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Existe un obstaculo principal para el crecimiento de tu negocio que ha ido evolucionado en los ultimos anos. De hecho, el ciclo medio de venta ha aumentado un 22% en los ultimos 5 anos debido a que existen mas personas involucradas en las decisiones de compra que estan mas informadas. Lo primero que necesitas hacer es conocer bien tu negocio, conocer tu sector industrial y tus clientes.
Estoy seguro que conoces muy bien tu nicho de mercado por dentro y por fuera, pero la verdad es que siempre hay cambios, actualizaciones e innovaciones.
El SEO (Search Engine Optimization) puede sonar complicado pero es muy simple si sabes exactamente en que puntos enfocarte. Incluye palabras clave en el contenido cada pagina de tu web, en elementos tales como: titulares y en el texto de la pagina.
Publicar el contenido correcto: Escribe contenido en torno a las preguntas , problemas y desafios que tus clientes potenciales quieren dar respuesta. Determinar el contenido correcto: El contenido premium es mucho mas profundo que un articulo del Blog.
Prueba diferentes tipos de contenido: Hay diferentes tipos de contenido de primera calidad, intenta tener varios tipos diferentes en funcion de lo que prefiera tu comprador, puede ver un video, un broadcats o un PDF. La incubacion tiene que ver con asegurar que tus posibles clientes reciben la informacion adecuada en el momento preciso y en el formato adecuado para educarles y prepararles para la compra. Espero que estos consejos te hayan dado una mejor comprension de como la integracion del Marketing Online en tu empresa puede ayudarte a hacer crecer tu negocio. Si deseas obtener mas informacion sobre como hacer crecer tu negocio a traves del Marketing Online te recomendamos el curso superior en Marketing Online & Ecomerce que ofrece la ENIC y la Camara de Comercio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, que tendra lugar el proximo mes de Mayo. One of the most common complaints people have when it comes to marketing their business online is lacking time to do it.
This is especially true for home business owners who are solopreneurs, working and operating at the comfort of their own home, all by themselves.
The problem is that everybody who goes into business is actually three-people-in-one: The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Technician. Everything is trying to get our attention as though it is the most urgent thing you must do right now. Just before you start doing it, tens of other things pop up, distracting your focus to them.
Each of the personality above has different set of activities that need to be done to be successful in the business. Ideally you should spend the whole waking moments do revenue-generating activities, but this is not possible because administrative tasks are also important although they are not generating any income for your business. Those that fall into this category include consulting with clients, developing new products, services or programs, all marketing activities from planning, delivering a presentation, seeking strategic alliance partnership, writing articles for publications, and so on. Everything in this category is very important because it brings in the revenue, new source of income for your business.
Your goal should be to dedicate at least 60-80 percent of your working time for revenue-generating activities. This is when adopting an action management system is utmost important to keep tasks related to certain contexts and priorities in their places. Finding the proper balance in delivering consulting service, creating products and marketing your business is also important. For example, if you are to plan for a podcast but you are struggling with the whole concept about how it could be used for your business, you are not being efficient in using your time. The activities that are part of this category include mail and email, bookwork, paperwork, etc.

