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The real estate industry has had some interesting ups and down over the past decade - NAR (National Association of Realtors) membership hit its all-time high back in 2006 with 1,357,000 realtors before dropping dramatically with the housing financial crisis. While real estate agents are still key in the home buying process, buyers are increasingly looking to do more leg work online before involving the experts. Here are our 35 best real estate marketing tips for those looking to win the real estate marketing game.
Make sure you have social media accounts on all the big networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and even Instagram if you snap a lot of house pics). Chances are, home shoppers are eager to share their top housing pics with friends and family, so make it easy for home buyers to email and share various properties online by adding social sharing buttons.
Get an awesome looking business card and hand them out like pizza flyers on a Friday night. Consider producing an ebook like “X number of things new home owners should consider before buying” or “X most valuable features of a new home.” Offering free ebooks in exchange for an email address (and zip code, in the case of real estate) is a great way to capture leads.
There are tons of great resources that provide in-depth detail about real estate photography – this guide from Digital Photography School is helpful (so long as you have some basic photography experience under you belt already).
Your clients’ time is precious, and they want to understand as much as possible about a property prior to visiting in person. Here’s one example of a virtual tour (although you’ll find some aspects of this video are quite outdated).
Your animated video doesn’t have to be super sophisticated – check out this short and very simple animated ad from Geico.
Nurture campaigns are like the breadcrumb paths of Hansel and Gretel, except instead of a gingerbread house at the end, clients find their dream home (hopefully without a resident evil witch).
Leave your clients a trail of high-end panko breadcrumbs by tailoring your interactions with them based on previous actions they’ve taken. If you’ve got some real estate marketing competition in your area, you may want to consider making yourself stand out by going niche.
If you feel comfortable enough, hosting a webinar can be a great way to garner attention for your business.
The web is where it’s at, but that’s not to say traditional advertising doesn’t have its place, especially when you have targeted audiences. Branding is your buddy – that means pens, drink koozies, and all those other freebies people love. Developing relationships with other local businesses will be key for your real estate marketing efforts.
Today’s consumers like to do a lot of legwork themselves online when making major purchases, and that includes home buying as well. Make it easy for users to access all this information – make sure all your property pages have great photos, virtual tours, and easy access to Google Maps and Google Earth. All the great property pages in the world won’t mean much if your site is a nightmare to navigate. Zillow is basically the Yelp of real estate marketing, and you really need to be on there if you want any chance of being discovered - you can ignore the sun, but it will still burn you! Stay in touch (even months and years later) with past buyers in order to build in that good relationship. Real estate is one of those industries that absolutely must use call tracking in their paid search campaigns.
It is true, I have my own photography business and every estate agent trying to sell houses need exceptional pictures for them to sell!
I would like to ad that real estate agent should not create only clients but a good friendship base for future referrals and reoccurring business.. Adding a social media links, is a great way to help real estate agents to broaden their marketing audience. As someone who moves a lot, I think that I would really appreciate real estate engine who cared enough to go through these processes mentioned in here.
So, I'll be honest, I read through this with the intention of explaining why these tips would not be properly labeled as "radical real estate advice." However, I am impressed because you are on the cutting edge with everything. Your blog is very unique in every way, the tips and information in this article is great and reliable. Thank you for sharing this information it's really great, and another thing I love your blog. Some of our family friends are real estate agents, and I'm doing a little work for them on the side to help make their business website more efficient.
Often as I am looking at housing listings, I see terrible blurry photos of the houses the are trying to sell.
I really like how you emphasized on using the newer technology to help you promote your business. I think most people don't buy a home just based on its looks or amenities, but they will often be persuaded the emotional storytelling idea you talked about. I am also using generally these tips for online marketing for real estate and these tips are really working well.
These are really useful tips not just for new and aspiring real estate agents who want to work their way up to the ladder of success.
These are really great tips, to create awareness among the mass around you online marketing is the best tool..
Through the testimonials and reviews people get to know more about you and your organisation.
All expert real estate agents should do tip 27 and create an awesome website for their consumers. What do you think will be the most effective social media platform for Real Estate in the next 3-5 years?
