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Ever wondered how Android – a one stop operating environment – took over the mobile-phone arena? With app users becoming more demanding, the future is definitely challenging for mobile app developers. Application Development and its Significance Application development is a method in which specific software is developed to workout importance functionality in small devices like Smartphone.
The Market Sentiment for the Android Applications Android an unforgettable contribution by Google is the most preferred OS of all for Smartphone devices.
Open-source software like Linux and Android has become increasingly popular simply because they are free. Our Designers, Programmers and Game Developers are extraordinarily proficient with all parts of the advancement process.
Established in 2007, USA IT is a master Mobile and web application development organization headquartered in Alaska, U.s.
Propulse par le lancement de l’iPhone en 2007 puis de l’App Store quelques mois plus tard en 2008 pour telecharger et installer des applications sur tous les produits de la marque a la pomme, le succes commercial des applications mobiles est impressionnant puisque c’est un marche en forte croissance depuis 2008. D’un point de vue technique et ergonomique, les applications mobiles sont adaptees aux contraintes des terminaux, ce qui leur conferent un meilleur confort de navigation pour les utilisateurs. Ce sont des applications dont les versions sont proposees en telechargement gratuit mais qui, pour se financer, utilisent bien souvent la publicite au sein de l’application. Ce sont des applications pour lesquelles les mobinautes doivent verser de l’argent directement au depart pour l’acheter. Autant dire qu’une fois que les utilisateurs ont utilise l’application, il devient difficile de s’en passer et donc la pillule passe plus facilement. Selon des informations de l’ete 2013, le jeu disponible sur Facebook, sur smartphone et sur tablette, aurait attire plus de 45 millions d’adeptes a travers le monde et degagerait 470 000 euros par jour. Selon le cabinet d’etude Canalys, 13,4 milliards d’applications mobiles ont ete telechargees depuis les quatre principaux Appstores dans le monde au 1er trimestre 2013, un chiffre en croissance de +11 % par rapport a fin 2012. Le succes des applications mobiles temoigne d’une evolution notable dans les usages qu’ont les consommateurs avec leur telephone portable, mais aussi avec leur entourage (reseaux sociaux, partage d’informations, de bons plans, etc).
Les applications mobiles constituent un nouveau levier marketing pour les annonceurs dans le sens ou elles repondent aux nouvelles attentes des consommateurs en matiere d’experience avec leur smartphone en situation de mobilite. Non intrusive puisque c’est l’utilisateur qui decide de la telecharger et de l’utiliser comme bon lui semble.
Un outil relationnel puissant entre une marque et ses clients puisque le contact est direct et configurable par le client (notifications push).
Une porte d’entree pour la publicite puisque 88 % des mobinautes Francais y sont tres attentifs, selon l’etude 2013 de Google et Ipsos OTX Media CT. International Mobile Product Manager, diplome du Mastere Specialise Marketing Digital a Telecom Ecole de Management et intervenant Marketing Mobile & Innovation a l'Universite.
My Marketing Mobile decrypte les strategies et tendances du marketing mobile, du m-commerce et de la m-publicite au regard de statistiques, etudes et analyses en France et dans le monde. Dave Farley discusses using acceptance testing to work quickly and effectively, building functional coverage for complex enterprise-scale systems, and managing and maintaining those tests. Cornelia Davis talks to Rags Srinivas of InfoQ about the importance of Software Transformation and the importance of feedback, Continuous Integration and Delivery and how Culture and Technology play a role in the transformation process.
Sid Anand discusses how Agari is applying Big Data best practices to the problem of securing its customers from email-born threats. Here are a few approaches to keeping your users hooked, garner support and get the right buzz before and after your app is launched. That’s why the launch of a mobile app is one of the most important elements of mobile app development - apart from design and coding, of course!
Developing a great product isn’t the only path to make your mobile app the next Snapchat, and Apple knows that. Maintaining a healthy balance between the development process as well as the app marketing strategy is extremely important to ensure long term sustainability.
Before we move over to some vital tips on how to keep your mobile app popular post launch, let’s take a look at some pre-launch strategies.
