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Christina Boyle on KODAK HIRES LAW FIRM FOR RESTRUCTURING ADVICE, IS THE END NEAR FOR THIS 131-YEAR OLD COMPANY, OR IS BANKRUPTCY NEXT? If you are the founder of a new startup or an existing business it's highly recommended that you develop a roadmap that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow, six months from now, or a year or longer down the road. A marketing plan should be a formal written document, not recalled from memory or something scribbled on a napkin. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning - This three stage process involves analysing which distinct customer groups exist and which segment the product best suits before implementing the communications strategy tailored for the chosen target group. SOSTAC® - This acronym stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control and is a very popular classic marketing planning framework for creating marketing plans. Ansoff's Growth Strategy Matrix - Ansoff’s Growth Strategy Matrix identifies alternative growth strategies by looking at present and potential products in current and future markets.
For my money, the SOSTAC® marketing planning model is the model I use the most when developing marketing plans. SOSTAC® is a marketing planning model, originally developed in the 1990s to help with marketing planning by PR Smith, who together with Dave Chaffey co-authored Emarketing Excellence. You can see it gives a logical order for tackling your plan (with iterations) and a great way to summarise the main elements of each.
SOSTAC® has become very popular since it’s simple, easy to remember and covers all the main issues which you need in a marketing plan or business plan. Here are some tips on how to use SOSTAC® based on Chaffey's experience applying the model in companies and in academia. Use SOSTAC® to review your process - Before looking at how you apply SOSTAC® at each step to create a marketing plan, use it to review your planning process and how you manage your marketing. Integrate the different elements of your SWOT Analysis -  Oftentimes in a plan or report there isn’t good flow relating sections.
Where Are You Today - You must know where you are today in order to develop a roadmap to where you want to be in the future. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses - Take an inventory of your individual and management teams strengths and weaknesses. Organizations - Describe them by number of employees, sales, geographic location, and industry. SWOT Analysis - Identify your competitive strengths and weaknesses, business opportunities and potential threats. Management Team - List the key members of your present management team and very brief description of their business and industry experience and education.
Milestones Accomplished - Elaborate on significant milestones that have accomplished to date.
Your marketing strategies answer the big question:  HOW do you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow? Core Marketing Message - Your core marketing message is a short description of your business, products and services, employees, core values, business philosophy, mission and value proposition you bring to the customer relationship. Define Your Brand - Your brand isn’t just your corporate identity like your logo, tag line, motto or its visual associations such as unique design, colors or packaging, but the relationship you have with your customers. Pricing Model - Describe the methodology you will use to set prices for your products and services. Distribution Strategy - Describe the distribution channels you will utilize to get your product or service to your target market (e.g. Advertising and Promotions Strategy - Determine what media channels you will use to market and promote your products and services to your target market (e.g. Public Relations Strategy - Describe the methods you will utilize to inform, communicate and educate your public (e.g. Strategic Alliances - Describe the nature and type of third-party alliances you anticipated will be needed in order to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Word-of-Mouth -  Describe how and the methods you will utilize to create word-of-mouth. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques.
We think Online PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches for all types of business. To be successful with online PR we suggest you review the range of options that are available for getting your name out on to other websites.
The Radar works by reviewing your main potential influencers within each spoke of the wheel.
Online PR can be a great, low-cost technique for making more people aware of your brand or website, but it requires a lot of hard-work - there are no short corners. Immediate Future blog - We've known Katy Howell of Immediate Future for 5+ years and she is very knowledgeable on this topic. These are the related techniques which we recommend as important for managing Online PR effectively.
Targeted Updates allwos companies to interact with their follower base by sending them targeted relevant messages, Follower Stats provides detailed stats about their followers, as well as engagement metrics such as comments, follower counts, shares and demographic info related to these data points. Recently LinkedIn launched a Follow button for companies, which like Facebook and Twitter, enables users to follow companies they are interested in for updates. We expect LinkedIn’s engagement rates to increase in the next few years, which when combined with the expected visitor growth should lead to much higher revenue from marketing and ads.
Marketing and Ads currently account for around 30% of LinkedIn’s total $38 value estimate, which stands far below its current market price.
According to a 2015 report, Instagram is the most important social network to American teenagers.
Well, one way is embracing tools that help you easily and regularly post, engage, sell, manage accounts and measure results.
Below wea€™ve compiled a list of 9 awesome and helpful toolsa€”with some being free and others available for a fee. The free version allows you to upload photos from your computer, tablet or smartphone, schedule future posts, and search and repost content from the web on up to two Instagram accounts. While therea€™s no totally free version for this tool, they do offer a free 7-day trial so you can take it for a test drive.
As a go-to for social media management throughout my career, Hootsuite is a tool thata€™s had some staying power. Reposting content on Instagram allows you to engage with your followers, highlight influencers or start a conversation with new users. Since hashtags are such an important part of connecting with the Instagram audience, Inselly is a tool that allows you to use its hashtag (#inselly) to tell users your product is for sale. Social Insight is a web-based application that can provide deep analytical data on your Instagram account. Layout is a free app that allows users to make multi-image collages, which is perfect for storytelling. Crowdfire is a tool that youa€™ll see come up often in your searches for top Instagram tools.
SOSTAC is more comprehensive and borrows elements of several of the other popular marketing planning models. The four growth strategies include: market penetration, market development, product development and diversification.
Include major new customers, revenues, no of unique visitors, downloads, new patents, major personnel additions and awards.

Will you be using inside sales personnel, inbound or outbound sales personnel, outside sales personnel, manufacturer's representatives, independent salespeople or network marketing personnel. They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices and the latest statistics.
But it's difficult to get right since it is often managed by different people and there's the overlap with SEO and social media marketing.
With these new features as well as the following feature, LinkedIn is going to boost engagement on its platform and generate additional revenue from its marketing and advertising offerings. LinkedIn competes with Facebook and Google in the online advertising space and Monster in online job search. I help companies with their marketing efforts, focusing on ROI using some of the most advanced tools and advanced techniques. From being loved as the land of sepia selfies and delicious foodie pics, Instagram is now a major social network with more than 400 million monthly active users. From creating the prettiest photos to sharing web content to managing multiple accounts, these tools can help you take your Instagram game to a new level. Fortunately, Instagrama€™s latest app update gave users the ability to add and manage up to five accounts.
Paid options start at $19 a month and comes with additional functionality such as the ability to add team members to manage the account.
Not only are you able to manage multiple accounts and schedule your posts, but youa€™re able to do so for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Hootsuite just added Instagram capabilities last year, and offers both free and paid versions. Here youa€™re able to see data on lost and gained followers, the best time to post, post engagement and much mmore. And since Instagram is owned by Facebook, if youa€™d like to give your posts a little extra boost you can use Facebook Power Editor to do so.
Layout will automatically show you some layout options, but ultimately the artistic control is all yours. The free app suggests the best times to schedule and post your photos, as well as hashtags to use to get more engagement.
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Don't think in terms of what other organizations or individuals have done, but how you are going to get it done. However, if youa€™re looking for a little more functionality, may be worth considering.
You can also bookmark photos and videos to repost them later, and search by user or hashtag. The targeting options here allow you to really zero-in on your desired audience and you can spend as little as a few dollars a day.
The best part is that the app was created by Instagram, so it seamlessly integrates with the main app. Perhaps you’re not so good at setting SMART objectives, or developing strategies to support them or the control stage of assessing how effective your strategies and tactics are and adjusting them?
It gives you a list of new followers, allows you to see who has unfollowed you, and much more.

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