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The design uses an established theme that goes through all elements of the clients marketing from their adverts and packaging design through to their website. This adverts target audience are interested in product ranges, as well as individual products so while having multiple products and product information is a challenge, it is a necessity.
Regardless of if you are advertising with a full page in a glossy magazine or you are getting some new business cards produced; do not neglect the quality of your graphic design. BlueAnt produce some fabulous Bluetooth products and are an Aussie owned company to top it off.

The brief asked that four products be included in the advert – no small task as working with more than one product in a single advertisement can be challenging. Targeting your target audience and their needs with your adverts is important and the message should be customised to get maximum conversion from that audience. Get the job done to the highest possible quality with CreationGate and turn whatever you are producing into a reflection of your company’s professionalism.
The magazine advertisement uses contrasting vibrant colours to create impact and also manages to contain product information.

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