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9.To you, spirituality is the practice of imbibing spirits (though actually you prefer wine). 13.Your idea of exercise is lifting your hiking shoes off the shoe rack to put them in storage. 20.When you listen to the messages on your answering machine, your whole body braces for the news.
Ladies, it’s time to reclaim your health, your femininity, and your mojo by Owning Pink now! I know I've lost my mojo when I find myself wearing my grannie panties all the time because there's no hope that anyone will see my sexy lacies. When you comment on an Owning Pink blog post, we invite you to be authentic and loving, to say what you feel, to hold sacred space so others feel heard, and to refrain from using hurtful or offensive language.
Post-Super Genesis Wave Outfit Mojo Jojo is an evil monkey and an arch enemy of the Powerpuff Girls.
Of course Hifi Pig covered he launch of Chord Electronics new Mojo live from the Shard on Facebook and Twitter so our readers could be the first people in the world to get information about this product.

Davone Mojo Loudspeakers An interesting looking small loudspeaker from the Danish manufacturer Davone. Chord Electronics Announce New Reference Level Product At High End Munich Chord Electronics is set to launch a new reference-level product at High End, Munich.
The free Owning Pink e-Workshop will be available soon, so keep checking in as we get our mojo power amped up. Differing opinions are welcomed, but if you cannot express yourself in a respectful, caring manner, your comments will be deleted by the Owning Pink staff. We also covered the news item as soon as we had the info available, but now we have a series of official photographs for you to enjoy. Links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Hifi Pig and Big Pig Media with appropriate and specific direction (link) to the original content. Until then, tell us how you lost your mojo, how you’re finding it and what Owning Pink means to you. But rest assured, there are predictable ways to keep your mojo, even in the face of menopause.

I know, after Siena was born (the same week my dad died, my dog died, and my little brother ended up in liver failure from Zithromax!), I totally lost my mojo. And yes, I do wish there was a mojo patch (some call it the Vivelle dot!) Stick with us, girlfriend. My breast-feeding head was in a fog and my boss was yelling at me for not being productive enough at work (meaning I wasn't churning through enough patients), and even my art felt uninspired. And then I had to go to a meeting with Pod People doctors (the old, cranky, tired, grumpy ones who I haven't had to deal with since I started working in integrative medicine).

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