Get interesting video clips and visuals which can connect and arouse the interest of the target audience. Social media integration and your landing page go hand in hand and it’s integral to your page. Let your potential app users know about your app as early as possible and they should be a part of your app development process right from the start. Twitter is an excellent way to reach out to the potential app users as it is filled with tech-savvy users who would be pro-active about your app idea. Your main focal point should be to educate and convince the reader what your app idea is all about, how it can solve a problem and how it’s going to stand out at the Google Play Store. Before you officially launch your app, it’s always a great idea to give your users a quick glimpse into what lies ahead.

How do you ensure that your app attains high ranking in the app market to be organically discovered? How do you know that your app is being downloaded specifically by your target group so as to ensure a good usage ratio? Numerous high-quality apps are being launched into app marketplaces on a daily basis and competition makes it a must for app developers or any leading mobile app development company to ensure that their app marketing strategy post-launch ensures maximum success within any of the App Stores. Read on to get an insight into some practical approaches to keeping users hooked onto your app way after the release also – this includes communicating with your app users, constant launches, first impressions and much more! According to a recent study by Google, the main reasons why users delete an app off their smartphone are due to lack of interest, change in usage habits or simply the app has no value or in other words – lack of usefulness.
According to various Android technical consultants, the best long-term strategy is to build a beta-testing community.
When you initially release your app, you should have a backlog of features you could have released along with the release, but you sensible didn’t.
Quick tip: Keep the mystery and introduce your users to different things in your app, in parts. Retaining your users and keeping your mobile app popular even post launch depends on how quick and responsive your app is. Reduce the heavy graphics, check with your mobile app developers and optimize the app code to get rid of any glitches or a lag. Don’t overload your app with too much of content within the launch process as this can immediately slow down the functioning of the app. In-app analytics are a great way to learn about your customers as they provide you an in-depth understanding of the way your users make choices and their browsing patterns too. This next tip might be impossible to implement for most mobile developers: Getting hold of famous personalities and celebrities as they provide you instant fame. These strategies mentioned above are all long-term approaches to gaining user retention, driving daily usage and getting users addicted to your app, but also remember – don’t deploy all of them at once! The success of your mobile application isn’t just based on number of downloads, active users and screen views.
Before you design your next app, do brush up on the iOS and Android Human Interface guidelines to enhance the usability and appeal of your apps. Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. Hello, I love these types of knowledgeable blogs because these blogs encourage me to do more and more better things.This is really an informative blog for all the beginners as well as app developers. We offer help and results regardless of where you are in your mobile development lifecycle. We set out on an adventure to tap the capability of mobile computing and smartphones and to turn into a master supplier of end-to-end results in versatile application development. Les applications mobiles natives permettent donc par nature et a condition d’etre bien realisees, de creer une experience immersive pour les consommateurs. En 2013, pres de 91 % des applications sont telechargees gratuitement sur les Appstores selon le cabinet d’etudes Gartner. Les freemium sont des applications telechargeables gratuitement et qui integrent des systemes d’achat « in-app » pour debloquer des fonctionnalites supplementaires dans l’application. Un montant colossal pour une application dont le business modele repose sur le free-to-play mais dont les revenus de King, la societe britanique a l’origine du jeu, sont constitues par des achats au sein de l’application pour que les joueurs puissent ameliorer leur score et acceder a des niveaux superieurs. Quels que soient les objectifs marketing, une application pensee pour les clients qui fournira une experience et repondra a un vrai besoin en matiere de service client, sera federatrice et generatrice de chiffre d’affaires. Les mobinautes constituent donc une audience captive des lors qu’ils lancent une application mobile.
En effet, les constructeurs de smartphones et de tablettes en font des arguments commerciaux pour promouvoir leurs produits en fonction des systemes d’exploitation et du nombre d’applications disponibles dans les Appstores. Les developpeurs d’applications mobiles quand a eux ne sont pas en reste, puisque Apple et Google reversent respectivement 70 % et 95 % des recettes d’une application mobile a son developpeur. J'ai fonde en 2013 pour le positionner comme un blog incontournable sur le sujet du mobile.
Just like you, there are numerous aspiring developers launching beautiful apps into app stores on a daily basis and without excellent marketing, it can be very easy for your iOS or Android app to sit unnoticed in a corner. Currently, there are more than 1 million apps in the Google Play Store calling out for attention in nearly every category. In case you do not want to invest in a user experience rich website, use services like LaunchRock – they offer a variety of options for customization and you can get the basic features listed above on your landing page.
