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Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Advertising Agencies in OregonComprehensive list of direct, brand, media and internet (website, search & email) advertising companies in Oregon. The traditional ad agencies are going to lose because creating great, engaging content is emerging as the key skill in marketing. This is great news for the news business, which badly needs new revenue sources to replace dwindling traditional ad dollars.
Dinosaurs were replaced by mammals (including, ultimately, you and me) because we were better able to adapt to radically changed conditions after a huge meteor’s impact with Earth.
I’ve been preaching for several years that publishers are wasting precious time and displaying vast ignorance of digital with all this nonsense. Publishers, whether in print or online, desperately need to reinvent how they generate ad revenue in a digital media world where the audience is screening out traditional ad messages, publishing their own opinions through social media and, generally, taking charge of their media instead of passively consuming what the media companies offer. Now at last some large, traditional publishers are slowly and painfully beginning to do just that. This transformation promises a path to resurgent profits for publishers (as well as for broadcasters).
Meredith, the midwestern magazine and TV empire in Des Moines, has been leading this slow-motion revolution very quietly. By way of full disclosure, I began my current career in the 1970s as a newspaper and magazine journalist, primarily for the late Knight Newspapers. So I have been blessed with a ringside seat that affords me a clear view of the media melee. With the guidance of a respected agency veteran like Riches, Meredith used its cash to buy up specialist marketing agencies, form them into an integrated marketing group and use the group to sell marketing and advertising services to Meredith’s advertisers. Exactly five years later, Petersen was lured to Hearst Magazines to head a brand-new line of business called Hearst Marketing Services.
Using that cash, publishers are encroaching on what had been the ad companies’ exclusive territory.
Following suit in June 2010, Hearst started down the same road by buying its first digital marketing company, search specialist iCrossing.
Meredith’s shopping spree has put its integrated marketing division on the map in short order.
The good news for ad agencies is that Meredith still hasn’t really integrated its marketing and magazine divisions. The very bad news for ad agencies, however, is that publishers are a few hundred years ahead of ad agencies in knowing how to attract and manage the talent needed to tell meaningful, interesting stories. This set of editorial skills is more and more in demand for major advertisers who, increasingly, understand they can only reach people by creating and publishing content, mostly online, that the audience finds valuable, seeks out and shares with friends and strangers. This means, he went on, marketers will need to put out original content that “consumers genuinely want to engage with and pass along to others.
Where all this is pointing is that one day in the not-too-distant future, publishers will disband their traditional ad sales departments and hand the job of generating revenue from advertisers to their shiny new marketing services operations. It heartens me that you have, correctly, in my opinion, framed this prediction within the larger story of technological and economic change.
The fact is, the historical relationship between publishers and agencies evolved under conditions of scarcity: the means of distribution were limited to a few. Ultimately, storytelling is the ingredient that drives great marketing, and it’ll be interesting to see how publishers and agencies evolve. Wonderfully written article [which is to be expected from a professional storyteller, right?
I agree, if the content is such that it is the information one is looking for, before making a purchase and brings them to the company that is most like how their decision is going to be made. Rich portfolio, good prices, hosting, important refferences, order on-line!, advertising, internet, outdoor, media, publishing, TV, commercials, promotion, romania, romanian, Bucharest, poster, promovare, reclama, campanii media, campanie, companie, company, network, franchising, communication, banner, baner, banere, piata, market research, marketing, professional, romanian advertising company, studii de fezabilitate, promovare, investitie, investment, marketing campaigns, marketing campaign, international advertising, eastern europe advertising company, indoor, trade publications, advertising rates, ce ofera gama completa a serviciilor profesionale de reclama si marketing pentru companiile romanesti si straine ce doresc sa atinga pozitia de leader pe piata romaneasca. There are many different advertising agencies in China and I would like to introduce a few award winning companies. We provide our customers a complete-service digital and offset printing center and an industry-leading design department to handle every kind of promotional requirement, whether business or individual. With many years of knowledge designing best quality professional graphics and advertising material, we're the one source for all your firm's design and advertising requirements. Maybe you've got a tiny business website right now that is not producing the visitors, leads and sales that you'd like.
