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9Shares6011Share on Pinterest10“Find out what people want and sell it to them” is a marketing strategy you’ll hear time and time again.
I often get emails from prospective clients who have decided that they want to put in place a couple of marketing activities as they feel either they are missing a trick or that someone they know is doing them and want to do them to.
I do not have a prescriptive price list as the need of each client is unique but I will give you the best estimate of cost as I can from the information you have provided. Having a marketing strategy tailored to ABC Enquiry Ltd is the equivalent of firing shots from a rifle aimed directly at your target audience as opposed to no marketing strategy with activities happening in isolation being akin to firing shots in the dark at random audiences.  By having a marketing strategy (and the resultant monthly activity plan) you will ultimately maximise the investment you make in your marketing.
My fee for a bespoke strategy and activity plan is ?750 which includes a half day workshop where I work with you to discuss what you want your business to achieve and the marketing activities that will help achieve your business objectives.  This workshop includes a basic competitor analysis to see how Oasis Products is different, creation of a sales funnel, determining your key messages and profiles for your target audience – all are elements that help make your business stronger in the longer term. I understand why you want to concentrate on a few marketing activities, your email hinted at money constraints (don’t we all have these?), and I appreciate that you will likely want to do the marketing legwork in-house.  However, I strongly advise that at the very least you book a half-day workshop with me (?250) to determine what you need to do to get ABC Enquiry Ltd to where you want it to be. My final point was to ask that this lady got in touch if she wanted to discuss anything further.
A lot of business people I come into contact with see marketing purely as an expense that they want to spend the least amount of money on as possible – this applies to people who work in large companies as well as those at the micro end. Now, as someone that’s been involved in online content marketing and production since I left university at the grand old age of 21, I for one am pleased that content is finally getting the attention it deserves in the digital industry. Now of course the content marketing resurgence that began in 2012 isn’t all flowers and rainbows. About The Career Knowledge Base The Bubble Jobs Careeer Knowledge Base features the latest digital industry news & opinions, useful job search advice and handy career development advice from the Bubble Jobs team.
Please note that the information and any commentary contained in this blog is free of charge and for information purposes only. Without further ado, here is our 8 step guide on how to build a social media marketing strategy for 2015. Again, something which sounds like complete common sense but what so many businesses we see do incorrectly on a regular basis. To get this part right, take your target audience and think to yourself, “if I was a potential customer for my own business, where am I most likely to be spending my time looking? We cannot emphasise this point enough as we create a content cloud for almost every client that we have. The consistency of marketing efforts can be the difference between success and failure for many businesses.
As a rule of thumb, we would only post sales material once every four or-so times, maybe even only once a week.
The use of funny or non-relevant pictures is great to show every now and then, but don’t overdo it. General interaction primarily takes place on twitter, although it could be done on Facebook and Google plus… Not forgetting LinkedIn especially if you’re in the business to business sector. Finally, industry-related news is found through various new source of websites scattered across the Internet… It’s just finding the correct ones that fit your business model well.
This may sound like complete sense, but once you have started you really should continue how you first set out. There really is nothing worse than seeing a business starting out so well for the first couple of months only to see their blog or social media fade out to maybe one or two posts per month.
Adapting the content and methodology in which you push this content out into the face of your consumers is also essential. We love talking, listening and helping, so if you have any questions, or would like to find out how our Heroes can supercharge your digital marketing, then why not get us to call you. Welcome to Make Marketing Work, a new and unique way to help you learn the fundamentals of effective marketing for your business, organisation or startup enterprise. Written by acclaimed Marketing Specialist, Nial Adams, each of these Training Manuals has been carefully structured and authored to give you the most important elements that you need to learn.
Learning how businesses really work and how they really make money is absolutely vital if you’re planning to spend any time or money on marketing.

