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I fell in love with hip hop in the 80’s and it has helped me through many hard times.
Working with up and coming artists I get asked a lot for recommendations on publishing agencies, performing rights agencies, record label contacts etc.
I can go on and on about the different rap promotion companies and promotional services they offer, but I’d like to talk about one company that stands out from the rest.
A lot of new independent rap artists flock to them for promo help, and love the results they see. This company has taking music marketing to the next level, and offers effective and affordable digital marketing and promotional packages. Hip Hop Push Media does create flyers for events and design logos for business cards and merchandise, but their specialty is digital marketing. Maybe because the owner of the company has a background in marketing and advertising, or maybe because their VP Mark Williams is one of the best PR’s and Marketing Strategist in the industry. They are slowly becoming the most reputable rap promotions company in the world, and because of it not only indie artists are seeking their services, but also majors. There are a few things new rap artists need to take into consideration before purchasing services from any rap promotion company. Knowing the results of your campaign is crucial because if the promo is working you need to re-order it again to get even more results. So if you are a new rap artist or producer that would like some amazing promotional services for an affordable price, I would recommend checking out Hip Hop Push Media, Inc.
Isobel divides her time between her home in a loch side village in Scotland and her second home in southern Spain. David is a very active Council Director of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce where he heads the Youth Employment Policy Group and is a member of both the Trades House of Glasgow and the Merchants House of Glasgow.
David is a UK Charity Trustee for the marine protection organisation, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Liz has worked in Further Education for a total of 20 years, the last 17 years at Stevenson College Edinburgh. Liz also graduated from Stirling University with a Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education with Teaching Qualification (Further Education) in 2004. Director of Development with Scottish Ballet, Business Development Manager at Hampden the National Stadium and set up LpC Events in 2008.
In addition, she has delivered many time management courses (which she calls focus management) to companies and individuals. Valerie Maclennan, originally from Stornoway on the Island of Lewis, now living in the Glasgow area, has a warm relaxed friendly manner, and good sense of humour which has helped create the atmosphere required for her highly popular  interview chat shows.
Max uses his skills as a master manipulator of thoughts and ideas to influence members of the audience to make choices and decisions seemingly out with their control.

Reach thousands of Clubs, Colleges, Coffeehouses, PACs, Theaters & Int'l Festivals - booking All Styles! Find Music Supervisors, Clearance, Licensing & Production Departments to put your music to work.
THE MUSICIAN’S ATLASThe Atlas has been helping Artists & other music mavericks book more gigs & sell more music since 1998.We’re the best team of elves you’ve ever had. The only international program that connects self-released & label artists to new revenue streams & 1 Billion fans.
Become a part of a community of over 60,000 artists and let other bands recommend you to their fans. Disc Makers is the leading independent CD manufacturer for a vast range of products and services to market your music.
88tc88 is an automated, web based service that helps bands, artists and labels to translate, approve, sell and promote their music in Greater China.
Fresco of Approving of bylaw of Society of Jesus depicting Ignatius of Loyola receiving papal bull Regimini militantis Ecclesiae from Pope Paul 3.
This group bound themselves by a vow of poverty and chastity, to "enter upon hospital and missionary work in Jerusalem, or to go without questioning wherever the pope might direct".
They called themselves the Company of Jesus, and also Amigos En El Senor or "Friends in the Lord," because they felt "they were placed together by Christ." The name had echoes of the military (as in an infantry "company"), as well as of discipleship (the "companions" of Jesus).
I have also been a part of the music industry as an audio engineer and have met a lot of famous artists.
They’re a bit more on the expensive side and in order to promote your music you would already have to have a decent size following with thousands of youtube views and social media followers. They stand out because they’re unique and dynamic with their marketing strategies, and have built themselves into a very reputable company over the past few years. Since 2009 Hip Hop Push Media has promoted over 43,000 independent rap artists, producers and dj’s! They have also held a number of music seminars, and released several mixtape compilations and dvd’s, all in an effort to promote indie hip hop artists. When it comes to promoting an artist online there are only a few that can match their competence. Or maybe it has to do with them having a solid team of copywriters and social media experts working for them. I have experience with many hip hop promotion companies and Hip Hop Push Media by far is the most proficient at getting the results rap artists want. She is Chair of the Scottish Baroque Ensemble and she is the first woman Patron of the Glasgow Celtic Society for the promotion of Gaelic language and culture.

He served as Convener of Finance in the City of Edinburgh Council, as Minister for Finance and Local Government in the Scottish Cabinet and was a member of the Scottish Parliament from 1999 to 2003. His specialist areas include finance, transport, housing, planning, local government, legislative process and the Scottish Government.
8,900 employees and for the continuous development of GTG Training’s external commercial sales to over 2,500 private and public sector organisations. Anna owns Achieve Balance which helps motivate people and companies to become more productive and achieve a better work-life balance. Anna has also delivered talks and facilitated workshops for teams from large companies, such as Lloyds TSB, to teams from SME’s and smaller networking groups. Our video tutorials & live support will show you exactly how to work smarter not harder.
Ignatius of Loyola, who after being wounded in a battle, experienced a religious conversion and composed the Spiritual Exercises to closely follow Christ.
The fresco was created by Johann Christoph Handke in the Church of Our Lady Of the Snow in Olomouc after 1743. They mainly handle twitter blasts to their Twitter followers, but do offer other services like logo design, publication features, and radio play. He is the Director responsible for overseeing development of new events, partnerships and products. In his career, Martin has worked in FMCG, financial services, B2B and Gaming and has spent the last 5 years building a strong and successful digital team in what is Scotland’s largest full service digital agency. He has a particular focus on helping other organisations to match their policy and practice objectives with the best ways to contact and network with the appropriate audience they wish to reach. She was a project manager and staff manager for many employees, helping to motivate, stretch and develop them.Over the last 4 years Anna has coached and mentored individuals and groups in business to help them boost their performance, clarify their goals and plans, overcome obstacles, improve their confidence and enhance their quality of life.
Plus interactive marketing tools that make it easy to reach the right Touring, Promotion & Distribution opportunities with just a push of a button. She has provided career coaching to individuals to help them discover their ideal career and maximise their potential through a practical, structured approach. She has coached employees from large organisations such as RBS, the Home Office and IBM, medium sized companies such as Baillie Gifford, Abbott and Edinburgh University and many individuals who are self employed or setting up a new business.

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