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With the creation of new opportunities in business’ reaching out to customers where they are and at the right moment, the industry of mobile is expanding around the world. Mobile advertising has a huge potential because the fact that internet has reached mobile phones has turned them into one of the best ways to show or foment a product, service or brand. If you are planning to launch an advertising campaign for mobile devices you should bear in mind a couple of things. You should also use lots of options, so when you start with an advertising strategy it’s advisable to test each model so that you know which one works better with a service, brand or product. As mobiles have become an integral part of our lives, their usage has increased to something more than just phone calls and text messages. Now, with the aim of exploring and enhancing mobiles’ powers further, advertisers have used mobiles to advertsie, promote and service end-users better. Well, they allow advertisers an instant feedback from their customers, they’re always on, allow for high reach, are very personal and offer an on going relation. The power of targeting is also something to take into account because mobile advertising is said to be the only medium where the target is 100% reachable. Obviously downloads are a key metric for any app provider, but the number means nothing without context.
Apps present a unique opportunity for brands, and they should not be treated as an app version of the website. When you start thinking about "stickiness," you realize how much app usage trumps app downloads, as usage suggests enjoyment, utility and value. In addition to specific goals, you should have a flow in mind that you hope users will complete — register, refer friends, share content, purchase an item, link to social networks, et cetera. Now, without further ado, here are some of the most important KPIs to pay attention to when assessing the success of your mobile app.
If people are using the app, they are getting value of it, whether it's helping them order food, kill time or find a more efficient route to work. Getting a sense of these engagement metrics will provide insights into how the app is used, letting you know where you should double-down and where you have weaknesses. How you quantify "value" depends on your vertical — a news app may value ad impressions, a music app may value time spent listening to content, a retail app would value purchases, a game may track in-game currency. It's great if your app is the hottest thing of the moment, but you won't be satisfied when the fleeting obsession ends. Plus, app store rankings are becoming more sophisticated and focusing more on retention and engagement, so we'll start seeing fewer flash-in-the-pan apps on the charts.
Anyone can download an app, but it takes a special kind of app to compel people to use it with regularity.
There's a difference between opening an app when you're in line at a store and spending an hour using the app on your commute home.
It's great to have an engaged user base, but you probably created an app to drive revenue in some way. One way to acquire new users is to study how existing users found your app, whether through organic search, paid advertisements, in-app referrals or word of mouth. Are people spending five minutes actually extracting value from your app, or are they trying to find the page they're looking for, tapping through pages in a frustrated state?
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In the last two years, Facebook and Google have gone from a position of merely being two big, fast-growing players in mobile advertising to dominating it completely. In 2014, Google alone is expected to be roughly as big as all other companies combined, as this chart of mobile ad revenues from Statista shows. Our much anticipated mobile benchmark report is here, packed full of data and graphs that illuminate the mobile search landscape. The report show that as consumer adoption of mobile devices has been increasing at a blistering speed, digital advertisers have matched the momentum, moving ad spend onto mobile devices to take advantage of this new channel. In 2013, we saw US mobile click share break the one third mark with spend share close behind.
Our data shows similar trends across the world, with mobile click and spend share growing at a remarkable pace. The pace of worldwide mobile adoption has changed the digital marketing paradigm on a global scale. We can now send an advertising message to practically the whole of the world’s population without even knowing where they are. Also, we must bear in mind that as it’s a personal medium it allows for the segmentation for the creation of advertising campaigns which have been specifically designed for the target they are directed to. If we offer content that gives the campaign added value, we can produce a positive feedback from users. Advertising messages should be short, direct and easy to understand, and if they have images or videos… the message will work on its own accord. It also accounts for in-depth reporting and accountability so a precise targeting is very important. There isn't a one-size-fits-all set of key performance indicators (KPIs), but what follows is a primer that will provide a few things to think about. Each business should have specific goals for its app, and then base success on the metrics that are most relevant to those goals, says Ashley Twist, mobile innovation strategist at Engauge. This information can help you allocate resources for strengthening the app to drive greater engagement and, thereafter, revenue. The point is that knowing the value of various consumers means you can compare users and identify key segments of successful users as well as cohorts that need improvement, says Cipolla.
Strive for longevity, and pay attention to the app's retention rate, specifically the one-, seven- and 30-day retention rates. Just like pageviews versus time spent on the web, session length on an app can help mobile strategists "quantify the depth of a person's relationship with an app," says Pietrzak. You might eke $100 out of your top 100 users for a cool $10,000, but if you have a user base of 15,000 people, that's not a very impressive sum.
As Internet wisdom tells us, "Ain't nobody got time for that." Time is of the essence, and it's your responsibility to make your app loading experience as efficient and frictionless as possible, says Peter Galvin, SVP of marketing at SOASTA. People are drawn to different kinds of apps for different reasons, and it's useful to know the best way to reach your target audience. Before you dive into the analytics of your mobile app, be sure to determine the few KPIs that are most important to your business, and focus on those.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Combined, they have cornered 75.2% of the entire mobile market in 2013, according to new data by eMarketer.

Make sure to download your full copy of Mobile Search Advertising Across the Globe: 2014 Annual Report.
With mobile devices already accounting for over one third of all paid-search clicks, it’s clear why everyone has their eye on smartphone and tablet advertising. Smartphones make up the majority of the mobile clicks and spend, emphasizing the widespread adoption of smartphones and increased ad integration within these devices. With smartphones and desktops adding another layer of complexity on top of the conventional desktop model, advertisers have more opportunity to reach their audience than ever before. As there are different mobiles with different characteristics if we want our contents to be compatible with all of the mobile models we have to create landing pages for each one of them.
For example we can send discount bonuses, promotions with discounts, interesting user information, videos, etc, to increase the ratio of users attracted to the campaign.
For example, H&R Block's key metric is how many users schedule an appointment, but an ecommerce app is more interested in conversions, average purchase size and the point at which people abandon their shopping cart. They like your app, they use it a lot, and they may even rely on it to get them through the day. You have to look at the whole picture, and the average revenue per user (ARPU) indicates the value of an individual to your app business. She says her experience working with brands like The North Face and bebe show that app users spend 15% more online and 25% more overall on an annual basis.
Users should be able to launch the app, load new pages and make purchases seamlessly without thinking, What's taking so long? Guy Rosen, CEO of Onavo Insights, cites how aggressive paid advertising has helped Candy Crush convert more than 20% of U.S. Of course, you can scope out reviews and ratings on app stores, but you can also use tools like Helpshift and in-app messaging to get feedback about crashes, bugs and UI using that feedback to enhance the user experience. Smart allocation of ad spend on mobile will help advertisers stay ahead of the competition, as the landscape morphs into a more interconnected, mobile consumer-base. Across Europe, mobile device adoption has led spend share to nearly double in the last year, and click-through rates have shot above that of desktops. To learn about the opportunity to expand into new markets, or simply to benchmark your own campaigns, make sure to download the full report here.
Your app should bring something fresh and exciting to the table, enhancing the customer experience and boosting loyalty and brand affinity. You need to learn everything about this cohort and how they're using your app so you can create a more engaging app and convert more users into active users. This is a strong indicator of the emerging value mobile devices hold for performance advertisers.
For example, MLS worked with Double Encore to develop an app, which could have been a channel through which to check scores and watch games. Instead, the app was built to be a soccer fan's ultimate companion, immersing the fan in soccer culture and offering information and an experience that the website didn't offer.

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