Through social media, businesses can actually attract new clients as 50% of small business owner’s reports having new clients through Facebook and LinkedIn. Compelling Content: When contents are creative, unique and compelling, leads tends to subscribe to you. Inspire Trust: Take advantage of testimonials to inspire confidence in the minds of your audience. Make sure that your clients are satisfied through your delivery as Happy Customers are loyal customers.
Based on the purchase history of a client, you can communicate with them through follow-up messages, telling them of complimentary products and services which they may be interested in. You can request for referrals from your loyal clients, this can be used to get the word around. Irrespective of your business, the afro mentioned steps can be taken advantage of and success can be made out of it. When most people decide to purchase a home they begin their search for their dream home themselves. In fact, 88% of people interested in purchasing a home look on the internet while 87% of people decide to hire a real estate agent to make their search less stressful. Keep in mind whether you’re a buyer or seller you must make sure you select an agent that understands all of your needs. If you’re a real estate agent it’s very important for you to recognize where all of your potential buyers come from so you could advertise accordingly. These real estate statistics are very significant because if you’re considering selling your home you should first advertise on the internet because buyers are 20 times more likely to sell their home by advertising on the internet as compared to in a newspaper. Everyone wants to save money, which makes it easy to understand why someone would want to sell their home without the help of a Realtor. That's when I realized most For Sale By Owner's are only interested in saving as much money as they possibly can, it's our job to help them connect the dots to what they walk away with. It’s easy to understand why someone would want to sell for sale by owner, they want to save money.
When you work with a Real Estate Agent they will help set a proper list price, as well as proper expectations of what ‘should happen’ before the home is listed for sale. Keep in mind you'll need to understand your local real estate trends as well when determining an accurate price. This could mean lowering the price, as a certain percentage of homes in this area are typically sold within ‘x’ timeframe and if they ‘y’ number of days on market there is a ‘z’ percentage they end up never selling.
This data and analytics is available to Real Estate Agents who can ensure your home will sell for top dollar in the fastest amount of time.
One of the ways in which Real Estate Agents are able to help sellers make higher profits on the sale of their home is with home improvements that increase sales price.
Home improvements are an investment for which you should be able to see at least 2x the amount put in. Three of the least expensive ways to improve the condition of your home is with cleaning, landscaping, and fresh neutral color paint.
Every home is different, and there are times when you will have to make improvements on your home that do not net you a return simply because they will keep buyers away. The best way to determine exactly what needs to be done for your house to sell is to look into the comparable properties in your neighborhood that have sold. Learning more about the comparable properties that sold in the neighborhood, and if there are any buyers left over, is an excellent way to get a home sold. In my market here in Raleigh, NC homes are selling in a matter of days and the buyer pool is so large there are often multiple offers. You spent a lot of time building equity in your home, it’s important you get the most out of it.
Leveraging a reverse prospecting system is a great sales tactic that works for selling homes.
When I go on a listing appointment one of the final things I do is call the listing Agent for a local home that sold, with similar criteria, and I ask if there are any buyers that reached out that I can connect with. If you are spending money on advertising platforms that are not giving you a return on your investment than you’re wasting marketing dollars, and decreasing your net on the sale. The best decisions people make are when they are focused on accomplishing their goals and take action. A number of times I have seen sellers become upset and frustrated by buyers and they lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish. Understand that if you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes there’s a good chance your actions would be similar.
A strong Real Estate Agent will be able to ensure you stay disciplined from your emotions and stay focused on the objective at hand. One of the most common reasons someone would sell their home without an Agent is to save money. If working with a Real Estate Agent isn't for you, here is a guide to help those that went to sell for sale by owner in Raleigh, NC.
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Mobile marketing combines a sense of urgency with the potential to provide maximum convenience to your clients. Mobile Apps for Real Estate agents can include financial calculators, interactive maps, live feed open houses, and more! Discover the Most Effective Mobile Marketing Techniques for Real Estate Agents in California.
When considering how to spend your advertising dollar, don’t ignore Mobile Marketing for Real Estate professionals. Mobile Marketing for Real Estate brokers helps business too, and if you enjoy our course, we encourage you to share it with your agency.
