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Businesswoman with pen drawing social network or multi level marketing connection concept illustration on a whiteboard. Si desea hacer una prueba para aprender mas sobre el funcionamiento de la tienda virtual e interactuar con el panel de control, por favor contactenos via telefonica y le estaremos enviando por correo electronico un password de entrada. Home buyers face several challenges when deciding how much money to put down on their home purchase and much can depend on the type of mortgage you plan on getting. The Cost of Buying Down Your Mortgage Interest Rate – If you’re concerned with a lower monthly payment and only interested in a fixed rate mortgage you’ll most likely pay an upfront fee called “discount points”. A Larger Down Payment Means More Equity – The larger your down payment means less money you have to borrow and the more equity you have in your home. Qualifying For A Loan – Home Buyers who are facing challenges qualifying for a mortgage should weigh which option (discount points or larger down payment) is likely to help them qualify. Remember, there is no right answer for all home buyers that need a mortgage to purchase their dream home.

If you’re interested in learning more about home ownership in your city be sure to visit “The Home Buyer’s Korner” to the top of our blog.
Nuestras tiendas virtuales son escalables, es decir puedes adicionar modulos extras para realizar nuevas funciones. Most lenders will charge approximately one discount point (1% of the loan amount) to lower your mortgage rate by one eighth of one percent in mortgage interest rate. In some instances, using a combination of down payment and lower rates will make the difference.
All of the factors that impact your mortgage loan and your overall financial situation must be considered when you’re preparing for your home mortgage loan, so be sure to discuss discount points with your loan officer before committing to a specific mortgage loan program.
Here you’ll find great information from local real estate agents, mortgage lenders and general contractors to assist you in your path to home ownership. There are pros and cons to doing both and each home buyer’s situation will be different, so it’s important to understand which option is best for your individual needs.

Before you pay any discount points you need to calculate the amount of money you are going to save monthly and then determine how many months it will take to recover your investment, then compare that to how long you plan on living in the home or keeping your mortgage.
La cantidad de productos es ilimitadas y es el tipo de tienda que puedes adaptar a negocios de gran volumen y con todas las posibilidades de pago y envio. Remember discount points are tax deductible, so be sure to advise your tax preparer when the time comes and provide them with a copy of your closing statement.

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