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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to promote your small business and significantly increase your exposure and get leads and customers through social media channels?
During our fast track course, we will cover such crucial areas as effective blogging, the fundamentals of SEO, social networking, microblogging, video marketing and much more.
I have recently presented a  successful webinar on Social Media Marketing for small businesses & entrepreneurs for Warwick Business School.
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Mobile Advertising Methods- Best Ways to use WhatsApp for Your Business Marketing and promotion?
Above communication suggests, What's app have delved deep into not only our personal communication space but also our professional network. While many may still hood back to formal business communication methods and communicate nowhere beyond emails, the majority have broken the glass ceilings and already invaded the arena where communication is more quick, accessible and mobile. With 1 Billion users across the globe, what's app is seamlessly connecting and at almost a negligible cost of the data usage. Considering all its utility and advantages what's app can be regarded as a revolutionary business communication medium. Accessibility: Everyone carries their phones with them and spending time on what's app to socialise.

Informal: It doesn't take time, its nothing like similar to start drafting a professional formal email.
What's app have been successfully utilised by small and Small-Medium Businesses for some serious business deals and even closing sales deals. Other than e-commerce events and exhibition companies have been vividly using what's app to promote their events and exhibitions. Creative pictures of the event and promotional materials are been shared to attract the prospects.
While a prospect will find it boring to read a whole newsletter or email about the event and might choose to ignore it, this kind of what's app promotions rarely get missed out. There are groups where prospects voluntarily join in to keep updated about such events only because they want to participate and they themselves are finding it easier that they need not go and search elsewhere for what is coming up next. What's app also has a broadcast feature where you can select to send a single message to a complete list in a go. Then they negotiate on chat itself and close deals by sharing their account details and once they receive the copy of transaction been made or any such proof, they dispatch the order. Many regional handicrafts and art wares are being sold like this in India and even abroad as well.
They promote their groups also as a product where such-such type of sellers of such-such type of items is available. These interactive one-to-one or team sessions can be run on request at the place and time convenient for you face-to-face or via Skype.

What's app group of the team to keep updated about any information even when out for a meeting or while seeking approval of all team members, etc. One to one communication with team members for suggestions even at wee hours when a phone call is not possible. Communication with seniors and colleagues who might be busy at that moment and can choose to respond instantly as soon as they get free to check the message. Saves lot of cost on heavy call charges which are levied while discussing work with a colleague or a fellow team member. No one misses out a what's app text when even an email might get missed in the sea of mails.
They have what's app groups for specific events or industry where they connect to the prospects and keep them updated about their upcoming event or exhibitions.
Sharing pictures, videos and other media files all at finger- tips with a single mobile application.
Sometimes the client just says no over a call while they are tied up with something else at that moment. While in case of a what's app reminder or followup they always reply thoughtfully as they reply at their own comfortable time and pace.

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