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With advertising agencies in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, we´re always on the lookout for fresh talent at Artifact.
Check back regularly to see if there´s a vacancy in your particular field, or contact our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices directly to find out more.
Be responsible for driving strategy engagements that may include research and insights, marketing strategy, trend analysis, digital roadmap development, and more depending on client needs. Artifact Advertising is a full 360 integrated, independent advertising agency.We have an exciting opportunity for a dynamic digital guru with a passion and ability to think about digital in the context of a brand or campaign strategy. 1.2) Current and relevant knowledge about SA digital and social penetration, trends and usage Statistics, objectives, and potential of all the above forms part of the knowledge set that informs your Digital Strategies. Clearly written briefs, logical flow in strategy presentations and the ability to communicate effectively with a diversely skilled internal team are integral to this role. Experience with digital and social budgets and managing these effectively throughout a campaign, including media. The ability to conceptualise groundbreaking digital campaign ideas while maintaining the logic needed to implement these practically.
Experience in analyzing Google analytics, Facebook insights and other metrics platforms such as Social Bakers, Hootsuite, ORM platforms. The ability to tailor these for different client reviews, and monthly reports into one cohesive, well thought through professional presentation or document.
The knowledge and experience to analyse the data intelligently (from a big picture perspective) and include relevant and valuable insights and recommendations to the client in every report and review.
As a specialist in your field you will be called upon to explain, educate, conceptualize, add value to brainstorms and present on many occasions both internally and for clients.
You will need to develop great internal working relationships with Social Media Department, Client service department, Development Department, Creative department, and Copywriting as your strategies, ideas and campaign management will input into all of these aspects of the business. Artifact Advertising a 360 integrated, independent agency is looking for a candidate who has mastered motion graphic production for video and multimedia purposes including rich media, presentations, animation, video production and editing. JavaScript or JavaScript library´s such as Jquery or moo-tools (integrating these plugins).
The applicant must demonstrate an understanding for design and must be able to translate and build given designs into web.
The ideal candidate will be an innovative, creative, self-starter with a passion for digital marketing.
This is a great opportunity for a candidate with a sound understanding of paid search marketing and who is looking for the opportunity to expand their skills in the wider online marketing mix. As a part of a knowledgeable and passionate digital marketing team, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management, reporting, analysis, development and recommendations of some of our key paid search accounts. Ideally, the candidate needs to be comfortable working with Excel and have a passion for numbers - and how to get them to grow in the right direction. Proven recent experience in PPC marketing, utilising the latest analytics and bid management tools to drive return on investment is essential. Day-to-day management of multiple PPC accounts towards delivering a positive ROI based on specific client objectives (including set up, tracking, optimization and reporting on campaigns).
Attending client meetings and developing good working relationships with clients and digital contacts. Good client management skills with the willingness and the confidence to work with senior clients.
Ideally, the candidate needs to be comfortable working with Excel and have a passion for numbers » and how to get them to grow in the right direction.
Create digital elements to maintain current online store, social media channels and other digital platforms. Partner with the project teams through all stages of each project to ensure compliance to the brief, strategic direction and time allocation. Ensure the design director reviews work for approval prior to being forwarded to the client and prior to presentations.
Demonstrate competency in evaluating creative work and contribute positively to creative development.

