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Will 2014 wind up being the year when casino affiliates really sink their teeth into mobile marketing strategies that boost up conversions in a big way? Given the ease with which so many of these techniques can be implemented, there’s really no excuse to not be latching on to at least a few of them.
Because opt-in strategies almost always offer better conversion rates, this one strategy you shouldn’t overlook. Though it sounds counter intuitive, making opting out of your offers easy can pay off big in the long run.
Whether you’re targeting UK bingo players or Kenyan scratchcard fanatics, geolocation technologies allow you to focus on very specific niche groups. None of the techniques Van Vlack describes, even the ones that don’t apply to casino affiliates, ultimately rely on knowing your audience.
Building a demographic profile of your user base is probably going to involve the use of premiums like e-books that can be bartered for bits of personal information. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll never miss out on the latest gaming industry news.
If you're a PPC affiliate who is only obsessing over numbers, you're not seeing the whole picture.
Affiliate marketing conference season is a great time for shoring up contacts and networking like crazy. Mobile marketing offers a potential gold mine for casino affiliates and it's not even that tough to get started with. Anyone who’s up on technology has heard of mobile web design and content marketing—two terms used with increasing frequency in the online world. Can mobile design and a great content marketing strategy be combined without sacrificing either content or design elements? The truth is that great content does not have to be sacrificed for mobile design and can even be enhanced by the capabilities of new devices. How can web designers show clients the importance of mobile design and content marketing, and combine them effectively? Showing clients how their website appears on a variety of handheld devices or Google’s GoMo Meter is a good way to promote the responsive design element.
Adhere to the following best practices to show clients that responsive web design that incorporates the unique features of handheld devices and a killer content marketing strategy can work together to create an awesome online experience. Google’s Mobile Movement infographic presents a strong argument for integrating responsive design into a content marketing strategy. To properly integrate responsive design and a content marketing strategy, accept that you should work as part of a team that includes marketing professionals, or develop your own content marketing skills. Expect the marketing professionals to set the content requirements, and design around them. As a team, identify and create content based on user needs, and then optimize the user experience in a mobile environment.
Take advantage of whatever the device offers—GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen, phone and camera features—to build and present your content in a creative, useful, engaging and entertaining way. Multi-screening occurs sequentially or simultaneously, providing new opportunities for multi-platform content marketing.
Think of mobile content development as responsive marketing, or creating content that meets the way people use their devices.
Combining responsive design and a content marketing strategy for optimal benefit forces businesses to throw out unnecessary content and focus on the stuff that is important to customers. Mobile design forces designers and content marketers to prioritize and design for the smallest screen on the market. The best content marketing strategies use responsive design and the unique capabilities of mobile devices to anticipate and answer the user’s needs based on an analysis of typical users.
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Put in these terms, businesses begin to see the potential power and profit of using mobile marketing (aka SMS or text marketing or push notifications).
A more practical, faster, and less expensive option involves working with a text messaging company to use one of their shared codes. When it comes to mobile apps you know my company, Launch & Hustle, offers those so I won’t add to this already long article. Having your short code and keyword or mobile app on your standard in-store signage is a no-brainer.
With most text message companies you can have multiple keywords so you can segment your list and provide customers opportunities to opt-in to the type of content they want.
Another great idea is to place a sign next to an item that says, “Our text subscribers received a coupon for 20% off this item” with the code and keyword on the sign.

As you begin to transition from traditional media (direct mail, print ads, etc) to digital marketing don’t forget to merge the two by placing your short code or mobile app call to action within your traditional ads. How about also having all your servers handwrite on the check a short message asking patrons to download your mobile app or sign up for text messages with the code and keyword and mentioning it as they hand the customer the bill?
Here is a small ad you can place in a newspaper: “Last month we sent out text message deals to our patrons allowing them to save an average of $15 off their check.
Encourage your receptionists to ask if your patients would like to receive their next appointment confirmation via text message.
Most of your patients are also looking for up to date information about flu shots, allergies, school physicals, etc and would welcome a text or push notification with direct links to relevant information. No matter your business or organization, once you start thinking of creative ways to build your list, it becomes easier.
For example, Van Vlack offers up an example of an online retailer who is emailing end-users offers aimed at getting them to sign up for text-based newsletters.
To that end, Van Black suggests letting customers choose what time they want to receive offers from your sites.
Players appreciate sites that play on the up-and-up, so making the opt-out process as painless as possible is actually a brand building exercise. Given the geographic disparities amongst players in Europe alone, this is an excellent strategy for casino affiliates. Not many web users want to be bothered with answering more than one or two questions before they check out completely, so be sure and take it slowly.
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A properly integrated responsive design and content marketing strategy should produce a phenomenal user experience for visitors to your client’s website. Don’t be surprised, however, if your clients balk when bits of important content are omitted on the tiny screens.
When a smartphone user needs to book dinner reservations while running to catch a bus, he doesn’t have time to explore a beautifully rendered menu with glorious graphics. Say a hungry and busy pizza lover uses his smartphone to order a pizza while riding the train home from work. When he is on the train, his GPS-enabled smartphone shows him the closest location of his favourite pizza franchise as a pop-up on a map. The difference is that when designing websites and choosing content for mobile websites, the user’s needs change based on a variety of factors—in particular, the device they use.
The user may start their online shopping expedition with the smartphone and only need immediate access to this season’s fashion line, for example.
When the online shopper continues on to their tablet, they want to see a shopping cart and e-commerce options. If they don’t, users will become frustrated and will simply jump to competitor websites that are easier to navigate.
They don’t want to read novels about widgets on their phones; they want to know where they can buy a novel and what it costs.
The phone, GPS, camera, video and web access of smartphones and tablets provides unlimited opportunities for creative marketers to present their products and services in innovative ways. Say you sent out a direct mail letter and 95% of the people who received it opened it and read it within 5 minutes.
The costs of printing and postage alone dwarf any costs associated with SMS (only 2-3 cents each) and push notifications (free in most cases). A good list of potential customers and prospects has been a terrific marketing weapon for a long time.
The first step is to determine whether your own mobile app (push notifications) or SMS marketing is right for you. This means that multiple businesses will use the same short code, but each business will pick their own dedicated keyword. You can also include them on any special event signage, at any off-site events you host or sponsor.
When they text your keyword to the short code the customer will automatically be sent the 20% off coupon.
It’s like setting up a perimeter around your store (say 1 mile) and anytime someone with you mobile app comes inside the fence they will automatically receive your push notification message.
If you’d like to be one of them this month, text ‘Delicious’ to 12345.” Again, the same approach can be used with your mobile app push notifications. It could say, “Download our mobile app to join our customer loyalty program and earn a complementary dinner.” Or for SMS it could be as simple as this. Your patients are probably bored waiting for you to come to them in the examining room and would welcome the chance to complete a task.

