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Advances in digital and social media have dramatically transformed the business landscape, changing the way products and services are researched by consumers and marketed and sold by businesses. Given the fast-paced nature of digital marketing, it was vital that the program be developed and taught by industry experts who are passionate about the subject and have extensive real-world experience. Digital marketing sprung up so fast that most digital marketers don’t have formal training in the field.
Gabrielle Windsor is a digital and integrated 360 marketer with online and offline strategic marketing, media and PR experience. Are there any professional associations that you think are great resources for digital marketing training? There are all kinds of opportunities, if you understand the basics of marketing and you get the opportunity to work on these kind of projects. According to a recent study, only one in three marketers think their companies are proficient in digital marketing. Most marketers agree that there has been more change in the last two years than in the previous 50.
And then, I think the latest buzzword is “content marketing.” It’s about creating experiences that are both educational and entertaining for consumers.
So brands can actually add value to the user’s life, instead of the old-fashioned, traditional one-way marketing.
I would caution people not to get caught solely in the strict, direct response part of online. The fact that our hiring process is a little different becomes clear right away, when candidates discover that we do not ask them to submit a resume. A key goal of our interview process is to identify future potential, rather than simply sign off on a checklist of skillsets and accomplishments. Our hiring process is designed to create sustainable professional success by finding and hiring great people. Nathan Hughes serves as co-founder of Detroit Labs, a Detroit-based mobile development company and maker of iPhone, iPad, Android, and vehicle apps. UEE's Digital Marketing Certificate program was designed to help today’s marketer stay up to speed with these new and emerging media platforms.
No one better exemplifies that than Gabrielle Windsor, who has been working in digital marketing since 1998 (!), and currently serves as Director of Strategy and Planning for The Armory. How did you become proficient, and what are the benefits and liabilities to learning that way? She has managed and developed marketing strategies for Fortune 500, luxury, youth and lifestyle brands.

I had a software background and I landed a job at an interactive agency; it was a lot of on-the-job training. I think of life as a tool box, and building skill sets over time, so I applied my math and requirements-analysis skills to the online world. You apply your skills and you learn from other people about how they are approaching these sorts of projects and problems. What’s really dynamic about digital is that there are conversations happening among consumers and between brands and consumers.
People say, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Digital has always been more measurable than other marketing channels.
So if it’s awareness or brand-building, or brand engagement, word of mouth, or website traffic, sales—I use a mix of strategies and tactics to achieve those objectives.
At Detroit Labs, we have developed a unique hiring process based on whole team collaboration that addresses both concerns.
Team members are integral to the Detroit Labs recruiting, interviewing, and selection process.
Instead, we ask potential hires to fill out a questionnaire with a detailed set of questions (tailored for the role being applied for) designed to help us get to know them better.
This is our chance to sit down with each candidate and get a better sense of how they will be able to contribute to and improve Detroit Labs.
The technology we use changes rapidly and we would much rather hire someone with the ability to innovate, adapt, and demonstrate creativity than someone who happens to have a grasp of today’s coding languages. While many organizations claim to believe in that same basic principle, we have taken steps to make certain that our company is shaped by it.
Fewer than 10 full-time team members have left our company since we founded Detroit Labs in spring 2011. The firm has partnered with national brands like Domino’s Pizza, General Motors, DTE Energy, and Hyundai to dream up, design, and build beautiful, intuitive apps. She has also worked with companies such as Boost Mobile, Land Rover, Hitachi, Lincoln Mercury, Adidas and SONY. I think one of the best ways to learn things is through reading and doing—working alongside smart people who know what they’re doing. I’ve been able to apply my skills with structured thinking to create results focused marketing including media, websites and analytics. So make sure that you have metrics tied to the objectives up front, and come to an agreement on what you are going to expect from a project. So looking at metrics like engagement rates, people talking about your brand, those word-of-mouth conversations have fantastic value and are more persuasive than a critic saying that your brand is great, or even advertising.

Our approach to hiring focuses on an individual’s potential, and provides an exciting example of how to find success by creating an innovative process that capitalizes on your organization’s unique characteristics. This makes them active and engaged participants with final say over which candidates move forward in the hiring process. Our collaborative approach ensures that our team has direct input into who they work with and our work is significantly stronger because of that dynamic. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we feel strongly that our example supports the notion that nontraditional hiring processes can provide a dramatic and defining source of strength and professional success in today’s competitive marketplace. I think a lot of online resources are great: blogs and sites dedicated to digital, mobile, social, analytics, and more. And vendors, like Moz, that publish a lot of valuable information via their content-marketing efforts. People have just been slow to admit that the media landscape and people’s behavior really are different.
Making our team members a part of the process is also the best way to select and identify the best candidates. We ask our employees to help us review and discuss these questionnaires and vote on which candidates will advance to the next stage in the interview process. For instance, this could be a coding exercise for developers, and often includes simulated meetings or other scenarios (complete with role-playing and other realistic elements). The fact that our team members participate in the hiring process helps make them more invested in each other’s success.
As marketers we do our best to look at and optimize based on what we know, what we can measure, and the dots we can connect. Their insights and feedback provide a more nuanced view of applicants than any individual hiring manager could realistically achieve.
All of our applicants receive ratings from current team members, and only the applicants who score the highest on that scale are considered.
No one is offered a job at Detroit Labs without demonstrating how they actually perform the specific required skills of the role for which they are applying.
It creates an organic and foundational sense of cohesion and teamwork that is impossible to fake.

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