However, since its rock bottom in 2012 (with 999,000 members), it has been steadily increasing, and with nearly 1,100,000 members in 2014, the competition among realtors is heating up. A study from the National Association of Realtors showed that 92% of buyers use the internet to begin their house hunting quest, driving home the vital need for real estate agents to have an active online presence.
Showcase the best that your area has to offer, with high-quality, beautiful photos of local town landmarks and familiar sites. Virtual tours are a great way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of the property for potential buyers. If you make your own, I’d beg you to not use music that resembles the soundtrack of The Sims. Signing up as a local sponsor often means getting your business a spot on t-shirts, program pamphlets, or flyers. Short, cute, high-quality cartoon videos can help establish your brand as well as give a touch of personality.
You can create a Pinterest board for a single property that, in addition, to property photos, highlights major benefits of the area.
In fact, a recent study has shown that 80% of Internet users use their mobile devices for online activity. If they first attended an open house with you, send them an email detailing other nearby houses on the market.
If you’re feeling confused, don’t worry – it’s basically the same idea as Google Places for Businesses and Google+ Pages. Become the go-to real estate agent for dog owners, families with kids, divorced individuals, whatever.
Host a “12 Little-Known Things to Look For In A New Home” webinar, providing a Q&A at the end for questions.
With organic reach dwindling on many popular social networks like Facebook, paid Facebook ads are often the most effective way to get in front of clients.
Consider sending out postcards to qualified leads or potential buyers in the specific zip codes you are active in.
Getting yourself in local magazines or newspapers is a great way to get the word out about you and your brand. Users want you to share some of your knowledge for free before investing time and money in you. See if you can get local breakfast joints to let you buy them a set of new coffee mugs with your logo on them, or buy a place on their paper placemat setting. I myself have only rented, but even when renting a property I’ll Google Map the address, use Street View to get a feel for the area, see which businesses are within walking distance, look at home photos, and, ideally take a virtual tour of the property.
List the hot spots nearby and their respective walking distances (mention the bus stop that’s just a five minute walk, or the Starbucks at the end of the block). You want them to remember your name so that hopefully they’ll share your info with friends, family, and acquaintances who might consider moving in the future. Most people use the phone when trying to find a realtor or make an appointment to view an apartment, condo or house. We have so many vacation home snowbirds here in SW Florida which gives us a wonderful opportunity to share the uniqueness of our winter paradise. I am also using generally these tips for online marketing and these tips are really working well. I never been posting yet on zillow, but in the process of putting up the real estate business there. I know that it would really help me if the they followed specific things like making their site mobile-friendly, and receiving a newsletter.
Consumers set high standards and things like sloppy listing photos and a lack of a dynamic website will get you left FAR behind. Indeed this tips are the most convenient way of marketing real estate properties although some might have a high price but it's all worth it. She doesn't have a great grasp on the social media front or making her website more friendly. Pinterest boards and social media have become a big tool that any business can use for marketing. I actually used to work for a real estate marketing company who subcontracted photographers for shooting real estate.
Emotional storytelling can connect with potential buyers' hearts, and make an empty wooden box seem like a home that has served many families in the past. I am impressed because you are on the cutting edge with everything.I think that she will really like the idea of a virtual tour. I still believe professional, attention-grabbing photography is one of the strongest assets toward selling a listing quickly.
With these, they could master all the strategies in the real estate market especially selling homes from the free property listings of the real estate company they belong to.
I feel like that is a great way for the homeowners to get involved in marketing their property.
High potential leads should be identified and distributed based on factors like industry and geography. This is helpful as clients who get their issues resolved usually tell about 4 to 6 persons. It is beneficial when you want to capture leads that would lead to an increased sales as well as making sure your clients are happy always.
If so, this broker report gives you inside information about important Real Estate statistics. Although this may work for you, most people don’t get too far by searching for homes themselves especially when they don’t know much about the real estate industry. Since your time is very valuable especially when searching for the right home for you and your family, avoid wasting your time searching in newspapers and magazines because only 2% of buyers found their home this way.
By interviewing various agents you will ensure that you have selected the right real estate agent for you.
About 40% of buyers found their dream home on the internet and 35% of home buyers found their home after hiring the right real estate agent. As a seller, of course you want to get as much money as you can out of the sale so you would rather sell the home and not have to pay commission to an agent.Often those same sellers find out the hard way that agents do a whole lot more than just put a sign in the yard and hope someone buys yours property.
