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We were very skeptical … We were at a real crossroads and knew that our tax business was leaving us fighting during tax season with not really enough money to pay our bills!!
Chauncey, I had the best tax season ever!  I advertised everywhere and the phone never stopped ringing!  Just to let you know, when I used one of your ad critique coupons for a newspaper ad, the headline you gave me really boosted response.  During tax season, I’d run that ad twice per month and I’d consistently get 20 to 30 calls per day! WHEN I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING BUSINESS, I DID BETTER THAN LAST YEAR THANKS TO YOUR “MILLION DOLLAR TAX BUSINESS BUILDER” INSTRUCTIONS AND MATERIAL …. ALL-IN-ALL THE SEASON WAS NOT GREAT, BUT THANKS TO YOUR MATERIAL IT WAS SUCCESSFUL AND WITH A LOT LESS STRESS.  LOOKING BACK I FEEL REALLY GOOD ABOUT IT AND KNOW IF I HAD A FULL SEASON IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT.
I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT SEASON WITH ANTICIPATION AND CONFIDENCE BY USING YOUR MATERIAL AND INSTRUCTIONS I’LL BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS — HOPEFULLY HAVING A FULL SEASON. Your “Million Dollar Tax Course” helped me get 371 NEW clients this year!  That one advertising tip you gave me increased my response dramatically in ALL of my ads!  My tax office ran so much smoother this tax season even with the increased business. Chauncey’s coaching was a valuable resource for us during this past tax season … We used your information to improve our systems within our tax office, and realized a great increase in efficiency and a corresponding decrease in normal problems.  (Our) staff did more and more of the work and my dad and I were able to concentrate our energies on (a second tax office) … Chauncey your course has challenged me to make our tax practice unique and excellent.
Your operations and procedures manual helped my tax business run like a top this year with far fewer headaches than I ever thought.  But that’s not the best part.  You taught me how to change my mentality to make the sale and it worked!  Your membership is well worth the money and then some! I even have a masters degree and your Coaching has helped the most … I can’t believe it!  Thanks.  I look forward to meeting other tax business owners in the membership group. After using my consultation time with you, I now have a more effective advertising strategy for my tax business.  The specific ideas you gave me helped increase the number of NEW clients coming into my office last year.
Also, thanks for giving me the tools that helped me give my clients better service and at the same time, sell them more of my tax services.  I look forward to learning more by reading your ongoing marketing newsletter and following up with you in the future. Just wanted you to know your  idea really worked!  Not only did my tax office pick up a pile of new clients that way, but we got many more using the referral program you suggested.  Thanks for helping me think through how I want my business to look.  I’m not completely organized yet, but your membership coaching is helping me get to a point where I can keep it and make some good money or I could sell it and walk away richer!

My tax business added 69 new clients this year using one simple idea you gave me to help stimulate referrals.  The special promotion cost me $790 and I received $2,580 back in net profit.
We had a 40 % increase in clients this year (over 1,000 total) AND everything went smoother than expected! The materials for marketing helped us develop and market to a “target” group.  With your help, our newly opened office in Okeechobee prepared approximately 600 returns this year! We have achieved so many goals since being with Chauncey’s program that we could write a book about it, but my goal this past tax season was to work less and still make more money.
North Randall, Ohio – The stories of great accomplishments continue to flow from the PSI Campus, a branch campus of Ohio Technical College. Below are the results of hard work, persistence, and determination to reach the brass ring at PSI. Training – PSI’s methodology of training is based on dealership service environment operations.
Size – The PSI facility and the OTC campus combined have over 800,000 total square feet of shop and training space – including nearly 207,000 square feet under one roof at PSI alone. Job Placement – We offer a great deal of part-time jobs to our enrolled students, and Cleveland is a city with a great motorcycle, automotive and powersport job bank. Financial Aid – PSI is a branch campus of Ohio Technical College, which is a fully accredited college, and all of our 12-month and longer programs are eligible for federal financial aid. You will not only receive the technical skills needed to be successful, but also experience what it is like to work in a service department. In addition, you can spend extra time with instructors after class and on Fridays to get help and additional training.

These jobs in your field are available to help put you on your path to a career and allow you to begin to network. From grants and scholarships to loans, you will work with trained financial aid advisors to come up with a package that meets your needs and allows you an opportunity at a career in this demanding field.
We are looking to create today’s drivability and maintenance specialists, who can make an immediate impact in the workplace. Finally, you can return home and have enough time to spend with family on occasion during schooling. In fact, we limit our enrollment and keep the student-to-instructor ratio well under 25-to-1. Our dedicated instructional and administrative staff will come to know you as an individual, and we are here to help at every step along the way. This allows us to be selective as we look for those students who want this career the most and are willing to work hard to be the best. These are just several of the reasons why PSI is your best choice for real-world training and why we believe in the power of education.

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