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There are at least three artists with that name: 1) Omi (real name Omar Samuel Pasley) was born on September 3, 1986 in Clarendon, Jamaica. For him, this was no easy feat to accomplish, as his dad was not only outstanding at painting portraits, but also a great musician known in the industry as Jah Ken. However, before Jah Ken could pass on all he knew about both vocations, he died of emphysema when Omi was only nine years old. His dad’s passing left a vacuum in his world and as young as he was, Omi pledged to use his talents to keep his family anchored together. His friends were fascinated with the cutting edge lyrics he trilled and voiced their approval by drumming on the desks and chairs, while maintaining the rhythm to the lyrics he spun.

As he grew older and his voice became more distinct, he also found singing more to his liking.
Omi is a prolific singer and songwriter inspired by stars such as Nat King Cole, John Legend and Tanya Stephens. He enjoys reasoning on social, cultural and spiritual issues from which he solicits material to incorporate in the body of his songs. Omi’s fluid vocal delivery and his contemporary song writing skills will no doubt secure successive hits on both local and international charts.
Omi started Djing at the age of 17 and since then played all over the world (Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Holland, Germany, Portugal and in the Usa).

Naturally talented, willing to learn and to work hard he rapidly developped and used his musical competences to produce his own music and find his own style. In 2004 he started producing electronic music and as he got to discover various musical styles he found himself particularly interested in foreign hardcore techno music.

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