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Webthemez is initiated to offer the best free & premium responsive website templates with modern design built with latest technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Use our Advanced Text Message Scheduling program to set up campaigns in advance or to reoccur. Juke bootstrap multipurpose landing page for app this is a responsive web template a well designed for multipurpose use, this template built with valid HTML5 & CSS3. This entry was posted in App Landing Page, Bootstrap Templates, Free HTML5 Templates and tagged best landing page, free bootstrap theme, free html5 theme, Free Landing PAge, landing page bootstrap theme.
The Unbounce landing page builder includes a large selection of high-converting mobile responsive templates in an online drag and drop interface. Let your eyes and cursor wander Yonder, a beautiful landing page template complete with a video background, artfully-aligned images and an inline call-to-action. Grab leads for your next event by blowing them away with a video background of your event location. Combine big, bold typography and imagery with a video background and high-converting form to create excitement for your next product launch.
This education-themed template includes a lightbox form and a large section for social proof. Centenni uses multiple lightboxes to help you pack lots of information into one concise landing page.
With built-in image galleries, videos, and lightbox forms, this simple and elegant theme puts the reader’s focus where it belongs: on what makes your offer great. Big and beautiful parallax backgrounds combined with a hidden lightbox form make this theme the perfect distraction-free showcase for real estate developments.
This lead gen template is perfect for insurance providers: it includes industry-appropriate icons and a call-to-action that opens the form in a lightbox.
Hype your event and make it dead simple for guests to learn more about your speakers with lightbox bios.
A detailed, professional click-through theme that’s perfect for mortgage brokers, banks or other financial institutions.
This template is based on has a Bootstrap framework 3.3 fully responsive web compatible with multi browser and devices. Use advanced features to create 3rd party application integration, mobile coupons, time released DRIP SMS campaigns as well as Email and SMS lead alerts. There are already 6 billion smartphones in the world, which accounts for 90% of the world’s population. Your mobile landing page must have a clearly defined objective and the users that access your mobile landing page must be able to understand it right away (enter promotions, buy products, redeem vouchers, download apps, etc.). Again, due to the limited size of smartphones’ screens you must place information in a clear and concise way. This template is based on latest Bootstrap framework 3 fully responsive web compatible with multi browser and devices.

Unlike other platforms where the template layouts are fixed and rigid, Unbounce lets you fully customize everything. Maximize its conversion potential with this bright, minimalist theme that comes fully equipped with a video background and lightbox form. A simple layout makes it easy for users to find and request info — perfect for trades or other services.
This no-nonsense lead gen theme features a form in a lightbox, with multiple CTAs throughout the page. This theme’s built-in lightboxes allow you to include full image galleries of your latest real estate development. This simple theme is perfect for construction and other trades, but it still includes rich features like parallax scrolling. Show off your notable customers, and fill in the details with lightbox feature galleries and a pricing grid.
This peaceful, lightbox-enabled theme makes booking reservations a snap while also setting the mood for your ’destination’ offering. Large and short headlinesCatch mobile users’ attention with witty subject lines and interesting first paragraphs.
This template can be used for multi-purpose needs like mobile app, landing page, software product display, business, consultancy, agency, personal portfolio, profile, mobile website, hotel, restaurant, cafe, buffate and start-up company.
Obviously, mobile standards are different from desktop standards because of mobile devices’ capabilities, characteristics and performance.
Make sure that you offer a website with clean and clear design that adjusts to whatever mobile device users use to view your landing page. It’s best that you write the information using enumerations or lists than using paragraphs. This template can be used for multi-purpose needs like mobile app, landing page, software product display, business, consultancy, agency, personal portfolio, profile, mobile website and start-up company. Start with an attention-grabbing video background, then fill in the details with a lean value proposition and bold CTA. 75% of the mobile users that make searches on their devices take actions related to the search they’ve made earlier.
This way all mobile users will be able to find the information they’re looking for in no time. Bear in mind that users can get easily distracted when viewing a website on a mobile device, so make it easy for them to take action.
And maybe you should also bullet point the rest of the text, so that it can be readable on a mobile device when held at arm length’s distance.4. The easiest way to create a landing page for smartphones and tablets is to build it by using a template.
Make call-to-action buttons visible and accessibleYour call-to-action buttons should draw attention, so try achieving that with the buttons’ size, location, negative space surrounding them, or simply contrasting them with the rest of the page. You can use the templates available at Onbile (DIY platform) and create a mobile landing page in no time.

You can even customize your template by changing the color, so there will never be two equal mobile landing pages. And if you are creating a multi-landing webpage, consider putting the call-to-action button of the most important action on more than one subpage.5. Make the content easy to navigate throughMake sure that the users will find on your landing page the most important information. You should implement everything that will make the mobile site easier to browse and read.I hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you create an efficient mobile landing design. The fact is that by the end of 2014 the number of people reading their emails on mobile devices will increase even more. So, there is always something you need to pay attention to.A mobile landing page is simply a landing page that is optimized to fit and work smoothly on a mobile device.
Whether it is just communication with customers or marketing actions, mobile-friendly emails with proper landing pages are the good way of keeping up with the growing mobile user customer segment.  Have a mobile landing page design you like ? In other words it is a mobile optimized web page your potential customer arrives at once any form of advertising got him interested e.g.
How the landing page achieves the leads or sales depends on the goals of your campaign and the type of landing page used. When you are about to launch a new product or service you may include a short form to  capture leads.Hints and TipsWith ActiveMobi mobile website creator you can create a free mobile landing page for your campaign within minutes. All you have to do is to choose a template and adjust it to the needs of your mobile landing page. It should be usable and intuitiveAfter the user lands on your mobile webpage, he or she needs to immediately find all the information they need: what is the purpose of the page, what should be their next step, how to perform this step, and how the page will become a benefit for them. Without such indicators the website is useless and the user will most likely leave the page before taking any action.
If they cannot find what they need, they withdraw from the page to never come back.“A mobile website should not just be a skinny reformatted version of your desktop site. Ask for minimum informationA very important aspect of creating your mobile landing site is the amount of information you ask on the signup form.
If the only thing that is required is the email address, then limit yourself to this piece of information. Be aware that the more fields the visitor has to fill the higher the chance that he or she will leave the page without completing the form at all. In our ActiveMobi contact form widget, you can ask for the name, email, phone number and message. Once you capture your leads through a mobile landing page, you are ready to market those people in the future.

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