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9 Mistakes Most Businesses Make on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] – Getting into social is so easy, many business jump right in without a second though. Call Gap: Survey Finds 54 Percent Of Search Marketers Don’t Track Phone Conversions From Search Campaigns – How important are offline phone calls to search marketers?
One Third of Companies Fail to Measure Data Quality ROI – Two fifths of companies surveyed recently by Experian Data Quality spend more than $1 million annually on data quality technology, and another 22% spends at least $500,000, but a significant number of them do not calculate the return on their investment from data quality tools. 4 in 5 Companies Report Steady or Increasing Costs-Per-Lead – A slim majority of marketers and salespeople from around the world say that their lead generation effectiveness is improving, while just 1 in 10 see it worsening, finds Ascend2 and its Research Partners in a new study [download page]. Google Analytics Rolls Out New Tag Manager Tools – Google analytics launched a new set of tools for Tag Manager users, including new APIs, third-party templates and a refreshed user interface.
Samsung sent journalists invititations to a 'Samsung Unpacked' event, pictured, at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, last month. Leaks of Samsung's new menu system show a series of 'smart cards' showing information to users than can change depending on where they are or what they are doing. Seeing double: Two version of the S5 are expected to go on sale in April, a metal and a plastic versionLee also discussed the possibility a future model of the phone could feature iris recognition technology, yet did not confirm if it would be added to S5 or not.
Biometric experts at New York-based firm EyeLock have created a dongle fitted with an iris scanner.
Some analysts claimed the Korean firm had rushed the production of the gadget in order to beat Apple to releasing a smartwatch, and the design suffered.
Iris scanning is more secure than fingerprint scanning, and the technology involved is cheaper, making it a more obvious choice to add to future models.

Samsung is set to release its next flagship phone - the Galaxy S5 - between March and April. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Everyone is doing it, right?  Check out these 9 mistakes many businesses are making on social and how you can make sure you aren’t making them. According to a study published recently by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers, the number of videos Facebook admins directly upload to the site could soon surpass videos linked from YouTube.
Google has reported that 70 percent of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search results.
LinkedIn is their platform of choice, favoured by 94 percent of B2B brands, ahead of Twitter (88 percent), Facebook (84 percent), Google (72 percent) and Google+ (64 percent).  Check the visual in this link for more insights, which comes courtesy of Uberflip. While that may be the case, respondents (chiefly B2B-focused) were more likely to say that their costs-per-lead are increasing (25%) than decreasing (19%).
Unquestionably UX is so critical (sorry, having trouble deploying SUX!), as is the balance of generative vs. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Rumours have suggested Samsung is working on a follow-up to its Galaxy Gear smartwatch since last year, too, and this could be unveiled at the same time as the S5.
Iris scanning involves a simple charge-coupled device digital camera that uses visible and near-infrared light to take a clear, high-contrast image of a persona€™s iris.
This week, PwC and Strategy& released their holiday predictions and it’s not nearly as rosy.

When the camera takes the image, a scanner plots the centre of the pupil, edge of the pupil, edge of the iris, eyelids and eyelashes. These unique images are then translated into an encrypted code.A  The scan takes between 10 and 20 seconds and the authentication code is created immediately. Next time the eye is scanned, this code is compared to the pattern to authenticate a match.
Next time the user visits one of these accounts, instead of entering a password, they can scan their eyes for immediate and secure access.
The iris scanner would not be the first time Samsung has introduced eye-tracking technology.
Its Galaxy S4 includes a feature that locks onto the movement and position of a usera€™s eyes.The phone can analyse where the user is looking and will automatically scroll a web page when the eyes reach the bottom of the screen, for example, or lock the screen when the user looks away.
Both of Samsung's new devices are expected to be unveiled during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.
They will likely then go on sale in Korea in March, before being rolled out worldwide in April.

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