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Here’s an overview of current mobile phone advertising campaigns in Australia, featuring work for Three, Orange, Optus, Virgin, Telstra and Vodafone. And then there are the TV spots – ads featuring puppets that remind me of Thunderbirds. OptusVirgin Mobile would be the company that is most persistent in competing for the attention of young people.
Virgin’s photo messaging is promoted with three spots featuring a Ming Mong Match between a young boy and an older man.

Telstra, the major network in Australia, doesn’t seem to have a strong advertising campaign aimed at the youth market.
Our principal activities include the operation of the Orange communications business as the provider of choice for value based voice and messaging services; and pioneering the introduction of content-rich, mobile multimedia services under the global brand 3.
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Also see Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, a valuable source of information on the culture surrounding mobile phones in Australia and New Zealand. A young man tells us how available he is, and reminds us that if we are both on Virgin Mobile we can text each other at very cheap rates.

The TV ads show children demonstrating fair tactics, including divvying up Smarties, dividing a chocolate bar between two, and pouring equal portions of orange juice.

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