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Also available as an Amazon app, a Samsung app, a Baidu app, a 360 app, a Huawei app, a Wandoujia, a Xiaomi app, a QQ app, a Lenovo app, or as an APK file.
In addition to our Tablet Textbook app, OpenLanguage also offers a number of free apps to help your studies.
This test is only designed to help students determine which level of courses they should study. A free full-featured app to learn how to read and write the two Japanese writing systems - Hiragana and Katakana.
This 'Decks' app is designed to help students of Japanese quickly and effectively acquire new vocabulary. This 'Decks' app is designed to help students of Spanish quickly and effectively acquire new vocabulary.
But reports today suggest that Apple’s era of application dominance may soon be over.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Google and Android are ready to pull ahead of Apple. Hobbies: Arts, Photography, Writing, Design and full-time father to a beautiful little girl.
Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame. AppleMagazine™ is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple™ Inc. Mobile Money can also be accessed from the SIM Menu or SIM Tool Kit (STK) which is presently provided only on the Etisalat network.
The 6-digit activation code is automatically populated in the One Time Password (OTP) field. To enjoy more services you can upgrade from the GTBank Mobile Money (lite) to either Plus or Max.
Mobile Money Plus (The Semi-banked): This service allows you carry out a maximum single transaction of N10,000 and a daily limit of N100,000. Answer: Mobile Money is a convenient, fast, secure, and affordable way of transferring money to friends and family using a mobile phone. Answer: As long as it is a mobile phone that has either SMS or GPRS services, your phone will support GTBank MobileMoney.
Answer: You require a 12-digit code which you would have generated from your Mobile Money menu on your phone, the amount you wish to withdraw, your phone number and your Mobile Wallet PIN.
Last week the California Attorney General’s Office announced an agreement with app store operators (Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Research in Motion ) to enforce compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act.
As discussed in my previous post, creating a mobile privacy is not difficult and TRUSTe provides a simple way to create a mobile formatted privacy policy that is easy for consumers to read and understand.
If an app does not collect personal information it does not need to have a privacy policy to comply with this law. Once a privacy policy has been created for an app, developers can go the extra mile and certify compliance with their stated privacy practices with TRUSTe. Of course, without discovery, developers have a difficult time getting download numbers, which means a difficult time generating revenue, whether from in-app advertising or the pay per download model. There are various companies trying to address this issue, companies like Appboy, Appsfire, Chomp, and more. Originally Bump was used to transfer contacts, but it has since evolved to enable data transfer including photos, music, and more. In terms of the actual technology behind this new feature, Apple does not have a native API for scanning your iPhone’s apps, so Bump bypassed that restriction by scanning the apps that you recently ran on your device (Appsfire founder Ouriel Ohayon pointed out to me that Appsfire scans your apps as well and also enables you to share them over the air).

