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If you want to get people on your mailing list or your Facebook, giving away free music always does it. Speaking of Reznor, he’s also found a lot of success involving fans directly in projects. At the end of the day, few things are better for building an active fan base than also being active yourself.
The Internet gives you virtually unlimited ways to interact with fans, even on the other side of the world. This is about preparing yourself for that first rush of success, where your band’s name is top of the bill and making a name for itself by performing live in front of people who want to hear good music and follow a band on their journey, wherever it might lead but for them to follow they must feel like you will lead them somewhere good. No band in the history of music has learned a couple of songs and then hit the road with perhaps the exception of The Sex Pistols and other punk luminaries of a time gone by if you are to believe rock legend, and if they have, you can be sure that it didn’t end well for them.
The leap from playing two covers and one original song at an open mic to playing a full gig is one that can swallow a band whole. Many venues will have a PA system for you to use, but it still pays to have as much quality band equipment on hand as possible, so you have the opportunity to turn any venue into a gig for your band. When you are ready to make the transition to proper gigs, you can start approaching venues with a view to performing there. As a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach my mission is to help lots of businesses increase their visibility using time, energy, and imagination rather than money. Here's what happened: A few months ago Michael contacted me after he read my book, Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Superstars.
Over the last three decades I have written many types of songs including Pop, Country, Rock, and Jazz.
So when I was searching for endorsements for my newest book, Mastering Online Marketing (Entrepreneur Press, January 2008), I was understandably interested to learn that Michael Gerber had begun a new program called "The Dreaming Room." Michael Gerber is the well-known author of one of the top selling business books in history, The E-Myth, and a businessman with a huge following. Feeling inspired, I wrote, produced and recorded the music and lyrics in my home studio and uploaded it to my Web site within three days. With the song edited, tweaked, and mastered I uploaded it to the Web in Flash audio with the lyrics neatly typed on the page.
I hope that this story may inspire you to approach some businesses with an idea for adding music to their marketing mix. Here are four important Guerrilla Marketing points to keep in mind for approaching potential business partners and growing your own business.
If you are tired of playing bars until 4 in the morning and want to start creating new streams of income with your music these "small" details are actually very big.

The good news is you can sell your music to a whole new market if you start seeing your music as a business and seeing yourself as a solid business person with a solid business strategy. If you are a musician looking to create new income streams, maybe it is time to start using your time, energy, and imagination to implement innovative ways to market your music to businesses.
Mitch Meyerson is the author of eight books including of Mastering Online Marketing, Success Secrets of The Online Marketing Superstars and Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines and has certified over 200 Guerrilla Marketing Coaches. If you have fans who don’t just buy your music, but who honestly want to see you succeed, you’ve got a great foundation for your own musical success! Hiphop group De La Soul recently made waves by making their discography free for a day to celebrate an anniversary. Being seen as interested in your fan communities will inspire them to share your music even more!
Prepare, rehearse and hone your stage craft, right through to what you say to the audience, assuming it is more than ‘Please stop throwing beer at us’. In order for you to start playing larger gigs, you need to have built an audience, and that means engaging with social media, building a website, using Soundcloud and actively seeking new listeners and followers of your band.
In order to hit the ground running, a band should have a solid set list that can be performed well on any given night, so that your audience and the venue don’t hear you implode on stage due to you not being ready for a full gig yet. Think small not big, most venues will be putting forward a pay to play style agreement and that only works if you can get people through the door. But, like you I am very passionate about my songwriting and plan to sell my songs to major artists. And more recently I have written business theme songs for some best-selling authors like Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, as well as for my own companies the Product Factory and Online Traffic School. The title "Dreaming Room" immediately engaged my inner songwriter and I started hearing a melody. Other artists, like Trent Reznor, frequently make side-projects and experimental tracks available as freebies. He also once made a concert video entirely out of fan-shot material, another creative music marketing idea.
Most people who like music will be supportive of you if they like your sound, and you’ll have a ready-made audience when it’s time to progress to larger venues. A comedian doesn’t go from a 5 minute set to Live at the Apollo overnight, so put in the hours and be prepared to blow an audience away when you make the transition to larger venues. There we traded band stories, discussed the changing landscape of the music business and talked about the challenges and opportunities facing songwriters.

Most musicians erroneously believe that being an exceptional "songwriter" makes them qualified to operate a business that specializes in selling songs.
Probably because they believe they already know what they need to know — and they don't know what they don't know! Did you know that the very act of writing down your goals substantially increases your chances of success? Make sure they're the type of person you like and their business is healthy and respectable. People are understandably more leery of opening up their hard-earned business resources before you've proven yourself. Get yourself hooked into a night where there are three other acts playing so you can hit the crowd hard with five or six frontline tracks performed well. Building localised media is often overlooked by bands as they aim too high too soon trying to gain leverage with the likes of the NME when really it is better to focus on gaining coverage where ever is possible on the first series of dates. As opposed to trying a full hour long set and finding that by the end of it tumble weed is drifting across the venue floor as the crowd have retired to the bar, or just left the building totally.
Understand them fully as there is no point in getting the friends, family and some fans into a venue then being let down by crap equipment.
But there is nothing worse than a venue being empty as it is very hard to create the all important fan build up with no one present.
Adding in the creative angle too, is again where PR and music marketing can come into its own when looking at attracting attention. If we don't we often risk offending others by incorrectly presupposing the answer based on our own sensibilities. At the same time make sure you get to know the sound engineer as he needs to be your new best friend. From Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello the regional touring was backed by ‘hype’ whether created or opportunist, every band needs professional help to really drive media attention and ticket sales.
This has already led to more exposure for my songs and business and will likely result in additional partnerships and revenue.

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