketing leaders that maintain different blogs and websites. For most small business owners, maintaining a website is a source of many headaches, with the idea of simultaneously running a blog often leading to an all-out brawl. Maintaining a blog is the perfect way for a budding entrepreneur to stamp their own authority on the internet. Therefore, in order to check the success of an online marketing campaign itself and improve it, businesses need to utilize a few tracking tools. You don’t have to wait until you land that million-dollar-client (or hit the lottery) in order to successfully marketing the heck out of your business! All Rights ReservedUse of this website constitutes acceptance of the Marketing Sparkler Terms and Conditions Policy. For example, if you are a property agent, you could get people to give you their email so you can email them a buying guide.
There is a study[1] that shows people are spending more time browsing the web on their mobile rather than a desktop computer. Providing good customer service is vital for keeping customers and increasing their lifetime value.
It’s important to keep in mind; however, that online marketing comes with its fair share of budget constraints. According to a study published by the CMO Council, eCommerce businesses are expected to rise by 20%, producing a massive $1.471 Trillion Dollar industry. When it comes to online marketing, small businesses must use their ability to adapt in order to stay ahead of the game.
These experts often possess a great deal of information when it comes to using various social media tools. Blogs provide small business owners with not only the opportunity to have a voice, but also serves as an effective SEO tool. Whether it’s an increase in traffic, leads or revenue, the effects of online marketing campaigns needs to be visible.
These tools provide detailed information about anything from the amount of traffic to user activity on a website. Over time, you’ll see where the best leads come from and can focus on those few strategies.

It means spending your money on forms of marketing that will provide you with a return on your investment.
You will then see if customers aren’t visiting key pages, or are leaving as soon as they land on your site.
In addition, as they are existing customers, they tend to be easier to market to because they already know about your business.
Nonetheless, compared to the days of yore, the funds required to dish out advertisements on traditional marketing channels is significantly larger than similar internet campaigns. The same council quoted that companies spent $179.8 billion on marketing in 2014, with 28% dedicated toward online marketing.
For instance, learning about ongoing industry trends is a crucial factor in ensuring your online marketing campaigns are effective.  However, since most small businesses do not possess huge marketing departments, learning about industry trends can be a tough task. It’s highly advised that small businesses take steps to follow these individuals, ensuring they too are up to speed with the latest trends and happenings. For starters, blogging provides small business owners with an outlet to voice their opinion and announce business activities in a unique, relatable manner. With a limited number of resources, small businesses should make use of internet marketing tracking tools and invest in only the tools that work successfully for them.
A common misconception is that you will see a return on investment as soon as you start allocating budget to your marketing.
Once you understand how your customers are using your site you can make the suitable improvements. Make sure you throw in a link to your website, as not only will this build brand awareness but it will also create a strong back link[4] that will be good for your SEO. However, it’s not always easy deciphering whether an online marketing strategy has worked out or not. For instance, an increase in revenue might just be temporary (the competitor might have received bad reviews or shut down).

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