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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. But of all the apps available, which are the best for the marketer, and particularly the digital marketer?A  Ia€™ve put together a list of the apps I find most useful, both to keep up-to-date personally, but also to manage company social network activity.
Founded back in 2008, Hootsuite is a popular social media dashboard that enables you to post, monitor and measure your social media sites.
Recently rated one of the top CRM platforms on G2 Crowd, Nimble was created to help professionals build better online relationships amid all the multi-channel noise that can deafen consumers.A  Nimble allows users to track and engage relationships by unifying contact information, social media profiles of important connections and online conversations in one location, simplifying digital communication. Feedly offers a variety of helpful features, including a a€?Populara€™ section at the top of each feed to ensure that certain content isna€™t overlooked as well as a Custom Sharing preference which allows pro members to send articles straight to their chosen clipper. Blogger, one of the original blogging tools, but less in vogue todayA A makes blogging on the go simple.
LinkedIn is an effective platform for maintaining professional relationships and posting content, such as recent blog posts, that draws attention towards your business or service. Mashable delivers the latest news on technology, apps, mobile information, social networking and general internet-related news.A  Multiple tabs allow you to see a complete breakdown of channels that you can search by category, tag or by author.
Mashable is a must-have for those who want in on the industry news before it breaks, to stay ahead of developments and never be left in the dark. With this free app, videos are optimised for viewing on your iPhone or iPad and are categorised to make searching for your next inspirational presentation that much easier.A  As an added feature you have the option to share your favourite talks with friends. DropBox allows you to store, sync and share folders online on a straightforward interface.A  Use the DropBox app to store photos, videos and documents and access them anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. You have the option to share DropBox files with colleagues and other contacts, allowing file sharing for remote marketing teams. DropBox and Google Drive are available to download from both Google Play and Apple App Store. Evernote is a digital notebook with a difference.A  Not only can you instantly capture notes, they immediately sync with all of your devices making sure no matter which one you pick up youa€™re immediately accessing the latest version.
Earlier this year Google launched the official Google Analytics app, allowing you to access all web and app data on the move. This list of apps is not conclusive and we would love to hear which apps you find useful when it comes to running your day-to-day digital life.A  Please post any apps or links below and make sure to take part in our poll!
People looking for faster transferring of heavy files without any internet connection or data network could use Mesh It Up app. Tweetdeck is a great app for managing multiple Twitter accounts, reading your tweets, sending new tweets and keeping an eye on your direct messages. Due to the increase in smartphone marketshare, mobile app development has become a huge business. Many business owners fail to realize the amount of time and the amount of resources that are required to successfully develop and build an application.
By asking yourself all of these questions, you should be able to begin a development process that is on the path to success. POF is a great platform to meet people near your to meet up with or to just have a fun online flirt. The categories are very clearly divided, so you can choose what you’re interested in immediately. Author: Jennifer WongJennifer Wong leads the marketing team at HasOffers, the leader in attribution analytics. Hootsuite gives you instant and convenient access to all of your social media channels as well as providing analytics to help you best increase your following and traffic.