The other day, while talking with a frustrated for sale by owner in Cary, NC they wanted to know how much I would charge to sell their home. Working with a Real Estate Agent helped seller’s return an average profit of $46,000 more than a home sold by owner. FSBOs accounted for 9% of home sales in 2013. It’s typical a home that is seen as a good deal will attract multiple offers in a short amount of time.
Don't fall for the typical price per square foot is the exact price my home should be, it's not a good way to measure the value of a home and here's why. Typically buyers will rule out homes that have been on the market for a certain number of days which means yours is no longer an option for a percentage of the buyer pool you were marketing it to. An expert agent will know we should receive ‘x’ amount of showings or close to it in this timeframe, if we don’t we need to re-evaluate.
The homes for sale in Raleigh, NC are appreciating almost twice as fast as their historic average. This means that if you pay a landscaper $1,000 to improve your curb appeal, you should be able to net $2,000 more on the sale.
Many of the best Real Estate Agents will call other Agents looking for more information about other properties that have sold. The selfish sellers will be the first to lose buyers, and the sellers who are upset easily will also lose buyers. Real Estate Agents know the best marketing and selling techniques that will ensure your home is sold fast and for top dollar.
It also gives both sellers and Reatlor’s a great return on their investment becuase it only costs effort and time. This shows the sellers that I’m not afraid of picking up the phone and finding them business. Realtors will pay for your marketing, and they know where to invest it to save you the most money possible.
If you allow your emotions to control you, they will keep you from accomplishing what you are set out to do.
These sellers become emotional and rather than sell their home they become overly emotional when a buyer asks for things to be fixed or sends over a low offer. The ability to keep emotion out of the sale of your home is one of the best ways to save sellers money.
Mobile Marketing for Real Estate agents helps you stand out from the crowd, seem progressive, inspired and able to reach people in ways that other agents cannot. Real Estate SMS marketing, mobile websites for realtors, mobile apps for real estate agents and other mobile marketing techniques can help everyone in your agency succeed.
You may even want to consider featuring local landmarks or sites in your animated video to make it ultra-unique and targeted. Send your email subscribers the stuff they’re looking for – notices about upcoming open houses, new houses on the market, news about seminars you’re offering in the area, etc. If they attended your first time homebuyer’s seminar, send them your “10 Things Every New Homebuyer Should Know “ ebook. Setting up a Google My Business account makes it easy for users to find you in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.
Making a name for yourself in regards to a specific niche need can make you memorable, especially in saturated zip codes. Webinars can also be repurposed as YouTube videos, with can serve as valuable video content that can live permanently on your website! When a homebuyer has had a great experience with you, reach out to them and ask for a testimonial. This can get a bit pricey, but considering the huge role Zillow plays in home buying, it’s probably your best bet. Send a local care package to clients after they close, with local movie or theater tickets, restaurant gift cards, etc. If those calls come about because someone saw your PPC ad, you want to be able to track which ads and keywords are driving calls.

A real estate agent is often one of the first people a buyer meets in an area, so keeping that connection is healthy for both buyer AND agent. The decades have witnessed varying consumer’s behavior and hence their property buying or selling patterns.
I'm currently trying to get into the real estate business because I think I can bring extra money on the side. It was amazing to me the difference in listings I saw where a realtor tried to take their own photos and one where a professional was used! A good realtor would play to all angles, and sell people on the future of their family in that home, not just on the features it may have.
That is really cool that agents are asking that you include a virtual tour to better market your home. Take advantage of personalized emails as this improves the conversion ratio by up to 70% and the click through rates receives a boost of 14%. It is simple to get referrals from customers, just ask and do not forget to appreciate them for it.
If this is done properly, it has the potential of transforming your business, boosting your passion. Most home buyers go through an extensive interview process prior to selecting their real estate agent. Only 11% of buyers actually found their home after seeing a “For Sale” sign in their neighborhood.
