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I didn’t know what sales funnel is until I got one and it is happened to be inside the marketing system I use. It is step-by-step process of capturing the attention of a potential customers and turning them into a buyers. The Sales Funnel consist two critical components: Front End (the top of the funnel) and the Back End product.
To give you a better picture of what the Sales Funnel is I show you the diagram of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) funnel below. You have to use marketing strategies such as PPC Ads (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), Forum posts, Banners, Blogging.  Capture your traffic utilizing those strategies and direct it to your personal capture page.
Once you established good relationship with your prospects you can introduce then to your primary business. From the above MLSP diagram you can see that all first 4 steps are considered to be Front end of the funnel and your primary business opportunity (another words you MLM) will be the Back end. I’m not one to hype up another launch, so this will most likely be the only post I do for Lead System Network (at least until June 1st).
The reality is 40,000 people have locked their spots and 1,000 to 1,500 more people are signing up every day.
Watch this compensation plan video where Ken Rankin breaks down the different levels and how the pay plan works. The Empower Network Compensation Plan Explained – Are 100% Commissions Really Possible? The coolest lead management and marketing tools, like autoresponders, live chat, viral blogging platform, webinars, and so much more.
Resell an incredibly valuable tool suite saving your customers over 80% OFF when buying the same tools separately. LSN was created by the leader in replicating sales systems and in collaboration with the best marketers in the field. Automated Selling using LSN Tools.With LSN you can use lead capture pages and sales funnels to do the heavy lifting for you. Succeeding without an online marketing system in place spells failure right from the start.

I too built my business at first, using traditional methods of approaching friends and relatives. Everyone preached the value of being persistent and consistent but neither of these equaled tangible results. Didn’t lesson 1 touch on the fact that for profits in a traditional business you needed to have a marketing system? Let’s look at what a regular retail business does to get customers, in other words, generate leads. The same applies to Network Marketing and attracting qualified prospects to you to be part of your health MLM business. Wouldn’t you rather learn how to “attract prospects to you instead of chasing after them?
Before that I was participating in many sales funnels without even realizing it, by consuming products online that were sold to me by sales funnels. This diagram presents marketing strategies and sequence of steps used for effective implementation of MLSP system.
Very helpful for network marketers to be successful to their careers and gains more knowledge to their careers. I’ll keep it real with you and tell you that NOT all those people will activate their spots come June 1st. A dynamic and creative compensation plan that brings the best of direct sales and leveraging plans together.
The system will follow up automatically with emails, texts,voice broadcasting and even post cards to their address. You will have a variety of real world products like webinars, live chat, Blogs and responders. As we saw in Wake Up Call #2, there are 3 parts to making a profit: marketing, training and a compensation plan. I would eat and sleep the business only to run into a brick wall when my leads dried up and then I had to spend money on advertisements or buying leads. No one seemed to know how to market and unfortunately, this very reason is why many people fail at network marketing.

It is all about generating leads by capturing attention and dragging people into your sales funnel.
When someone entered your sales funnel to become a prospect they literally agreed to receive some sort of communication from you. No matter what, you have to keep in touch with your prospects through emails.   They can join you in time. There’s also a Matrix in the compensation plan that pays out $1,000 Power Bonus with just a few people. And who knows… if you play your cards right, you can even build another $1,000 to $2,000 monthly income stream. With LSN you will automatically know what leads are HOT with our ‘lead scoring’ technology. I was going nowhere fast even though I knew I had the best product and comp plan in the business.
Sure, people are interested in the products or they wouldn’t come in the first place.
This is permission marketing when your prospects give you the permission to contact them with farther materials. And even if they don’t join your primary opportunity you still can be profiting when they join your affiliate programs. For the serious marketers, there’s some high ticket levels that will pay out $1,000 and $2,500 commissions per sale. These are targeted traffic and the sales clerk is not trying to talk to clients outside on the sidewalk but only talks to those inside the store. To think that it’s all about sharing, getting referrals and keeping secrets is not a great marketing strategy for anyone to duplicate. Using an autoresponder allows you to build your list of prospects and start building a relationship with them.

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