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The video, which currently has over 1m views, is supported with a free Google Cardboard giveaway in five Asda stores, as well as paid media. At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits.
Developing a marketing campaign today simply must include mobile – it is no longer an optional add-on but an essential requirement. As well, an estimated two-thirds of all emails (including marketing emails and e-newsletters!) get opened first on a small screen mobile device (tablet, phone). And 81 percent of shoppers will research their purchases online before making a final selection…which they may or may not then purchase online from their mobile device. The Google algorithm change earlier this year brought all things mobile to the forefront when Google began to rank mobile-friendly sites over even relevant sites in browser results.
To Do:You can check how friendly your website is to mobile (small screen) devices using this some nifty Google Tools.
The easiest way to start building your database of mobile customers is to launch a text-based (SMS) marketing campaign. To Do: Get your own dedicated (NOT shared) short code via a short code provider and begin including this mobile call to action with all of your marketing efforts. So be sure to claim your space online anywhere that welcomes check-ins so you can expand your mobile influence and marketing efforts to mobile customers. What this means for you, the new mobile marketer, is that you can use QR codes with confidence in your mobile marketing campaign without wondering if your customers will know how to interact with them.
Once you have your QR code, start adding this call to action to all of your marketing materials (both mobile and non-mobile) to keep building your mobile database. You will quickly discover you have no shortage of options when launching a mobile ad campaign. Depending on how in-depth you want to get, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has an entire free online course called the Mobile Marketing Playbook that you can use as your guide.
There are new opportunities for mobile-based marketing and advertising popping up every day.

Look around to see if there are any complementary businesses you can co-market with to increase the market share for you both. Just as with online or in-person advertising and marketing, over time you will begin to notice that certain mobile communities are just a better fit for what your company has to offer. For example, if you have a brick-and-mortar location (or even several locations in different geographic regions) then apps and platforms that offer geo-targeting can be a great fit for your needs (and allow location specific promotions for different regions). If you offer tech-based products or services, then platforms like LinkedIn and Google+ are slam-dunk opportunities for you to expand your mobile marketing success. Finally, as you continue trying new things, keep analyzing the results so you can adjust and refine your mobile marketing efforts for best results. By following these nine steps for launching your first mobile campaign, you can build your mobile database, learn more about your customers’ mobile patterns and create a profitable space in the mobile marketplace.
Here’s a nice example from one of our most recently launched clients, Hudson Shoes (download their mobile app here). This mini-campaign is a great example of an integrated push on a product, extended onto multiple platforms.¬† Customers get one message from the brand on every channel.
Hudson Shoes have the advantage of high-quality product images, which make relatively easy to create striking promotional banners. A mobile app means you can target your customers right on their phones with a push notification, which is the perfect way to extend your campaign straight to your customer, wherever they are.
We always recommend having an offer, new product, or promotion when sending out a push notification. You can see in this example that the shopper got a push notification from the ASOS app, which planted the seed of an idea in her mind. Adding a mobile element really works to target people directly, and an app is the only way to currently do this using a push notification.
As with everything marketing related, the best way to grow your mobile strategy is to try it out. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with app commerce news and insights.

From the ever-shifting sands of Google’s mysterious algorithm to the well-documented migration of customers away from laptops and towards smaller-screen devices, there are a multitude of solid reasons why mobile is now considered the most important new arena for winning customers and increasing market share. Your goal here is to collect mobile numbers in exchange for offering discounts, freebies or other incentives.
You can run your first campaign from Google Adwords, which can be an especially great strategy if you are already using Google Adwords to run a web-based advertising campaign. Or you could simply select from a wide variety of mobile ad building apps (iAd by Apple and AdMob by Google are both good examples) that will walk you through the process of creating your first live mobile ad. The more you immerse yourself in all things mobile the more likely you are to spot new trends as they emerge. Download the mobile apps from your favorite brands and notice how they advertise and market to you through push notifications, rewards points, in-app purchase convenience and other features. On the other hand, if your company caters heavily to craft makers, small businesses and DIY’ers, then platforms like Pinterest may be more your style. It’s really quick and easy to upload this within our admin system, and it appears on the app straight away.
And as this example shows, your mobile strategy can simply be an extension of your existing website homepage and social media marketing. Once a week is a good guideline, but as with everything else, you should test it and see the results. Although she didn’t buy immediately, when browsing Instagram later (also on her phone) she got another reminder which prompted her to buy.

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