Delivering excellence in design and efficiency in production, our low-overhead business model passes significant savings on to your bottom line without sacrificing the expertise or face-to-face relationship of high-rise advertising agencies.
Our communication systems convey messages visually and emotionallythey make clients connect and interact, thus creating the responses needed for business success.
We work in all mediums - TV, radio, print, outdoor, sponsorships and all types of digital and emerging media - helping create targeted campaigns that aid raise your ROI.

Whether you need 10,000 giveaways for an important trade show or a few special items for your finest customers or employees, we can assist. As your partner, we take attention of everything for you and pride ourselves on delivering the highest service and results available. Ignite Web Marketing Services partners with customers to increase visibility in these areas, drive targeted site traffic, and encourage conversions, lead generation and sales. Our goal is to enlighten your marketing and communications decisions by delivering clear, measurable and reliable research and counsel at a competitive cost. The extinction-level event for traditional ad agencies is the ad world’s rapid uptake of the idea that original content is the new path to engaging consumers.
They will not be completed without a struggle, especially since ad agencies still perform the role of creating and buying (or not buying) most ad space in magazines and newspapers. Their print ad revenue peaked in 2000; combined print and online ad revenue peaked in 2005.
The quaint 17th-century idea of selling white space to advertisers, whether on a sheet of paper or a screen, just isn’t working anymore.
As I have not so gently counseled, they are turning themselves into marketing and advertising agencies in order to survive. It also poses a new threat to the publishers’ former allies, the traditional ad agencies.
Since 2007, Meredith has been buying up marketing services agencies, mostly digital, and integrating them into its magazine operations. Both of these relatively young web publishers see the delivery of content marketing services as their primary way of producing revenue from advertisers. At the Sacramento Press, Ilfeld quickly discovered that what his people are extremely good at is using low-cost social media to attract and unite an audience. As a technology journalist, Seper knows how to create and publish engaging, accurate stories about medicine. And from this seat, it’s been easy to see that almost all the traditional players in the media remain transfixed by precisely the wrong set of problems in their struggle to find financial stability amid the internet-driven chaos that has overtaken their industry.
Riches knows, being the woman who arguably started big publishing down the long, slow road to inevitable change.
On the same March day that he hired Riches, Griffin also elevated a Meredith veteran, Matthew Petersen, to be her partner in integrated marketing. This is exactly the way the big advertising holding companies were built—one agency acquisition at a time. All three publishers have the deep-pocketed access to cash that only major, publicly traded companies can manage these days, since the ability to borrow money for acquisitions remains pretty much a thing of the past. While downplaying the coming competition between publishing and advertising, Riches is ready to underscore the publishers’ advantages. This is a set of skills that ad agencies, trapped inside their own traditional silos, do not possess. On that day, their internal, content-focused ad agencies will be completely integrated with their publishing operations. Besides helping marketers side-step banner blindness (and ad backlash in general), it also shows that there is still an interest in long-form content when done well.
Traditional agencies are doubly challenged vis a vis their new competitive partners, smart publishers: Publishers have built in content distribution skills and own the outlets (magazines, sites, streams, and apps).
The 1st meeting is to maximize our opportunity to learn about your firm, your audience, and your target market. When people see it, do the look genuinely impressed, or do they seem confused and bewildered? Design Cafe is a Portland, Oregon-based firm that supplies graphic services to organizations and businesses both nationally and locally. Great design that assists your visitors find the information they need about your tiny business. If we do not have exactly what you want, we will work with you to find just the best solution. It's about listening to you and producing on-target solutions to your marketing challenges. Haugen Advertising & Graphics, located in Eugene Oregon, was established to supply personalized, quality service to a broad array of clients. We work with everyone from international corporations to local business and public entities. The traditional agencies may yet save themselves, especially since the publishing world has delayed taking action for so long. I have ranted about the stupidity of media barons and preached about the new rules of advertising. The inevitable clash between publishers and agencies, by the way, is a topic that both sides fervently avoid because the publishers still depend on the agencies to place advertising in their publications.

