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Si Amazon puede recomendarme libros de las tematicas que me gustan basado en las compras de otros usuarios, he pensado que yo podria sugerirles libros sobre Marketing Online, siendo que tenemos esa afinidad en comun. Vereis que no todos los libros que listare parecen tener que ver especificamente con el Marketing Online, sin embargo y en mi experiencia, cada uno de ellos sienta bases solidas sobre las que luego podras sustentar estrategias y tacticas para tu empresa, ademas de que en el conjunto te ayudaran a tener una vision holistica de los factores exogenos y endogenos que afectan a los mercados, productos y audiencias, enriqueciendo tu criterio para planificar y ejecutar.
Una lectura ligera y entretenida que nos hace reflexionar sobre los momentos en los que debemos abandonar y en los que debemos empujar mas. Este economista conductual, no solo esta cambiando las teorias basicas de la economia, sino que esta revolucionando la manera en la que entendemos el comportamiento de las personas, y en concreto, de los consumidores. Nadie puede discutir que hoy en dia Google Adwords sigue teniendo hegemonia como principal generador de negocio online entre los distintos canales digitales que un marketeer. Justin y compania son verdaderos gurus de GA y han cubierto en este libro, sin escatimar secretos, como puedes utilizar desde un nivel basico hasta uno muy avanzado, para mejorar la rentabilidad y performance general de tu negocio online, optimizando campanas, usabilidad, procesos de compra, etc, etc. Conoci a Brian en Barcelona porque es una eminencia en Optimizacion de Conversiones y es un gran analista web, pero este libro no me lo esperaba porque no es su area de especialidad.
Libros de Email Marketing he leido varios, pero he de decir que no me gusta especialmente la bibliografia que hay sobre esta tematica. A Arthur tuve el gusto de conocer en Chicago hace varios anos y me dejo pasmado porque es un veterano que demostraba saber mas de bases de datos, emails y marketing directo en general, que cualquiera de las jovenes estrellas que ese ano estaban en el DMA. Me gustaria poder tener una lista de 20 libros, porque tengo la sensacion de dejar algunos fuera y que son de gran valor. Lleva mas de 15 anos trabajando, formando y asesorando empresas en Marketing Estrategico y Online.
Claramente Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs de Brian Halligan (Author), Brian Halligan (Author) y David Meerman Scott (Foreword). La gente ahora estan recurriendo cada vez mas a Google, las redes sociales y los blogs para encontrar los productos y servicios.
Inbound Marketing es una guia practica para lograr ser encontrado a traves de Google, la blogosfera y las redes sociales. This content was accessible as of December 29, 2012, and it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book. PDF copies of this book were generated using Prince, a great tool for making PDFs out of HTML and CSS. For more information on the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see the project's home page. helps people like you help teachers fund their classroom projects, from art supplies to books to calculators.
When writing for the Web, it does not mean that traditional approaches to copywriting need to be ditched.
Understanding your audience will guide you in determining the topics that they want to read about and will help you to organize information in a way that makes sense to your audience.
Personas are based on the profile of readers of your copya€”the visitors to your Web site and potential customers. Web site copy can be structured in such a way that it caters for several personas, but you need to spend time understanding their needs before you are able to write copy that addresses these needs with conviction. Understanding the profiles of your readers is an important element, and the best copy usually results from extensive time spent figuring out who your audience is. When writing on behalf of clients, it is very important that you have clearly understood what their corporate a€?personalitya€? is so that you can convey this in your copy without deviating from their corporate identity or diluting their brand ethos.
Writing an online copya€”guidelines document will enable you to fall back on the styles, conventions, and voice that you are required to write for. By sticking to style conventions, you will assist the audience in familiarizing themselves with author personas. A good online copywriter will also be able to use basic HTML (hypertext markup language), knowing that it is the appealing layout of the page that will get their words read.
Readers online are usually strapped for time and need to decide quickly whether or not to read a page.
While clever wordplay in headings and titles can attract some attention, online these need to be written as descriptively as possible. HTML stands for hypertext markup language, and ita€™s the foundation of documents on the Internet. When writing online copy, you can use an HTML editor, where you insert the tags yourself, or a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which works in a similar way to a word processor.
Basic HTML is simple to implement and will help you to lay out your content in an easy-to-read way. The tags also help search engines to identify how the content has been laid out on the page. The best way to get to grips with HTML is to start using it online where you can see how the tags work. It should be easy for users to skip and skim the copy so that it is easy for them to find the parts that are most relevant to them.
