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It doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum, as long as your resume catches the recruiter's attention and makes a great first impression in theA six seconds they spend reviewing it. All recent graduates should have at least one profile established for their professional brand, she says. While it can be tempting to throw a few buzzwords such as "proactive" and "motivated" into a professional summary, recruiters know these terms are mere fluff and won't be impressed when they see them, says Augustine. The general rule of thumb is that if your GPA is above a 3.0, then you should include it in your entry-level resume, she explains. Employers want to know what you've done lately, not what you accomplished four years ago or more, before you went to college.A "Focus on highlighting your activities, accomplishments, and the work experience that took place during your college career, calling special attention to anything that directly supports your job goals," Augustine says. Since this job seeker has relevant internship experience and other extracurricular activities that demonstrate his sales and marketing skills, there's no reason to note that he has taken "Intro to Communication" or "Principles of Marketing." "In addition, this knowledge is implied in his new degree in communications," she says.
Share Tweet Email More Author: Young Entrepreneur CouncilThe Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. Partner with Drexel LeBow to develop the active and exemplary leadership you need to achieve your goals. Corporations that collaborate with us gain access to LeBow students, faculty and graduates by participating in programs that benefit their businesses and support our tradition for experiential learning. Earn your Drexel LeBow Degree at our Main Philadelphia Campus, Online or a satellite campus in Malvern. LeBow’s home for the academic study of market systems, major economic institutions, economic policy and development. Serving as an academic center for students and faculty, as well as an events and networking hub for the Philadelphia business community. Focus in Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics, Finance, Marketing or Supply Chain Management. McDonnell led the formation of Penn Mutual’s “decade of opportunity” – a strategy that would set the company apart from its competitors by the year 2020. July 1, 2014 by Margaret Buj Leave a Comment Career planning isn’t just restricted to people who are frustrated and looking to leave their job, it also applies to those who are happy in their current organisation but hungry for the next challenge, promotion or simply want to increase the depth and breadth of their knowledge and skills and become the “go to expert”. If you don’t know where you are going…you may end up somewhere else!  You may as well hand over your career to someone else to make the decisions. I’ve interviewed many candidates over the last six years who don’t have a career plan – they are justifying not having a plan because they think you cannot possibly have a plan in these troubled economic times or this rotten labour market!

For example, when I worked in a corporate bank in the City, our ambitious employees were particularly good at networking internally.  They would be very comfortable approaching directors and heads of department to meet and discuss what they had to do to be considered in the future for that business area. Research and regularly read the news in your sector.  This has several benefits to your existing career and any future career – keeping up to date with the latest legislation, regulation changes, competition, trends, can mean getting the next promotion or not! If your objective is to become the “Expert” in your field you better be up to date – it’s going to be awkward and embarrassing to miss an important change in the industry and be caught out!! Dedicate time every day to reading the professional journals, relevant newspapers, or sign up to news updates in your sector.  If you are a regular commuter then this is an ideal time to read the latest news – you can always nap on the journey home!! Positioning yourself for promotion doesn’t usually happen overnight – so you’ll need to spend time broadening your experience, skills, and knowledge and that’s why it’s so important to do something you enjoy and have a plan. Having a satisfying career is not just about the destination – it really is about your continuous journey.
Dawn Moss has been an in-house recruiter within corporate environments for more than a decade and has probably interviewed thousands of candidates during her career.
With their innovative ideas, graduate and undergraduate students help for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations reach their goals. Our certificate program enables you to acquire competence in new business disciplines or update your skills.
It was the most positive example I’ve witnessed of building excellent long term mutually beneficial working relationships. Some are going into their post-college job search with an extensive resume, while others have no experience whatsoever. She is passionate and really enjoys supporting both hiring managers and candidates through the interview process. From social media and networking to pitch events and even volunteering, you can market yourself and your college business on a budget by employing some of these 10 simple, no-cost strategies:Chambers of Commerce.
Just as impressive are the 4 million-plus businesses that have created profile pages on it. Its viral nature is built-in, allowing anyone in the world with a Twitter to account to read your daily company updates, who you follow, and what you like (and even the photos you take). It’s also a great way to find out what your customers are talking about online as you develop your business’ offerings.Business plan contests. Prizes include cash, services (legal advice, marketing aid, etc), but more importantly face time with successful entrepreneurs and business people who volunteer as judges and coaches.

Every year, more competitions are being held both locally and nationally.Entrepreneur network organizations.
What’s better than bonding with fellow collegiate entrepreneurs, meeting mentors and getting free resources to help your business execute faster?
Check out the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Group to learn more about nationwide programs — they are available in almost every state.Startup Weekend.
Attending high-profile events like Startup Weekend, where aspiring and current entrepreneurs get together to launch new ideas, collaborate and network, not only helps the entrepreneur ecosystem overall but gives you valuable face time with your prospective users, investors and advisers alike.LinkedIn company pages.
LinkedIn is the de facto social network to connect with business-related contacts and organizations. Like Facebook and Twitter, they offer a wide array of Company Page profile features, ranging from free to paid.Charitable causes.
Well-run charities are typically well-oiled machines for business networking and promotions. Komen foundation — almost every chapter has award banquets and mixers to celebrate community leaders and supporters. Yes, you read correctly — work for someone else and learn from them, give ideas and feedback, and even find ways to market your business.
Working for another company can help you hone your sales skills, marketing tactics and even learn best organizational practices that can benefit your own business. While you’re doing this, you will interact with employers, fellow college students (who could one day join your organization), and have the opportunity to get your hands on a ton of valid career advice.Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey. One final word of advice: never forget to give back and benefit the people who help you along the way before asking for anything in return.
Gratitude goes a long way, in business and in life.Ash Kumra is an award-winning entrepreneur and public speaker, recognized by the White House as a top 100 young entrepreneur.

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