The typical FSBO home sold for $184,000 compared to $230,000 for agent-assisted home sales.” - 2014 NAR Report Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. If you convey a personality of greed or anger the buyer will walk fast because they are no longer emotionally tied in the way they once were. By calling Agents who are working with buyers that match your criteria you will put yourself in a great position to procure a buyer.
If you can put yourself in the shoes of the buyer than you will give yourself a much greater chance of accomplishing your goals.
Mobile Marketing for Real Estate agents has come a long way in the past five years, but realtor practices aren’t keeping up. Learn about Mobile Marketing and how it can help your California business by signing up for our free video courses today. Take note of what competitors are doing – then avoid their mistakes and replicate their success! Hire a professional photographer (preferably with experience photographing homes and architecture), or, if you have sophisticated equipment and are confident in your abilities, have your own hand at it.
Even better, consider creating a mobile app that potential buyers can use to review listings. Deliver content that will help your clients take the appropriate next step, depending on where they are in their journey. Yes, it will take time and energy, but attendees will walk away impressed and will have established a relationship with you. After all, sites like Zillow account for 48% of all site traffic for real estate searches on the web.
Really, It is good that adding photos and video in profile and our business pages because customer like to easy way to see a property. Thanks for posting this so hopefully professionals see this and start making more websites advertising homes!
Approximately 66% of people contacted one agent before selecting a real estate agent to assist them with the sale of their home.
There is a fine line between being at the top of the price market and being a poor deal for buyers. Now that price tag is a lot less than a house so keep in mind that the emotional tie needs to be a lot stronger for someone to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, circling around with Agents who have listed homes for sale in the neighborhood that are either recently sold or contingent is an excellent way to help sellers find a buyer. There are different types of emotions, either way you need to harness these emotions and put them to work for you. Mobile Marketing for Real Estate brokers has even more potential as you manage your team and help them with clients. Make the most of these testimonials by placing them strategically on your website and sharing them now and then on social networks. Online branding techniques like social media optimization, search engine optimization and other tools work superbly. Typically, the first agent to respond usually gets the listing so only 13% of seller’s contacted three agents while 2% of sellers contacted four real estate agents. Write about how rising prices of houses on the market shows that the town is doing well, or list the reasons why your regional area is becoming more popular (maybe it’s the revitalized downtown area or improved school system).
It is just that simple!If you price it too low you may be leaving funds on the table and selling your home way below its potential selling price. Regardless of where your search may have started the internet and real estate agents are the main ways in which buyers search for a home. With the help of an experienced real estate agent, you can price your home to generate buyer interest and be competitively priced at the same time.Right priced properties get plenty of attention and often sell quickly for top dollar. No doubt, that is what all sellers want, regardless where you call home!Access to Real Estate Agent Professional NetworkThis industry is a massive one that requires a network of professionals for best results. This is why real estate agents team up with other professionals like handymen, inspectors, lawyers, mortgage professionals, painters, photographers, and the like.
Often times it takes this entire team of professionals to get a home through closing.That is part of the reason why it is very important upfront to check out several agents before deciding on one to represent you in the sale of your home. The right agent will have a long list of resources they can rely on when needed.You want your agent to be able to tap into their trusted and proven network when the need arises to solve whatever issue comes up quickly and professionally. You also want them to provide quality advice, that may or may not require one of their partners to get involved, in order to give your home every advantage of catching the attention of real estate buyers and investors.
Anything less is definitely a disservice to you!Get the Best Options for Financing PurposesYes, even sellers need financing, especially when there is work to be done to the home before it is sold.
By taking advantage of available financing options, you can get the money that you need to fix your home and increase its resale value.
The better your home looks the longer buyers will stay in it to determine if it is the right house for their needs.Getting an equity loan may be exactly what you need to give your home a facelift or a minor makeover and take it from drab to fab. You can bet this will provide an excellent opportunity to impress potential buyers who are out looking for their dream home in your neighborhood.As always, ensure you discuss your options with a mortgage professional to get the best financing advice before you decide on a plan of attack. Your local real estate agent should be available to provide you with mortgage references and tips as needed.Have a Marketing Expert On Your TeamIn essence, real estate agents are marketers and some are definitely better at their craft than others.
If your agent does not do any marketing, or does the bare minimum compared to their local contemporaries, you need to look for another agent!Without adequate marketing, you will not get nearly as much reach for your listing as you should.