Now, two former Meredith executives, both instrumental in pioneering the new integration of advertising services and publishing, have jumped to Hearst and Time, where presumably they are spreading the Meredith gospel (which they helped invent) of publishers as agencies. They know how to write for social media, they know how to frame stories to get attention and they know how to use the various platforms and channels.
For the first few years of the current century, I built and ran a branded content group for McCann Worldgroup, then the world’s largest ad agency.
A former senior executive at Ogilvy & Mather and other top ad agencies, Riches was hired by Meredith in March 2005 to fill the newly created job of executive vice president for Meredith Integrated Marketing. When you also consider how Meredith is leveraging its 85-million-name subscriber database as a marketing tool for its clients, the publisher becomes a very tough competitor for any major marketing agency. And on that day, traditional ad agencies, if they haven’t transformed themselves into brand publishers, will be in serious, serious jeopardy. When agencies spun out their media planning and buying arms, they made their strategic bet on the creative. A content management system that saves you money and time by being easy to use for making your own website updates. Go to the Vehicle Advertising area and check out all makes and models we list and fill in the necessary information. We supply high traffic display locations throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, and Wyoming. This has negatively impacted our society in many ways, including massive unemployment in journalism, fewer newspapers and, most disturbing, less original reporting.
In the world you’re outlining, being good at distribution will be as important as being good at the new creative and content production.
Working will Grey Group will provide you with quality professional work but also a hefty price tag. PIB claimed that ad dollars rose in 2010 despite the continued fall in pages sold, but its revenue numbers ignore the industry’s heavy discounting and are viewed as unreliable.
So Ilfeld began selling social media consulting—something only agencies used to do—to his advertisers.
Smart agencies (like Story) will be able to rapidly build a great distribution offering faster than the traditional agencies.
As a pioneer in creating and deploying brand stories, we’ve built a nice business on three continents.
I can see the website is trying to be different and unique but I found it annoying and hard to navigate. Walter Thompson is also one of the best known advertising agencies in the world and also part of the WPP group. It’s no surprise that I have listed three companies owned by WPP, since WPP is the largest advertising company in the world. JWT’s offices in Shanghai staffs over 600 employees and in 2011, CampaignAsia awarded them the “Agency of the Year” in Greater China.Lowe ChinaLowe operates out of Shanghai and they are owned by Interpublic Group.
They have won multiple awards and continue to produce great advertising.DDB China GroupDDB is a leading advertising agency in China.
1 Most Effective Agency Office in Greater China.” Their main goal is to provide a new and unique approach to each company they work with, they believe that no two companies are the same and therefore should not be treated the same. They believe in customized marketing and tailoring each plan to work best for their client’s needs. Leo Burnett is owned by the French group and like the other major players on this list they can provide a complete marketing strategy for entering the Chinese market. They have won many awards and they have handled some of the best known brands including Nintendo, Samsung and United Technologies. If we take a look at Interone’s website we can clearly see that they know what they are doing and they are working with some respectable clients. Their main client at the moment appears to be BMW, but they are also working with Bosch, Hilton, and Canon.
You can rest easy knowing you are working with professionals if you choose to enter China with this company.BBHBartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) is a London based advertising agency but they are a global company with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. BBH is an award winning company and they have been Agency of the Year twice at Cannes, and have won 32 IPA Effectiveness Awards since 1988. Check out their website to see their clients.PHDPHD is also a UK based advertising agency with offices in Shanghai.
I would love to hear about any advertising agencies in China that you have worked with and what experiences you had working with them. Please leave a comment and let me know.If this list was not what you were looking for than maybe you should check out a List of Social Media Marketing Companies in China, Top 13 Advertising Agencies in Shanghai, or Top 10 list of Advertising Agencies in Beijing.

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