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Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for The Times of India Newspaper. Are you looking to build brand awareness around your product and drive traffic to your booth? Introducing online advertising opportunities for the PGA Fall Expo show designed to target your specific audience and maximize your brand exposure pre-Show, during the Show and long after. By advertising online your company will maintain high visibility on the main entry and exit pages and attendees will be just a click away from your website. We provide analytics reports at the end of your ad campaign showing impressions and click through counts per day. For banner ads to start on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, the creative ad file should be sent to NCR by Thursday at 3 p.m.

Any ads received after the original planned start date will have their campaign extended to make up for the late time, as availability allows. The Times of India is available nationwide , particularly in metro cites because it is an English language newspaper and is considered the elitist of all. NCR will work with the advertiser for a mutually agreeable time frame and spot for each late ad.
Its a daily newspaper covering authentic news, which is the reason for it huge circulation. If other arrangements are needed either by NCR or the advertiser, we are happy to work with other time considerations. We know you want your ad online, and will do everything possible to make sure that we work with your design time constraints or other considerations.

Its main content is the news ; however , it also features a huge number of classified advertisements in various sections which adds to another reason for its popularity. It also has the supplementary news sections as a glamour quotient that talks about Films and entertainment from Bollywood to Hollywood.

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