As young Kenyans have rushed to become motorbike taxi drivers, the death toll from traffic accidents has risen. Mobile phones, often cited as a major cause of road traffic accidents, are being used to try to stem Kenya’s rising death toll from motorbike accidents. The country already has one of the highest rates of road deaths, and traffic accidents are the third leading cause of premature death globally, after malaria and HIV-Aids. In recent years, motorcycle use in Kenya has grown exponentially since the government abolished import tax on motorbikes. The move by the government to make motorbikes a more affordable mode of transport was designed to encourage their use on rural roads that are ill-suited to cars and buses, improving access to remote areas and reducing heavy congestion in urban centres. But rising road deaths have been an unforeseen consequence of this strategy, says Pamela Muthuuri from El-Friezo, adding that the government omitted to include public safety campaigns or messages about helmet use and safe driving. She hopes the mobile phone app, along with other elements of the campaign, will help to bridge the gap.
Crucially, the app includes first aid exercises that are designed to supplement a training programme run in conjunction with the Kenyan Red Cross, which will initially train 500 motorcyclists to provide emergency response first aid to accident victims.
The project will be launched this month in two cities in the Rift valley, working with 500 motorbike taxi drivers in each city.
Features interact hiragana and katakana charts with both male and female pronunciation recordings to help make sure you're speaking correctly.
In addition to the core flashcards, a 'Translate' feature will take spoken English then translate what is said into Japanese, which then can be added to the flashcards as well.
In addition to the core flashcards, a 'Translate' feature will take spoken English then translate what is said into Spanish, which then can be added to the flashcards as well. Google is now announcing that it is quickly closing the gap on its rival, posting that there is a staggering 675,000 games and mobile applications currently available in the Android Marketplace.
In fact, there are a lot more statistics here that point to Apple still being way ahead of its marketplace rival.
If that’s the case, then Google stands to make up some serious ground on its competition. Ivan's been an avid Apple user and consumer since 2008, with a major in Marketing and extensive experience in strategic management and consulting for tech companies. Logging on to Mobile Banking grants access to all the accounts for which an individual is profiled with GTBank such as savings, current and domiciliary accounts while on Mobile Money one gains access to their Mobile wallet by logging on with a phone number. Additional information is required for this variant; therefore, linking a GTBank current account will suffice.
Non-phone users can also use the service to receive money transferred from registered GTBank MobileMoney customers.
However, if you have a GTBank account it can be linked to your Mobile Wallet to make your account-wallet transfers seamless. We have designed GTBank Mobile Money to work across all mobile phone handsets, from the most basic to the most advanced. Memorize your Mobile Wallet PIN and do not write it down or place the PIN in and around your phone. Displaying privacy policies up front will allow consumers to make informed decisions on the apps they purchase.   It removes the element of Russian Roulette when purchasing an app without first knowing the data privacy practices associated with that app.
However, TRUSTe recommends that, even if no personal information is being collected, the app should still have a privacy policy. Doing so will allow them to take advantage of displaying the TRUSTe Certified Privacy seal along with their privacy policy in their app store listing to differentiate their apps from competing apps in the marketplace. We have all heard the numbers, 300k iOS apps, 200k Android apps, plus BlackBerry, Symbian, and all other platforms bring the total number of mobile applications to the millions.

I already wrote a few quick tips for developers, but a new solution was just introduced, which provides a very unique angle on the issue of app discovery.
Each one brings its own angle, but today, Bump, which is in my opinion, one of the most futuristic mobile apps out there, is jumping into the discovery ring. I have over 200 apps on my phone, but the ones I would be interested in sharing are obviously the ones I use most, so Bump’s solution actually makes a lot of sense. The app has been designed as a series of games and interactive tutorials teaching basic road safety as well as safer driving tips and first aid skills. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are more than 180,000 motorbikes on the country’s roads, with the numbers rising rapidly.
The project will also offer training manuals, generate data on traffic patterns and accidents, and hopes to launch the first aid programme and mobile phone app in driving schools across the country.
El-Friezo is partnering Kenyan AirTel, which will provide Android phones to participants to test the app. Also includes a tutorial on the writing system and how it is used, taking you through all the characters to help you progress to the point of full reading fluency. A spaced-repetition software (SRS) mode is available to help move target-language terms from your short to medium to long-term memory.
The statistic showed up on their website (the Nexus 4 page), under the heading Google Play, which explains how vibrant and growing the Android Market is lately. For one, Apple has over 250,000 applications that are designed specifically for the iPad, while Android doesn’t have near the same number designed especially for tablets. If your mobile phone supports Java, you can use GTBank Mobile Money through the GPRS service of your mobile service provider. Under the agreement, consumers will now be able to review an app’s privacy policy before they download it. Bump is a cross platform mobile app (iPhone and Android) that allows users to bump their mobile devices together in order to transfer data.
The newest update scans your iPhone apps and allows you to share your favorites with your friend by bumping the two phones together. Will it really help developers spread the word about their apps or is bumping  hands together at a conference something a little too strange to go mainstream?
Brought to you for free by OpenLanguage Japanese, the online and app-based Japanese language lesson resource. Apple is also approximately 10 billion downloads ahead of Google Play (according to the report), which is still a substantial lead. If you have reasons to believe your PIN has been compromised, you can change it from the Mobile Money menu.
As Jason Kincaid points out, the primary difference between this solution and the others is that this is more personal. Analysts also suggest that iOS applications monetize 40 to 50 percent better than Android applications. You are not sharing your apps with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends, but rather with an individual you are currently with, in person.
A survey that was taken awhile back shows that two-thirds of all Android users don’t pay for any of their apps. Of course the down side is that you are sharing it with one person and not many, which means less exposure, but this new feature enables good old fashioned word of mouth to take on a new form, actually sharing the app.

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