Ensure all your tweets are focused on your users and the main problem your app idea is fixated on eliminating. However, there is a difference between a pre-launch press release and an official app launch press release. Contact bloggers and journalists who would write about things related to your app thus driving app engagements and mobile app installs. Simply because your users need to stay excited about these updates and it would ensure they don’t get bored and replace using the app with something else or the worst case scenario – deleting the app!

Deeper benefits, such as email notifications, alerts, third party integrations, export features and even keyboard shortcuts, can be introduced once the user gets the hang of how the app works. The entire motto of this technique is to ensure your brand values and appreciates the user.
A guaranteed way to get a one-star-review at the App Store is a horridly slow mobile application.
A recent study states that a smartphone or tablet user expects an app to function in a full-fledged manner within two seconds of opening the app. It’s important to know your user base thoroughly – who is downloading your app and when? Involving your app users to share their activity on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is a brilliant technique to convert app users into brand ambassadors and to also generate productive organic user growth.
You can also add their testimonials and their thought about the app on various social networking platforms. Your basic aim and approach should be to portray that you are aware of and care about your users’ needs and requests.
App demand will surely increase day by day, as it is the main reason behind the business success.I am an app developer, I have tried most of the mobile app development platforms.
We offers services For Mobile and Web Application Development and Multimedia Across all Major Platforms including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, as well as Windows Mobile, Unity Games, Search Engine Optimization , Pay Per Click Campaign, Digital Marketing, Link Building, and other online Marketing Strategies Are Our Focus. Mais des exceptions existent, c’est par exemple le cas de l’application mobile Coyote qui coute 1,79 € a l’achat avec une decouverte de 30 jours puis 11,99 € par mois pour continuer de l’utiliser. Ce modele semble tres bien fonctionner aujourd’hui et generer des profits dantesques comme en temoigne la success story de Candy Crush Saga.
So, how do you maintain that momentum and guarantee that your mobile application stands out from the rest? Once you are done with entire development phase of your mobile app, it’s a must to have all your marketing strategies up your sleeve immediately. But, if you are looking at developing a long-term sustainable application, you need to have a solid marketing and distribution strategy to get your app out to your customers.
Getting as many users onboard is always a good idea – as they would be your primary brand ambassadors! It’s a sure shot way to pull in hundreds of email signups and a list for getting early users on-board. These communities allow us to understand what user needs are all about, even as they evolve and adapt.
Before the launch conduct a thorough market research, do competitive analysis and also check out paid media efforts to identify cost-effective solutions; getting hold of a good PR team can also work wonders for your app launch. Do not pack-in all the features at once as the excitement will fade away after the app has been used multiple number of times. This practice of regularly updating your app acts as an excellent personal motivator and it also teaches app users to look forward to timely, interesting updates.
A welcome message is compulsory which should guide them to the app’s main features as well as explains what to do next from the Home Screen, or where they can know more about the company and further app details.
Time is ticking and we all know there’s a vast plethora of apps to choose from within any of the app marketplaces. When a celebrity pairs with your app, it will not only rake fans in, but it also convinces pessimists and critics that you have experts backing up your company.
The real indicators of progress is shown in app user engagement as it clearly suggest how your app solves the users problems and also how much they enjoy interacting with the app, utility and value.
Apart from this, these beta testers also get early access to all the app features which gives them an opportunity to help shape the application – makes them feel like VIPs and also it turns them into unofficial brand ambassadors for the mobile app.
Design your app in such a way that with every update it will always have something new and exciting to offer the user. For example: Nike joined hands with singer and 5-time half-marathon runner Ellie Goulding to market one of their apps. Thus, user interface is extremely important while developing your app as retaining your users is much more important than downloads and high rankings.
He works in a leading android development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.
Because there is ahuge number of aspiring app developers and leading mobile app development companies just like you aiming to launch their app at the app marketplace successfully.
The first few seconds after the user launches the app will decide whether they will be active users or they’ll immediately uninstall and switch to other options in the App Store.
Getting your hands on these answers is vital and for this we recommend you the best analytics to track your app such as – Flurry Analytics, Google Mobile App Analytics, Appsee and Mixpanel.

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