A Update your blog from your smartphone or tablet, upload and edit posts as well as manage user comments on the move.A  Uploading photos from your device is easy and location services allow geo tags to share your location. Use Evernote to write notes, capture photos and documents and share notes and notebooks across a variety of devices.A  A very useful tool for keeping your To Do list close to hand and for sharing notes with your team without having to repeatedly save and share updated versions. The user swipes into the chat window of the intended recipient, types a dollar sign to go into Snapcash, then enters the amount and hits the green button to pay.
As you mentioned above, I particularly like using the Buffer app, I find it is very useful for managing our Twitter account in terms of timing tweets to go out at certain times, for example over the weekends etc. Becoming apart of an existing application can be a lot easier than building one out yourself. Without knowing the answers to some of these key questions, you will likely become lost during the development phase.
While you can use the online dating app completely free, you can also decide to get an upgraded membership which will give you access to more enhanced features. I really thankful to this blog, as it helps me to know about various new things on mobile apps marketing. It’s great for developers who want to monetize mobile apps, and want more precision when targetting. We have recently launched a new mobile app, so we are aware that they need to be simple and easy to use, as well as useful for their purpose. Before you begin the development process of your application, you are going to need to ask yourself a couple of questions in order to be sure that you create the best app possible. The creator of the application can do the legwork for your business and you will still benefit from the rise of the mobile app phenomenon. If there is no reason, you are going to need to be sure that you make one before development begins. We believe that better attribution technology in the hands of online and mobile marketers creates higher performing advertising relationships that ultimately generate the best value for advertisers.
Below we will discuss the key questions that you should ask yourself before developing your next app. You cannot know which features are going to be valuable for your business if you do not know what you are getting out of it. Should you go for HTML5 so that you can appease both without developing two different apps? In order to stand out in the marketplace today, it is essential to have a key feature or to be able to solve a user problem. Don’t start your mobile app development without having clear and concise answers to the questions above.
If you are a business owner, is the goal of your app to get more people into your business? When you build an application only for one ecosystem, you will end up losing out on a ton of marketshare. Be sure that you give the user as many reasons as possible to download your application or else it risks not being successful. So if you’re tired of being lonely, or just looking to have a little fun, go ahead and try POF! By answering these questions and by implementing mobile app analytics, you should have a better idea on what features you could implement into your application.
What happened?Creating a mobile app takes a lot of resources, but that’s only half of the work.
Here are five key tactics you should have in your marketing plan to have a successful mobile app launch.1.

A landing page for your app on your corporate website (SEO)Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) best practices also apply to mobile apps.
That page will be the foundation of future cross-promotion with your other marketing campaigns and linking opportunities, external and internal. For example, somewhere in the app description you should provide a link to your desktop website. The website should also link back to the destination of the mobile app in the app store(s). Linking between the app store and the website boosts the app’s SEO value and also confirms that the app is authentic, not an imposter.In addition to cross-linking with the app store, you should also focus on optimizing the web page that the app lives on. The app itself won’t get crawled by search engines to determine what the app does, or who the app is for. Instead, the search engine will look at the content on the page that the app lives on to determine the relevancy. Follow traditional SEO tactics – use metadata attributes, focus and align your keyword strategy, write rich content, etc. Optimize for discovery in the app stores (ASO)In addition to optimizing the page that your app lives on for your corporate website, you also want to optimize the page that your app lives on in the app stores (also referred to App Store Optimization). The descriptive content submitted with the app is vital to the app’s success in the app store when submitting in app to app stores.
Just as Google and major search engines frown on keyword stuffing on websites, stuffing the keyword field with unrelated keywords can get an app rejected from app stores. As with traditional SEO for websites, the description for the app should be written for the target audience and be optimized with relevant keywords.3. Internationalize and localizeAlthough the United States app store market is the largest revenue opportunity, users from other countries can benefit from an app that supports their native language and country.
To validate the importance of internationalization and localization, Apple sent an email to its developers with the sole purpose of reminding them of the benefits of localization apps to provide a more pleasant user experience and reach more users. Apple offers clear steps to help app developers internationalize and localize apps to capture the opportunity of more revenue, by attending to the native user experience of other countries worldwide.However, when investing resources in localizing your app, be sure to know your target audience. It would be a waste of resources to localize (and maintain the app) for every country and language. You have to consider the incremental downloads and revenue you can gain from internationalization and localization strategies.4. Social promotion & reviewsEncouraging users to review your app is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that will boost your inbound traffic and app install.
It is important to proactively gather reviews of your app because they are a strong social first impression, showing up right after the title of an app listing. AdvertisingAllocating budget for an advertising campaign for the launch of your mobile app can boost your initial installs and increase your organic lift for your app.
Here are the top mediums for advertising your mobile app:Mobile Web Ads – As you might guess, advertising your mobile app on mobile web browsers is one of the best ways to get people to instantly download your app. Facebook launched Mobile App Install Ads as a way for marketers to specifically advertise apps, and Twitter is experimenting with adding ‘click to download’ right in the Tweet card to make the user acquisition experience as seamless as possible.If you’re seeing a high churn rate of people downloading your app and then quickly uninstalling it, you should analyse your marketing efforts to find out where you can drive higher quality users. Find out which marketing activities are driving a lot of traffic but not a lot of installs. Furthermore, identify which channels drive the highest valued users by also tracking in-app activities.

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