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With the Internet being home to nearly any media of interest, one might ask why not only go online for entertainment.
A simple interface is put at your disposal so that you quickly accommodate and don't spend much time getting to know how to use it. You can adjust the volume using a slider, as well as change playback speed, but take caution because there is no rate indicator. Usability is limited and once the last file in the playlist reaches the end, it won't start over and there is no option to change this. When managing playlists, have a folder ready to store them in, because you have to manually browse for the desired list to play and this must be done each time the application is launched. Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Free MP4 Player is nothing more than a straightforward application that can play video files found under the MP4 format. FreeSmith free MPEG player is one of the best MPEG media player which is also an excellent all-in-one media player for windows users. Others: MPEG player also supports most audio formats and can play DVD and even blu-ray discs. Microsoft Windows Media Player is the well-known application that Windows operating systems come bundled with in order to provide users with one of the most effective ways of playing and managing multimedia files.
The first thing you'll notice when opening Microsoft Windows Media Player is that the interface is especially tailored to help you organize your media easier.
Besides playing videos and music, the application offers a convenient way of synchronizing portable devices, like MP3 players, with the music libraries stored on your computer. The software also includes a dedicated function for burning audio discs with minimal effort. Microsoft Windows Media Player offers you a set of enhancements designed to help you fully enjoy movies and music alike.
For video playback there are also some settings you can adjust, namely those regarding brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.
All things considered, Windows Media Player remains a good choice for those looking for an easy to use multimedia player that integrates seamlessly with the operating system. MP3 files are well known to users of Windows 7 and devices such as iPods, smart phones, and other digital music players. What separates MP3s from MP4s is the compression algorithm used to create digital content from analog sources.
MP3s are an extension of the MP2 standard, which offers inferior compression and overall sound. However, as more and more companies begin to adopt the superior MP4 standard, MP4 players and other devices such as smart phones and handheld devices will likely begin supporting decoding of MP4 files. The differences between MP3s and MP4s include more than just an upgraded audio file; the MP4 standard is more than just an improvement over MP3 encoding and compression.

Whereas MP3s are strictly audio files, MP4s are media containers capable of holding audio, video, text, and images. The MP5 standard does not yet exist since there is no such thing as an *.mp5 file extension.
About Help Desk GeekWelcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of help desk tips for IT Professionals. Below, you'll find the steps for how to play MP4 files in Windows Media Player for XP, Vista and Windows 7.
However, for those that don't bother with this query, specialized applications need to be used in order to play music or videos. Necessary playback options are available and stay hidden most of the time, only appearing if the mouse is hovered over them. Additionally, you can bring up a playlist manager in order to organize your favorite videos.
Moreover, there is no integrated hotkey support so that you can easily skip files without bringing up the main window. Features are limited and those that are implemented leave a little something to be desired. This free MPEG player is expecially designed for those users who belong to Widnows or tech beginners. The major advantage of MPEG compared to other video and audio coding formats is that MPEG files are much smaller for the same quality. The libraries are well structured and give you quick access to music, videos and pictures, as well as recorded TV shows or network locations that contain multimedia files.
Plus, the Microsoft Windows Media Player comes with support for additional devices, including Xbox360. You can create burn lists with all the songs you want to put on a CD and then insert the disc to have the compilation written in a few minutes. There are options for crossfading and auto volume leveling, a graphic equalizer for easily adjusting the sound frequencies, SRS WOW effects and even three Dolby Digital profiles.
The list of supported formats is impressive and although some types of music files are not recognized by default, they can still be played, provided that the necessary codecs are installed on your system. Codecs take audio or video from real life and convert them into zeros and ones for interpretation by software such as Windows Media Player or from a device such as an MP3 player. Using an algorithm, they encode audio and video to compress it into a more portable format.
Windows Media Player, for example, ships with a variety of the most popular codecs for playback of audio and video.
Arguably the most recognized file format in digital media, the MP3 audio standard was released in 1994 by a group of European organizations.

Released in 2003, MP4s are an extension of Apple’s QuickTime technology, well known for efficient and cost-effective compression and playback. So far, few devices are capable of playing MP4s although Apple’s devices such as iPods and iPhones support MP4 playback.
Most players that boast MP5 playback are really referring to the devices ability to playback MP4 files without first converting the file to another format. People who enjoy video and audio streaming will notice that only certain media players can play MP4 files. It can only play Windows media audio and video files extensions with aiff, asf, au, avi, midi, mp3, mpeg, wav, wmv and wma. Simply download any version of the codec pack from a free codecs website and save it on your desktop. Free MP4 Player is one of them and, as the name suggests, it lets you enjoy videos found under the MP4 format. If you try to play a file encoded with a codec Windows Media Player does not have, you will get an error message.
Unlike MP3s, MP4s offer encoding of more media types in addition to audio such as video, text, and pictures. As media capabilities continue melding into single devices such as smart phones and handheld media players, it is likely that MP4s will replace MP3s as the standard media file. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. XP users will need a MP4 codec for Windows Media Player to view or listen to the MP4 file format. You will receive an error message that the selected file has an extension that is not recognized by Windows Media Player with an option to continue to play, but you'll receive another error message that Windows Media Player cannot play the file due to a corrupted file or because the player does not support the format. I have tried using the codec provided by Microsoft, but there's no luck in playing MP4 files after a successful installation on a XP computer.
Except for playing all kinds of media files fluently on computer, you can also make changes to the video playback in many ways through the options provided in FreeSmith MPEG file player. The MPEG media player plays nearly all videos, online videos, DVDs and even blu-ray disc with no trouble! Fortunately, there is K-Lite Codec Pack, a third-party code package that you can install for XP so that you can play MP4 files without downloading another media player program.

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