This eCourse Section also includes some simple tasks to get you started and you are strongly encouraged to follow and complete these.
Now, for a very modest investment, you access Module One and begin your new eLearning experience.
Remember that this Self-Study eCourse is also fully supported with optional Tutor Mentoring.
And finally, to remove all risk and give you complete confidence, this Module of Make Marketing Work is also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Site Seals are those graphics you see on places like shopping carts that try to convey your information is safe.
Now Go Forth And Do Business!” If only it were that easy to become an expert – just get someone to tap a sword on both your shoulders as you kneel and PRESTO! Let me explain… If you go to Amazon and click on “Best sellers,” you might notice something surprising. What do you think would sell better: A mediocre product by Anthony Robbins, or the greatest product ever that was 1,000 times better than the Robbins product, but put out by a complete unknown?
The fact that the world and his wife have now jumped on the content marketing bandwagon means things just got a whole lot harder. Just take a look at your Twitter feed, Facebook news feed or even the groups you’re part of on LinkedIn – what do you see? When you post content to a Google+ Community, you’re effectively starting a conversation, a debate between the members and, unlike LinkedIn, with Google+ you do get the feedback.
With a strong background in online content and copywriting, Amy is responsible for the SEO, Content Management, Email Marketing, Banner Advertising and Online Partnerships for Bubble Jobs, the Bubble Jobs Blog and The Bubble Digital Career Portal.
Every reasonable effort is made to check the information and commentary is up to date and accurate but no responsibility for its accuracy and correctness or for any consequences of relying on it is assumed by the author or the publisher.
We hope that your business has enjoyed great success in 2014 and you’re looking to grow furthermore into the following year.
We’d looked at companies which had a particular-sized marketing budget, companies who required our services rather than just fancied them and companies who were in urgent need of our services. Starting with your business in the centre and sprouting outwards in different directions should be the main elements of your business that you are trying to offer. Again, using an example from when we first started out 18 months ago… we decided that the superheroes branding was a fantastic idea, but where we went wrong was using an inconsistent message to get our point across to our target audience.
From the headers and footers on your printed materials, to your digital newsletter campaigns and social media posts. By content methodology we mean; what types of content you should be posting on social media and how frequently you should do it.
Can you think of another form of marketing (apart from face to face) where you can openly interact with your clientele? WE’ll hold our hands up and say that we have done this in the past ourselves, only to see a sharp drop in the number of people visiting our website and enquiring about our services.
The Course Introduction, which we recommend you read first, as this will help you to understand how best to start and progress your business learning. How You Can Grow Your Business explains the core business principles of growing a successful enterprise through Sales and Marketing. Following a Business Growth System. This Third Section completes Module 1 and will help you exactly how to follow a system to develop your Sales and Marketing strategy with the objective of sustained growth.
It’s been written to give you a fast-start and focus on the most important things you need to learn. Please remember that Make Marketing Work is not simply interesting business reading, but rather a fully structured eLearning experience that provides powerful and proven ideas for you to apply directly in your business.
Then when you’re ready you can proceed to the following Modules and develop your skills and knowledge of what you need to do to Make Marketing Work! So if you feel you need any help at any point you can access professional tutoring to personally guide you through the programme and help you apply your learning in the best possible way.

Yep, you see spam and brands trying to push their content on to you as a consumer or industry professional. Google+ might still have a long way to go in terms of catching up with Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest (many of my friends that work outside of the digital industry have never even heard of it) but it is getting there!
Their passion for the topic in question means they’re incredibly switched on, knowledgeable and willing, and in fact keen, to engage in a debate or conversation.
Here at Social Heroes, we build integrated marketing plans for a number of our clients up to 5 years in advance, but for todays purposes only, we’re going to be going through the 8 steps of creating a social media marketing plan for the following 12 months.
Potential customers need to find you, because they’re finding your competition and buying from them. On top of this, we defined three specific industries of companies that we would like to work with and target.
But when we get down to the nitty-gritty of things and ask how they measure their results, the answers, are very ambiguous. When I want the answer to my search, where do I look first?” With these questions in mind, you should be over to determine which of marketing you should be focusing on for the following 12 months. This provides you with enough information and content topic points to last you throughout the next year.
It wasn’t the fact that our information was incorrect, it was the fact that we were using too many sources of information and we were simply overloading our potential clients with too many facts… With our primary target market having very limited knowledge in the area of social media marketing, our clients were simply getting confused by our message.
A well-pruned digital marketing campaign can propel your sales into successes they haven’t seen before. After all, if someone wants breakfast cereal made out of toads and frogs and you’re the only one selling it, you can command your own price.
We looked at areas of industries where our services are very easy to spot a return on investment, which we find is essential when running a marketing business.
Using traditional methods of marketing such as advertising in a local newspaper or magazine, rarely come with the results would you are after because their target audiences just aren’t as specific as with social media, for example. We can almost guarantee that every one of your clients at some point during the day, every day, are going to be looking on Facebook, Twitter or Google.
This also helps eliminate the ‘blank’ mind that you may so often get throughout the year when trying to be creative. This part, despite being the first, is so easy to get wrong from an ‘outsiders’ perspective. We chose; Hotels, restaurants, and national marketing agencies looking to outsource their social media efforts. Therefore in this instance, you should be putting a certain level of effort into Facebook and Twitter advertising and Google Adwords. It’s a very close and personal interaction between the supplier (them) and the buyer (you). Let me give you an example… here at Social Heroes when we first started off as a micro business 18 months ago, we defined our target audience as anybody in the local area who owns a business. If you sat there for a couple of hours getting your hair styled and it was in complete silence, Would you go back? Little did we know, This just wasn’t specific enough at the time… We appeared as a do-it-all, know-it-all type of business. This sounds great in essence, like Apple or Samsung, being able to deal with any type of customer from around the world.
But we didn’t take into consideration the fact that we sounded too generalised as a business and it was a lots more difficult for our customers or potential customers at that stage to gain trust in our ability to provide powerful results for them, specific enough to their industry. Trust me here, talking from experience… this took us three months before we could start making an impact in any particular industry purely because we got our definition of a target audience incorrect.

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