Copy is informing visitors of what to expect and also telling the search engine spiders what the page is about. When writing for the Web, why are descriptive titles better than titles that play on words? Viral marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that aims to result in a message spreading exponentially.
Word of mouth has existed as long as there have been words and mouths, but it is a fairly recent phenomenon in the world of marketing. As the connected nature of the Internet has allowed for easier spreading and tracking of word-of-mouth information, it has become possible to see how this can be modeled on the spread of a virus in a population. MSN Hotmail, the Web e-mail service purchased by Microsoft, grew to thirty million members in just two and a half years from its launch in July 1996. Organic (or in-the-wild) campaignsCampaigns that have been strategically planned, have defined goals for the brand being marketed, and usually have a distinct method of passing on the message. Amplified (or controlled) campaignsCampaigns that grow with little or no input from the marketer.
Organic word of mouthInformation that is passed between people, as opposed to messages from a company to people. When successful, this type of campaign can build tremendous brand equity at a marginal cost.
Amplified (or controlled) campaigns have been strategically planned, have defined goals for the brand being marketed, and usually have a distinct method of passing on the message (that can be tracked and quantified by the marketer).
With correct planning, a viral campaign can provide plenty of link love for your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It can be difficult to measure brand awarenessA measure of how quickly a brand is called to mind., but this is usually the chief aim of any viral campaign. Viral campaigns can also drive direct response, from newsletter sign-ups, to collaboration on consumer-generated media (CGM), to purchases that can be directly correlated to the campaign.
Stormhoek has won awards for its innovative use of social media to disrupt the wine market and increase wine sales, and Christmas 2006 saw that happen once again.
There are two main types of viral marketing campaigns: amplified (or controlled) and organic (or in the wild). Viral marketing uses peoplea€™s electronic connectivity to increase the velocity of word of mouth. When sponsored by a brand, the message builds awareness of a product or service and can provide qualified prospects for the organization to pursue. A video created by your department and watched by millions of people on the Internet is certainly an attractive proposition, but if it does nothing to contribute to your business goals, it is a fun but pointless exercise.

Determine if your campaign will be aimed at building brand awareness, driving traffic to your Web site, growing anticipation for a new product, building lots of SEO links, or making sure customers make a purchase right away. Using controversial or enticing names for viral content makes it more likely that your audience will want to investigate further.
Viral marketers can make use of existing social media both as an environment in which to host their message and as a means to share their message. For best response, personalize e-mails automated by the sharing process (with subject lines like a€?Your friend Mark Hunter thought youa€™d find this amusinga€?).
For campaigns that require interaction, it should be as easy as possible for users to sign up and get interacting. Ita€™s a viral marketing campaign for a brand, and marketers who pretend otherwise can see the attempt blowing up in their faces. Incentives can be financial: a gift voucher for every five friends the campaign is sent to.
Sophisticated alternate reality games (ARGs)A game that takes place in both the real world and in a fantasy world, and usually involves an online component. With any successful campaign, the spread of the message can usually be traced to several core influencers: those people responsible for the viral growth. Be aware, as well, that editorial mentions in traditional media can also create a huge amount of traffic for a campaign, so press releases still need to be part of the seeding process. Analyze what elements of the campaign work, so that when the next one is launched, these can be optimized. Careful planning and great content with an enticing incentive should all result in a campaign that is successful.
Viral marketing campaigns can be unpredictable, but careful planning can go a long way to ensuring success.
With a viral campaign flying around the Internet, a company should be ready to capitalize on the benefits of the campaign.
Ensure that all parties know about the viral marketing campaign so that they can be prepared for any feedback that arises from this.
With millions of people being exposed to a brand, a company should plan to make the most of this first contact. Consider the additional traffic and traction if the campaign becomes a case study, archived and accessed by marketers, journalists, and other interested parties.
If possible, keep relevant Web sites up and running and games still available once a campaign has finished. If a viral campaign takes off, it may produce a lot of traffic to the advertisera€™s Web site. A marketing success report is good idea, as online conversations continue to generate traffic and links to a companya€™s site. Players were given a global position at the end of each lap, and every player who completed a lap of the Firebox track won a A?5 Firebox voucher.
The hook: A system of private leagues was devised where players could invite four friends or colleagues to join a leader board.
