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MAGIX, a leader in multimedia software, announced the launch of Music Maker 15, the latest version of its multi-award winning music recording and editing software. Music Maker 15 transforms a PC into a first-class sound studio, combining the ability to record, compose, arrange, mix and master via editing and effects to create your own music.
Two versions, Music Maker 15 Classic and Music Maker Producer Editing, are available to meet a range of music editing needs. New Synthesizers and Computer instruments – Beatbox 2 is the perfect compliment to create dynamic drum beats and arrangements. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. It is a professional beat selling WordPress theme that goes beyond any beat store online today. You have 3 options for the content that can appear on your homepage: Beat store, blog, or static page. The Music Maker theme is packed full of features that will help you to promote your music to expand your customer reach.
Sidebar Location: Select to have your sidebar appear on the left or right of your website.
Greet visitors to your website with the sleek homepage banner carousel that can hold up to 8 different messages and link to different pages on your site. Use the Beat Store if you are focused on showing off your beat collection to potential customers.
If you need more customization, you can easily add custom CSS directly into the options panel to overwrite any theme styling.
The promo bar is a notification bar that appears on the top of your website to grab attention. This theme was tested to ensure that it is compatible with all the modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Widgets are content boxes that can easily be edited and moved around your website's sidebar and footer. Use this pre-designed beat buy steps widget to show your customer how easy the buying process is.
Easily add a photo, short description, and link the image to your about page to allow visitors to learn more about you.
The Music Maker theme offers social icons in the header and a custom social widget where you can choose from 14 social sites to display on your website. The photo gallery allows you to easily add an image gallery for your fans and followers to see activities going on in your career. The FAQ template allows you to easily add a questions and answers page for customers of your beats & products. On top of all the features that are included you will get over 42 FREE music marketing graphics: 4 business card designs, 8 Facebook banners, Twitter backgrounds, 4 video screens, 4 CD covers, and more.
The Music Maker theme is built with tons of premium features that will let you get up and running fast to make money. NO OTHER beat site offers a beat store, photo gallery, video gallery, product store, a blog, a responsive layout, and more.

I was about to spend about $500 on a guy to make a website for me and my friend to sell our beats. There are many features this theme offers and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of them all. This theme lets you control all your business, with no need to worry about third party plugins or flash integration.
Have a central location for your fans and customers to visit to keep updated on all your projects and music. This theme will give you the right platform to display your current and completed projects.A Track your music making career. Instant beat downloads, 6 content types, responsive layout, charted sales reports, and much more. You get the Music Maker WordPress theme, 42 FREE bonus graphics, a few design PSDs for the theme, and online access to all the theme documentation describing how to set everything up.
This disclaimer is point out that everything in the Music Maker theme works, but your experience with the theme may vary because of things we are not control of. No, you have add the audio tags to the mp3 preview file before uploading it to the website.
The cultural treasures we serve at Music Maker have spent a lifetime honing their craft and love nothing more than performing their music for the world. If you continue to use this website then we will assume you consent to the use of cookies for this purpose.
Music Maker combines pre-mastered loops, music synthesizers, simple import features and full midi support to allow users to create and import music.
Previous versions of Music Maker have won over 90 awards, and this latest release adds key enhancements to the highly acclaimed software. This coupled with the infobox tool bar allows you to see what all the tools do and how you can use it for your songs.
You can limit the number of times a file can be downloaded, and upload multiple file formats (MP3, Wav, Zip).
You can use the Music Maker theme as your central location where everything comes together.
It's fast if you follow the instructions with a very straight learning curve, no uphill battles here. It is everything any producer can use to get their website up and running with ease to look professional.
With many beat sites you usually get a 1 page profile with very little information about yourself, and that profile usually links to other music producers stealing your sales. You can view the live demo site to do a test purchase and watch all the training videos to see if it is a good fit to you.
By purchasing this theme, you have 1 license to use the theme for your website and it may not be resold.
Also we only off a Single Use License, so you can not duplicate the Music Maker theme for others to use. The licensing permits the modification of theme code as much as you like after purchasing the Music Maker theme.

But you can pay for additional payment options at the Easy Digital Downloads Extension website . Each year, more than 100,000 people experience a live performance by Music Maker artists on great stages around the world.
Please call Artist Services Coordinator Aaron Greenhood today and make your next event a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone involved. Additionally, users can take their creations add videos or photos and upload directly to YouTube™.
Create a blog to add news updates, sell digital or physical products, add photos & videos on the gallery page, promote upcoming events, and much more.
For the price the Music Maker Theme is a no-brainer, stop messing with SoundClick, Bandcamp or these expensive website designers.
Having your own self-hosted blog means you can upload as many beats as you like with larger files sizes. This theme allows music makers to set up their own beat shop and be independent of any third party services you have to pay a monthly fee for. The Music Maker not only offers a beat store that focuses only on your music, but it is a full blown website. There are some plugins that use code which conflicts with code used in this theme and will make this theme not function properly. WordPress handles all of the content for you (posts, pages, comments), while the theme transforms that content into a beautiful and clean layout for your visitors to see. However, due to obvious constraints, support is only guaranteed for the original theme code. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the theme, I am more than happy to provide support and resolve the situation. Hip Hop Makers has been up and running for over 7 years, helping music makers by sharing knowledge and resources. The diversity of the American Roots musicians we represent allow talent buyers to choose from Piedmont Blues, Electric Blues, Old-time, singer songwriters, Native American or to develop dynamic variety shows featuring multiple disciplines and generations of traditional American artists.
Music Maker 15 packages all of these features in an incredibly simple and user friendly interface.
This theme has clean code and an options panel that will allow you to make changes fast without having to touch any code. If your circumstance can't be resolved with support, you are welcome to contact me with an explanation of your situation. We do try to help with these topics in our Knowledge Base, but once again your experience with the theme will be dependent on your knowledge of WordPress and if you follow our tutorials.

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