Those that respond ‘yes’ can receive a small flyer that outlines how to subscribe or be directed to text “RemindMe” to 12345.
This is a great way to build relationships with your patients and gives them something to share with friends, thus exposing those friends to your practice. He has been recognized as a Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer and is considered a leading social media, mobile, and digital marketing strategy consultant as well as an accomplished author and speaker. Comprised of both well-known and up-and-coming prosperous iGaming affiliate programs, the network is focused on the success of its affiliates. They see their own customers and clients talking, texting and surfing the internet via their mobile devices. This is your chance to explain that you can introduce media queries and responsive design into their existing content strategy, or build a new content marketing strategy using responsive web design techniques to ensure that the most important content appears on every device.
Your goal is to find creative ways to present content that best meets the objectives of a given website while working within the parameters set by responsive design.
He taps the link, which leads to the mobile website, and he discovers he can order right from his phone. According to Google’s 2012 report, “The New Multi-Screen World,” 67% of subjects used more than one device to shop, and they used these devices sequentially, or in steps, to move from browsing to shopping to making the purchase.
Businesses can capitalize on this by using handheld device capabilities in conjunction with online and offline marketing activities. Restrictions imposed by mobile design (such as small screens and slow load times for graphics) force efficient and affective content, which requires stripping away the excess that exists on traditional websites.
With some careful planning, an integrated approach to design and marketing can result in a cutting-edge campaign that excites and engages users and results in more sales leads—and a happy web design client.
Not to mention the USPS plan to begin cutting services means even less timely responses for direct mail. I tend to prefer mobile apps because of the branding power that comes with them and I like the free push notifications, but either can work. The drawbacks here are that leasing your own code is expensive and your code is not usable for weeks as you wait for it to be assigned and then approved by your carrier. Customers who text you must confirm that they are opting-in to your SMS list and also must be given clear instructions on how to opt-out at anytime.
It doesn’t get much easier than that and the same scenario can work for mobile app push notifications as well. Brett has worked with a variety of companies --- from startups to global brands such as HP and Canon --- helping them understand and implement digital marketing strategies, amplify their message, and drive KPIs.
They also understand that excellent content is the key to making money directly or indirectly from a website. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries.
As you build your mobile app users and SMS list, you are essentially gathering the mobile numbers of people who have raised their hands and said, “Please market to me. When working with a text message company this is usually built in for you, but you should still be aware of the rules.
What many clients don’t understand, though, is that a website that performs well and shows great content on any handheld device can help them gain new customers in the mobile user market. Remove the one that says “Wicked Web Designer” and don the one that says “Content Marketing Guru Extraordinaire”. He then realizes he forgot the pineapple (which his pregnant wife craves) and immediately clicks the “Call Us” button on the touch screen to dial the store’s phone and speak to an employee, who adds the pineapple to his order.  The GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen and phone capabilities were instrumental in making the purchase. The mobile web allows businesses to take their online content marketing strategy right into the place of business through QR codes on posters, banners, product labels and brochures and through applications such as Foursquare.
If you are like most, a lot of mail gets thrown out without being read, but all your text messages and push notifications get opened and read almost immediately.
I’m interested in what you have to offer and I want to interact with you.” Building a list doesn’t just tilt the game in your favor… it means you’re playing in a different league.
With that one action, Bob’s customers have begun the marketing dialogue and are asking Bob to market to them. When someone sees your messaging and downloads your app (be sure to tell them to accept push notifications in order to get the coupons & announcements) they are opting in to receive your marketing messages, plus you get the branding benefits and many other mobile app features.

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