For example, do you get into the habit of subscribing to tons of email newsletter that are mostly promotion?
This could lead to different problems like hopping to the next shinier opportunity instead of pursuing what is available now.
Your goal should be to limit the time you spend on this type of tasks to no more than 20 percent.
The only way to allocate the right time is by knowing exactly which actions belong to which category. Again it is easy that at 10am when you should be researching for new product ideas, you are so overwhelmed with the data you check email numerous times, read newsletters, try out new version of software, etc. After identifying the activities in each category, you need a way to manage the actions and make sure they are get done.
If you are serious about growing your business — and also improving your life, it may be the greatest investment you can make this year.
In fact, it is designed to do so because what are left un-managed take the same amount of space in your mind.
Just so you know, GTD also includes a system to track delegated tasks, so even if you don’t do much of the things yourself, you can still use it to be come more organized. Launched late last year, The Big Know is providing expert-created courses about happiness, stress, diabetes and other topics for thousands of students at a time. Founded last year and based in Minneapolis, the company says about 40,000 people have signed up for courses since it launched in late October. Those courses are sponsored jointly by AARP and UnitedHealthcare, or just UnitedHealthcare. The project-based courses are designed for thousands of simultaneous students, and they include text, video, animation, quizzes and discussions in small forum groups moderated by paid assistants. Founder and CEO Don Smithmier told me that branded online courses are “a superior form of marketing” because of the high degree of user engagement and the associated glow that attaches to the sponsoring brand. He said The Big Know provides the instructional design and works with brands to do the research and produce the content. Smithmier said his company doesn’t yet have a written policy on the subject, but he pointed to the credibility of the subject matter experts in creating content that sticks to the subject.
But could a course sponsored by AARP about how to plan for retirement, for instance, pitch membership in seniors’ organizations that offer travel discounts, as AARP does? He said he “wouldn’t want anyone thinking we’re building up the sponsor,” but added that a future course about designing a bedroom could offer a lamp that is sold by the sponsor. Obviously still figuring out the right balance, Smithmier agreed with my suggestion that the content was somewhere between the church-and-state separation of sponsored TV programs, on the one hand, and content marketing on the other. The Series A round was led by LFE Capital and includes Steve Shank, founder of Capella Education Company.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
Tus clientes potenciales estan siendo sobre saturados de informacion debido al aumento de la disponibilidad de esta informacion en la web.
Por lo tanto, es parte de tu trabajo como propietario de un negocio, asegurarte que esta informacion este llegando a tus posibles clientes en el momento adecuado, en el formato adecuado y con las plataformas adecuadas.
Con el fin de obtener una mejor comprension de lo que esta pasando y si quieres mantenerte por delante de tu competencia, la investigacion profunda de tus nichos es una necesidad.
Ellos son los que estan en contacto directo con tus clientes potenciales, lo que significa que tienen una gran cantidad de informacion sobre lo que tus clientes quieren.

El SEO se compone de todos los factores dentro de una pagina web que influyen para el ranking en los motores de busqueda.
La publicacion de blog Post es la forma de atraer trafico organico a tu sitio web y es una tactica muy recomendable si quieres hacer crecer el trafico a tu sitio web. Esto ayudara a tus clientes potenciales a encontrar informacion valiosa y ha dar a conocer tu marca.
Si externalizas la escritura del blog entonces puedes publicar varias veces a la semana, si en cambio tienes una persona en tu empresa responsable de los blogs, tal vez, solo puedas hacerlo una vez o dos veces.
El Blogging atrae a la gente a tu sitio web, pero el contenido premium se encarga de convertir a estas personas en clientes potenciales para tu equipo de ventas.
Algunos tipos de contenido pemium son: libros electronicos, seminarios web , documentos tecnicos , slidedecks , herramientas , estadisticas del sector, casos de estudio, evaluaciones, demostraciones, etc. El objetivo es preparar a los posibles clientes para que el trabajo de los vendedores de tu empresa sea mucho mas sencillo.
La optimizacion SEO atraera el tipo correcto de visitantes a tu web, que luego deben convertirse en posibles clientes y ser incubados con el contenido adecuado de primera calidad para prepararlos para la compra. But if you really can’t find time to do marketing, chances are there is something wrong with how you allocate time for different activities in your business. And the problem is compounded by the fact that while each of these personalities wants to be a boss, none of them wants to have a boss. The result is you get nothing done but you shuffle from one task to another so fast it seems like you are too busy.
In this article we are not going into these exact personalities, but more on the activities. Unfortunately, sometimes the tasks that make up a project is so overwhelming you seek to find other more low level things that make you feel you are productive but in fact they are not really that critical nor urgent. Once you are ready to dig them out to do them one at the time, you know where to look at instead of trying to remember it, causing unnecessary stress. If you dedicate the majority of your time to consult, you are not getting your message out there.
If you could save half of the time tinkering with different marketing technologies, it may have saved you $2K per month if you learn how to do it right in just a fraction of time. Previously, The Big Know had been backed by digital innovation firm GoKart Labs, from which it spun off.
Previously, he covered this space as a Senior Writer for VentureBeat, and he has written about these and other tech subjects for such publications as CMSWire and NewsFactor.
El SEO sirve para optimizar tu web con el fin de conseguir que tus posibles clientes te encuentren para las palabras clave que estos normalmente utilizan al buscar en google una solucion a sus problemas y necesidades. De esta forma aseguras que el equipo de ventas no pierda el tiempo en oportunidades esteriles y solo trabaje con los posibles clientes que han avanzado en el programa de incubacion y estan listos para comprar.
Or it may be that you should now consider delegating some of the loads by hiring or outsourcing. Smithmier is also the CEO and co-founder of GoKart Labs and had been a vice president at Capella.

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