Maintain awareness of digital design and industry trends and an up-to-date knowledge of the communications mix.
Maintain a strong understanding of the design and marketing landscape and identify industry developments that can add value. Highly proficient in the Adobe Suite of programs including Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and After Effects.
Knowledge and experience of the content lifecycle and content management systems and process. Artifact Advertising is looking for a passionate Social Media Community Manager and digital thinker to be a part of our Growing Social Media and Digital Strategy Department, within our fast expanding full service agency environment. While your priority is to constantly engage with your brand communities across multiple platforms online, you will be setting and surpassing Social Media targets and KPIs, working with project teams on 360 campaigns (digital, social, ATL, BTL) including dealing with various media agencies, implementing these on your platforms, submitting flawless reports with intelligent insights, presenting and pitching to clients and agency and never dropping a ball! As a Creative agency we expect conceptual and strategic thinking in everything we do - no matter how small it may seem. We need you to add value to every creative brief whilst having an in-depth knowledge of the clients brand CI and how it needs to be implemented online. Impeccable grammar and spelling, with a creative flair to your writing style tailored to suit each client.
The confidence and competence to call together and manage brainstorms, project teams and campaigns with minimal supervision and quick, effective results. A good following on your own platforms and a knowledge of and connection to South African Social media Influencers. A genuine passion for Digital and Social media, what it means for communication and what it means for the future of advertising. Minimum two years of relevant experience leveraging social media in a corporate, marketing or brand-building capacity. Evian plans to introduce both a new online delivery system and new digital device to consumers in 2013.
The company’s shift toward e-commerce and direct consumer interaction are the result of the recent growth of the bottled water market, along with the desire to make it easy and convenient for consumers to replenish their water supplies. In addition to calling for a major investment from parent company, Danone, Evian’s new online delivery system required a change in brand strategy since the company had previously positioned itself as an exclusive luxury product as opposed to a highly accessible consumer necessity.
Still, Evian executives said the online marketing move was based on the company’s tradition of innovation, as well as their focus on meeting market needs.
At MDG, our 360° marketing approach uses just the right mix of traditional and online media to reach your marketing goals. This entry was posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2012 at 1:38 pm and is filed under General, Industry News, Online Marketing. At StarMedia, we use the latest research, industry best practices and data insights to make sure your marketing connects with your customers. We leverage our audiences, multi-media products and expertise to maximize your marketing investments. We are an Indianapolis next-generation media company that empowers communities and businesses to connect, act and thrive.
A balanced media diet is critical for moving Indianapolis-area consumers through their purchase cycles. Whether you need search marketing, targeted emails, a better social media presence, or display ads, we can help you choose the right mix to build your brand and reach your goals.
We use the latest research, apply industry best practices, and analyze data to make sure your media and marketing investments are working hard and working together. This highly visible and highly accountable role requires a unique combination of skills, experience, and marketing acumen. We have an exciting opportunity for a dynamic digital account executive with a passion and ability to think about digital in the context of a brand or campaign strategy.
The ideal candidate will be an innovative, creative, independent thinker who adds value to our rapidly growing team, with a passion for digital channels from web to social within the context of fully integrated strategies. We have an exciting opportunity for a dynamic team player to join their growing operation in our Cape Town branch.

You will work collaboratively within the digital marketing team, developing digital marketing solutions that complement our client´s 360-degree marketing strategies. We are about results, and applicants with a passion for (and proven experience in) driving CPCs down and conversions up will be at an advantage. You will work within the digital marketing team, developing digital marketing solutions that complement our client´s 360-degree services. We need someone who naturally approaches any concept and content with a 360 mindset i.e - how can we implement or leverage this in ATL, BTL, Store level, In-store promotions, Activations, other digital and online media channels. The devices themselves are designed to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing with a simple push-button layout and clean white shell. Considering that research revealed that one of consumers’ main problems was the heavy weight of bottled water, Evian’s online delivery system seems to be a natural evolution to help them outperform the wave of competitors and stay relevant to consumers of tomorrow.
While some industries may fare better on TV and others online, we strive to create a balanced approach where digital and traditional marketing efforts support each other and your message is tailored to the medium.
That means helping you send the right message, to the right customers, at the right time—not just throwing money at the latest trend. Your leadership is required to identify business goals and objectives, develop strategic plans and suitable channels to reach defined target markets, delve into research, inspire and lead ideation, and present strategic recommendations to clients, and assess campaign performance.
The company will offer free delivery of a  15-euro purchase and pick up empty bottles for recycling. Just bring an enquiring mind, a passion for what you do, and a sense of humour we can relate to. The new Smart Drop device will feature a WiFi-enabled magnet with an LED screen that attaches to the refrigerator and allows for water delivery with the push of a button. I went to their advertising section but it only contained the rates for advertising on their site. Targeted to single-family homes and small businesses, both will debut in the Paris area and eventually expand into other global markets. On the other hand, if google doesn't tell me what percentage they are paying but I get something substantial, I'm theirs for life? Its always good to get these questions because it helps us to improve our system and our message.For what its worth, I'll keep everyone updated on our progress.
The problem we had more publishers than advertisers and that took more money from our pockets than put in it!
As at a year ago from now, the nigerian public certainly wasnt as sensiized to online advertising as it is now and it can only improve! In our bid to get more advertisers, we realised quickly that if ever it was gonna work, the market wasnt the small businesses cos they hardly had a budget for advertising much less online ads, and when they managed to squeeze something out, they wanted the results immediately, which was another problem. So what did we do, we looked to the bigger businesses that had advertising budgets and we changed the game!
Our team consist of professionals, certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) and other world acclaimed professional bodies, our delivery and values has built for us a reputation over time. They will sign an agreement upon arrival in Moscow and pay half tuition fee ($1900 by September 25-26 and $1900 in January). Advertisement should be about interest and thats one of the benefits of AdverBusiness Network, when i place advert i can actually choose the demography of people i want to advertise to and they target those people for me. They help comapnies and small businesses to create, market and analyzie their online advertising campaigns. They also help companies with video marketing and Search engine optimiztion(0) (Reply) How To Get Facebook Page And Twitter Verification For Nigerian Businesses.

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