Why do you think leader boards were an important contributing factor to the success of this campaign? De hecho, espero que sumeis vuestras sugerencias en comentarios para enriquecer la lista y compartir asi fuentes de conocimiento que nos nutran a todos. Muchas de las ideas que impulsamos (nuestras o de otros) son susceptibles de tener exito, pero no siempre.
Conocer esto nos ofrece la posibilidad de utilizar estos mecanismos a nuestro favor en los planes de comunicacion. Sin embargo, junto a Evengii, han cubierto no solo las bases de la Gestion de Afiliacion, sino tambien algunos temas de mayor envergadura sobre como puedes crear un programa de Afiliacion exitoso y perdurable en el tiempo. Aun asi, de elegir uno que toca la mayoria de los temas que considero clave considerar para garantizar una estrategia y aplicacion tactica exitosa de un programa de email marketing, elijo este de Baggot, porque es claro y se sustenta en casos, estadisticas, y matematica basica para demostrar lo que funciona y lo que no. Su libro es una delicia de lectura porque combina con gran habilidad su experiencia con el sentido comun, para hacerte entender la importancia de la gestion profesional de una Base de datos para su monetizacion. Tony nos explica el secreto de su exito partiendo de la comprension de que la unica manera de frenar la promiscuidad digital de los internautas, es tenerlos fascinados y enganchados emocionalmente por una compania que se especializa en servir y satisfacer. Pero el ejercicio de priorizar y resumir lo mas importante creo que esta hecho y espero que os sirvan las recomendaciones. Licenciado en Marketing con Master en Comercio Electronico y Posgrado en Marketing Interactivo y Digital.
Inbound Marketing le ayuda a tomar ventaja de este cambio al mostrar como encontrar a los clientes de forma Online. Aprender marketing puede ser muy conveniente teniendo en cuenta la gran disponibilidad laboral que poseen hoy en dia los profesionales en esta area.
Buenas practicas, tendencias y trucos para que mejores los resultados de tus campanas por email. See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author (but see below), don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms. However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed.
Pick out someone you know who fits your audience, or make someone up, and write for that person.
Creating a profile is all about considering the needs and desires of your Web site visitors and effectively meeting them.
Understanding and sticking to this corporate voice is just as important as the audience you are tailoring your content for. This way, they will know what bits of content go where in a document, and this allows for easier navigation. It needs to appear to be well structured and easy to read before a visitor will choose to read it. It should be easy for users to skip and skim the copy, effortlessly finding the parts that are most relevant to them.
The copy is multitasking: not only is it informing visitors of what to expect, it is also telling search engine spiders what the page is about.
Thata€™s not to say that there werena€™t viral marketing campaigns before that, but as the Internet developed, so have the electronic tools for passing on information. Positive word of mouth can have a tremendous impact on a brand and can take up little to nothing of the marketing departmenta€™s budget. Viral marketing campaigns work when a message is spread exponentially and it results in a desired outcome for a brand. However, the lure of exponential growthIf growth more than doubles with each iteration, it is exponential., at a very low marginal cost, means that they are being attempted more often. A large part of its exponential growth is attributed to the sign-up link that was in the footer of every e-mail sent with the service.
Sometimes, a message is passed around in a viral nature without any intention from the marketer.
Because the communication takes place directly between consumers, the marketer has to be prepared to let go of their brand so that the message and flow of communication is not restricted.
Bear that in mind, and make sure that the campaign is targeting the right demographic and that branding is clear without detracting from the social nature of a viral campaign. BBC News reported on December 1 that a€?queues have formed at one store while the Threshers Web site has crashed under the strain of demand for the offer.a€? And within the first five days of the offer, Threshers reported a 60 percent increase in weekend sales, with many stores selling one weeka€™s worth of wine in a single day, queues out the door, and stocks depleted by 80 percent in some shops.
Stormhoek found that being at the center of a viral marketing phenomenon saw branding and sales increase.

People with similar interests, needs, and lifestyles tend to pass on and share interesting and entertaining content. As the market becomes saturated with more campaigns competing for attention, it is increasingly difficult for marketers to ensure a hit. Viral campaigns should always build you links, whether or not that is a main aim of the campaign. For videos, thumbnails are exceptionally important in enticing visitors to hit the play button. E-mails should include a€?forward to a frienda€? links, and a a€?send to a frienda€? link can be added easily to any Web page. For example, using a popular video-hosting site, such as YouTube, for a viral video makes it easy for users to embed the video onto their own sites. Lengthy sign-up forms asking for lots of information will slow and can even halt your campaign. Studies have shown that branding does not have a significant detrimental effect to the contagious nature of a viral campaign. People like to be seen by their friends and colleagues as resourceful, caring, or humorous, and the content you create should tie in with those values. Influencers tend to affect a large number of people either by sending the message to lots of people or by causing lots of people to want to emulate them. If you have taken the time to create compelling and engaging content, make the most of the interaction you have with a potential customer.
