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If you need to build a database of text message subscribers here are three ways mobile video can help.  In all three the mobile video link would be contained in the auto-response text message. At your event have people text-in to see a quick video of what it took to put the event together behind-the-scenes.
In your traditional media (especially radio, print, and outdoor) have your audience text-in to see a video of your product in-action or an interview with a recent customer. The next time you’re promoting an event last-minute, link your subscribers to a video that shows them all the fun everyone had at the last event, and why they should change their plans and attend. If you’re a nonprofit looking for support or donations there’s no doubt video will tell your story and stir emotions better than text alone. Text messaging is a great way to announce breaking news, but mobile video can help provide more information at a time when the audience is most interested.

Be sure to use a URL shortener (like to save characters and track the click-throughs. Keep the video length to less than 30 seconds.  You never know how much time your audience has to watch what you send, and if you lose them there’s a good chance they won’t come back to the message later.
Did we miss anything?  Have you tried sending mobile video over text message before?  What were the results like? Are Your Clients Asking About Text Messaging?We recently created a 10 page guide to help you quickly understand SMS marketing, answer common questions, and begin to strategize your client's first campaign. JA.TXT has helped our chapter implement a simple and reliable text messaging campaign since June 2009. Ready to See More?We would be happy to give you a quick online demo of our software, discuss your plans for SMS marketing, and go over pricing.

One of these oft-missed channels is something that potential customers (and probably everyone you know) use every day: SMS.
Email ROIThe click-thru (open rate) and conversion (action taken) comparison of text messages to email is astounding.
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