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The Mobile Marketing Association has announced its 2009 North American Board of Directors, with a noticeable increase in the representation of mobile advertising specialists.
Mobile device shipments were lower than expected during Research In Motion’s fiscal second quarter because of waning demand for older BlackBerry models. Download Mobile Marketer's latest Classic Guides to Mobile Advertising, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Outlook and Mobile Women to Watch by clicking on the links below. By Dean Macri For advertisers, the mobile phone is an ideal medium for communicating promotions to targeted consumers. Editor in Chief Mickey Alam Khan covers advertising agencies, associations, research and mobile marketing issues, as well as column submissions.
The huge potential of mobile will be realized this holiday season as brands go all in ramping up their multichannel marketing strategy during this crucial, challenging time of year.Mobile calls to action featuring an SMS keyword and short code or mobile bar code can make holiday-themed traditional media actionable and measurable. The MMA Board of Directors will provide leadership and strategic guidance for the association and its continued growth and support of its members. The mobile device manufacturer has been racing tough times recently as it struggles to transition quickly enough from keyboard input devices to newer touch screen devices. These must-read special editions with insights from Mobile Marketer editors and reporters and industry experts will help marketers navigate the mobile ecosystem with ease. Advertisers are increasingly launching campaigns that include mobile coupons, driving retail traffic and increasing sales.
1 toilet paper brand, has debuted its first mobile advertising sponsorship, working with global bathroom directory SitOrSquat Inc.
Some of the key focus areas for the Board this year will be on accelerating the growth the mobile marketing and advertising through major initiatives on the protection of consumer privacy and mobile measurement and metrics. At the end of July, RIM said it would lay off 2,000 employees and restructure senior management in an attempt to reduce costs and bring new products to market faster.

In addition, the company is launching 4G LTE in more than 60 commercial airports coast to coast. RIM shipped approximately 200,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets during its fiscal second quarter ended Aug. For that reason, mobile coupon redemption rates today exceed print coupon redemption -- on average 5 percent to 6 percent versus paper's 2 percent. It creates the perfect partnership."SitOrSquat is a New York-based user-generated service that lets consumers find bathrooms with myriad facilities including changing tables and handicap access across 55,000 bathrooms in 32 countries. RIM launched a range of BlackBerry 7 smartphones during the later part of the second quarter and said it is seeing strong sell-through and consumer interest for the new products. McAdam is president and chief operating officer of Verizon CommunicationsVerizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, is the No. The company will bring its QNX-based next generation mobile platform to the market next year. A presence on the BlackBerry application may follow, along with a presence on future Windows Mobile and Android applications. These speeds are significantly faster than Verizon Wireless and other wireless providers’ current or promised 3G network speeds, per Mr. Clicking on that banner ad currently takes consumers to a mobile landing page with a big bear on it. Consumers simply display the offer on their phones at the point of sale, validating their discount or promotion. A click-through on that unit again takes users to a mobile landing page with a bear on it.The banners occupy the bottom strip of every page in the iPhone application. In fact, many are predicting a noticeable increase in the use of mobile coupons this holiday season.This year, shoppers will be willing to spend more during the holidays than last year.

Millard will leverage her expertise in the digital advertising industry to provide guidance on the company's strategic direction and expansion plans.
Online sponsorships, outdoor events and now mobile advertising are designed to keep the brand front and center of its target audience of moms and families wherever they are, at home or travelling. Moreover, wireless carriers limit the size of each text message to 160 characters -- actually less given characters required for disclaimers. Furthermore, a text message cannot accommodate UCC and EAN bar codes, nor contain a unique or impactful image.MMS-based mobile couponsIn contrast, mobile alerts can be delivered to consumers via an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), which can contain multimedia objects such as images, audio, video and rich text. Media services shop Carat was responsible for the SitOrSquat media buy.Creating buzz is a major offshoot of Charmin sponsorships.
The Potty Palooza, as the effort was called from 2000 to 2005, offered portable toilets with Charmin toilet paper for use at these venues.
In fall of 2006, P&G inaugurated the first fully-staffed deluxe bathrooms in New York's Times Square. And after a given expiration date, the coupon can literally disappear from the consumer's mobile phone. They understand, for example, how often particular offers are viewed and how many are forwarded to friends. Consumers register to receive discounts and promotions offered in the packaged-goods marketer's mobile application.

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