Nothing will kill a campaign faster than it being unavailable, and this has happened countless times. If there is a cryptic element involved, or information that should not be released, ensure that all employees know about this. As well providing all the tools to send a campaign on, a well-planned campaign will also ask their audience permission to keep in touch with them. Make the most of this additional latent traffic avenue by preparing useful case studies, screenshots, and contact details. Employees may use fake names to try to seedThe process of initiating a viral campaign through strategic online placement. Everyone in that league was e-mailed a personal Web site link and scores were updated in real time. Y saber cuando tirar la toalla con una idea es tan necesario como saber cuando hay que continuar impulsandola aun cuando las condiciones parezcan adversas. Conoci a Dave en IESE hace algo mas de un ano, y quede encantado con su vision de las Relaciones Publicas 2.0. El libro trata las principales claves de marketing en la pyme, siendo uno de ellos el marketing digital.
You may also download a PDF copy of this book (26 MB) or just this chapter (434 KB), suitable for printing or most e-readers, or a .zip file containing this book's HTML files (for use in a web browser offline). The first step you need to take is to research your target audience, understand their needs, and write copy that solves their problems and answers their questions while engaging with them. In copywriting, this person who fits your audience is a personaA character used to represent a group of visitors to a Web site.. While your audience is not literally one person (and if it is, thank your mom for reading your Web site, but spend some time on growing your readership), it is not a vast, vaguely defined crowd.
You may also download a PDF copy of this book (26 MB) or just this chapter (1 MB), suitable for printing or most e-readers, or a .zip file containing this book's HTML files (for use in a web browser offline).
In Chapter 8 "Social Media", you learned some of the ways that marketers can tap into the media that promote this kind of trust. When the company launched, every outgoing message from this platform contained an advertisement for Hotmail and a link to its Web site at the bottom of the e-mail.
Usually this happens with negative messages about a brand, but it can also be a happy coincidence for a brand if the message is positive.
Word of mouth increased sales from an all time low of 30,000 in 1994, to 430,000 in 1995, and to four times that the following year.
This is vital to ensuring the viral campaign is a success, as people are more likely to try a new product or fulfill the campaign goal if their friend or a trusted source referred them. While there might be a microsite created for the viral campaign, ensure that it is easy to link to the main Web site. In November 2006, Threshers put a voucher on its Web site offering 40 percent off all wines and champagnes between November 30 and December 10. In addition to television and print press mentions, Stormhoek saw sales of its wines increase at other stores, not just at Threshers. Because of this, you should try to influence the anchor texta€”or the visible, clickable text in a linka€”being used. Research your target market and make sure that they can access your campaign easily based on their usual online habits.
However, influencers are difficult to identify prior to success, and so seeding a campaign should attract as large an audience as possible. Chapter 11 "Online Reputation Management" provides guidelines for the process of listening online. Build on the nature of the campaign and ensure that future communications are not far removed from the viral campaign. Even though the viral marketing campaign may be over, make sure it appears in online conversations and continues to generate traffic and links for your company. Todo lo que ensena tiene directa aplicacion en el dia a dia de la empresa, especialmente en un departamento de comunicacion y PR, pero tambien para community managers y operadores de redes sociales. Instead, online we have many niche audiences who are used to being addressed as individuals.
Messages passed on from a€?a person like mea€? is word-of-mouth marketing, and online that same message can be passed on through social media. It harnesses the electronic connectivity of individuals to ensure marketing messages are referred from one person to another. If the campaign is growing, but the message is not as intended, there might need to be some adjustments made. Communities are quick to pick up on false commentary, and this can be disastrous for a campaign. Online, many of the individuals in our audience also exchange information via blogs, forums, and other forms of social media.
Recipients could simply click on the link and sign themselves up, and as they continued to e-mail friends from their new account, the message spread within existing social networks and was passed along with little effort from the company. When Gmail was launched, it was by invitation only, and Google ensured that the invites were scarce.
As with all social media interactions, transparency and authenticity can be far better for traction.
Hotmail went from zero to thirty million users within the first three years, and today has over five hundred million users worldwide.

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