Search online to see which agents keep popping up, visit their websites to see what they offer sellers, ask your sphere of influence about those on your short list, then ensure you interview those you are interested in working with to determine what their marketing will do to improve your chances of selling your home.The best real estate agents constantly update their marketing techniques and skills. With their experience, they have determined the strategies that work and the ones that do not.
Whenever in doubt, ask the real estate agents you interview what type of marketing they provide (online, offline (i.e. By getting listed on the MLS, your listing can get a massive amount of exposure, both locally and by third party aggregate sites as well. Many agents will have a feed (IDX) setup on their site to allow you to view the available listings in your area.The only way to take advantage of this quality service is to list your home with a professional real estate agent.
They have the capability to list your home in the MLS to be seen by other agents and consumers alike.
This is not a task you can perform on your own…an agent needs to do it for you.Tap into a Network of Ready and Qualified BuyersHow many ready and qualified buyers do you know of? Sure, you can attract a lot of potential buyers provided that you market your listing right, but how many of them are really serious and are qualified to buy? How dedicated are you to deal with showings, issues, and everything else that comes with selling your home?Real estate agents, in addition to helping sellers, help buyers as well. They often have a network of ready and qualified buyers that are ready to buy as soon as a particular style, price point, or home in a specific location becomes available.The agent you hire will play the matchmaker.
He or she will cross-reference your home to buyers’ they know and ensure those real estate consumers have the latest information about your listing to make a solid decision on whether or not they want to view the property. Also, agents will often also share their new listing details with other agents in-case those agents have buyers who are looking for whatever your property offers.Get Help with the PaperworkNo one wants to plow through mounds upon mounds of paperwork, regardless of the reason. Unfortunately, the process of buying or selling a home often takes reams of paperwork that requires your attention, understanding, and your signature (numerous times). All the more reason to work with an agent who has been through the process numerous times and can help make the process as smooth as possible.A good real estate agent can help you with the paperwork, provide the guidance you need while reviewing the information, simplify any hard-to-understand paperwork, and even provide ways to make the process a bit easier (such as electronic signatures). If it gets too complicated, or you are still not sure what the information means, your agent can refer you to a real estate attorney who can provide clarification on misunderstood issues or concerns.Agents Knows How to Package Your HomeThis is important if you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Many agents will then lightly stage your home (or recommend a professional stager) to highlight these features.
In addition, they can also see the potential of your home that you never really saw before.For example, if there is a corner area that you do not really use, perhaps it can be used as a reading nook, quiet space for writing or studying, or even a cool place for pets, toys, or other hobby essentials. The agent can stage your home (or use their network to find you a stager) to show this area in its best light.That is just one simple example of how your agent can accentuate the features of your home to showcase those properties for active buyers and investors. They can also blog, video, and share the details about your house on a host of social media sites, targeting local consumers who may be looking to buy a home with specific details. Do not underestimate the power that a well staged and expertly marketed home has in the local market!Get Objective AdviceSavvy real estate agents get it! It is incredibly easy to get emotional throughout the process of selling a home, sometimes to the point where your good common sense is clouded. This is one of the areas where a seasoned real estate agent is worth their weight in gold.Excellent agents understand they need to be objective and even keeled as emotions can quickly derail a home sale. You are looking for an agent that will step in and give solid counsel, providing advice that is void of emotion, to help you see the forest through the real estate trees.The end state is to hand over the keys so you can move forward with the next chapter in your life. Let your agent help you do that by leaning on them when you feel like you are losing control.
They do this for a living and will do their best to maintain their cool in the midst of the real estate storm.
With so much at stake, it is good to know there are plenty of checks and balances along the way to getting your house sold.Real estate agents constantly update themselves on the ever-changing rules and regulations.
After all, if they do right by you there is always the chance you will mention how good their service was and recommend them to others.Selling a home is stressful, so help yourself by hiring a quality agent to manage the process, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.
As I often tell consumers looking to buy or sell a home in Bonaire GA and the surrounding communities, anyone can put a sign in your yard and hope for the best, but a top-notch agent will take care of the big, little, and all the in-between things that can hang-up a deal before it even gets going.

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