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I have been trying to make a uber amazing video for the past few weeks now and sadly it would seem that I have met death by technical malfunction. For those who are planning to get serious about their work, all the required studying could earn a huge payoff. People of the torturous land of distorted video and mangled audio – you have found your savior. Before I found the program that worked for me, I was fluttering about from one software company to the next, becoming frustrated as all get out. ZombiesWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. If the video is on a DV camcorder, copy the video file(s) through a Firewire port to your hard drive.There will be no loss in quality. Click on Ctrl-right-arrow or ctrl-left-arrow, and right-arrow or left-arrow, to fine-tune the chapter start point. The DVD will burn for ¼ the duration of the program (about 10 minutes for a 40 minute video).

If you stay within the small range of allowed video formats, this freeware allows you to efficiently edit video along with adding narration features, text titles and some special effects. This application packs a punch with advanced video tools such as 3D rendering, one-click color corrections and multi-cam editing. Unlike Movie Maker it doesn’t crash before you can save your work, so what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas. I’m now happy to report that I no longer have to spend hours on installing codecs while scratching my head.
22 years later I decided to share these pent-up opinions about the industry, games, my likes and dislikes and everything in between.
However, if you simply want to make newbie vids then jumping into this resource hog makes about as much sense as a having trap door on a lifeboat. A well supported, nicely structured program with all the bells and whistles and none of the confusion that usually comes with it.
From adding titles and filters to kicking it up a notch with HD editing and surround sound configuration, this program is an All-In-One package of technical delight.

Finally, the many toils and troubles were worth it as I’ve found the software that does everything I want it to do. You absolutely get what you pay for; an unstable, under-featured and virtually unusable program. As with a lot of editing programs from Adobe, the learning curve is huge, which is radical change from the intuitive nature of Windows Movie Maker. Despite the program having not been updated for 5 whole years, Windows Movie Maker is good if you’re just coming out of the womb with a desire to edit your first few videos.

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