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Well this Internet Marketing Consultant Online Course reveals all and will teach you the secrets of this amazing industry so you can start earning more and working less! You’ll train to become a professional Internet Marketing Consultant, providing expert advice and coaching to business owners who need help improving the effectiveness of their websites. Developed by Internet Marketing professionals the internet marketing consultant online course consists of 60 online video based instructional units that are easy to follow and understand, making learning fun and enjoyable! You’ll follow a real life walkthrough of an entire internet marketing project from start to finish, so you’ll know exactly how to create and deliver a successful marketing campaign from the comfort of your home!
Flexible hours: Your working hours are highly flexible allowing you to put your life first, not your job!
Work remotely: You can work from the comfort of your own home or remotely in any location where you have access to the internet. Earn your true value: Internet Marketing Consultants are extremely valuable to business owners and therefore are paid very well for their expert advice and guidance. Coach business owners using industry leading marketing methods to help increase their profits and bottom-line results. Build a small team of low-cost contractors who handle everything technical so you don’t have to!
This course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS).
With over 1000 courses on offer, Courses For Success aim to help you find the ideal course so that you can improve your skillset and become a valuable asset on the job market. We provide easy to follow online courses that give you the power to improve your life, employability and personal knowledge. You’ve probably noticed that more and more people are using messaging apps on their mobile devices. As it turns out, however, mobile messaging apps are far more important than you might have realized. It’s an interesting phenomenon that, as traditional social media networks such as Facebook have gone mainstream, consumers have been less inclined to share their personal lives through such public channels.
After more than a decade of picking up “friends” – everyone from your BFF to your grandmother to that guy who lived down the hall in your dorm way back in your first year of college (what’s his name again?) – we’ve decided that maybe we’re not 100% comfortable sharing intimate details of our lives with such random and disparate groups of people. Facebook employees are blaming something called “context collapse”: where people, information or expectations from one context invade or encroach upon another. For users confronting collapsed contexts on Facebook, the withholding of personal anecdotes and information isn’t a problem – it is a solution.
For years, Facebook’s strategy has caused regular controversies around user privacy and ethics – blunders that got people exposed, outed and emotionally manipulated along the way. As messaging apps have gained traction, they’ve become the first choice of many for sharing information on a much more personal level. By the beginning of 2015, the top four Messaging Apps collectively had more users than the top four Social Networking Apps, according to BI Intelligence. From those figures, you’d get the impression that nearly three billion people are now using messaging apps. Half (49%) of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use messaging apps, while 41% use apps that automatically delete sent messages, according to a 2015 Pew Internet study. Of course, the desire for privacy isn’t confined to the young, and the messaging apps have plenty of growth in them yet, as consumers of all ages graduate, not just from Facebook but also from limited-functionality SMS texting, to more powerful messaging apps that allow them to share multimedia in realtime, for free (in wifi zones) or nearly free (as part of smartphone pricing bundles).
If you’d like to know a whole lot more about Messaging Apps, we cover the topic in detail in Lesson Two of our new Social Media Refresher online training course.
This entry was posted in 2016, messaging, mobile messaging, mobile messaging apps, New Zealand, NZ, online training, Social Media Courses, use social media for business and tagged friend, messages, Facebook, context, network on May 3, 2016 by Michael Carney. As the mobile phone becomes the dominant communications mechanism, more and more consumers are connecting with each other through one or more specialist messaging applications. Finally, we take a look at the latest tools that will help you manage your social media needs effectively. Any marketer, business owner or executive who is already familiar with the principles and practice of Social Media Marketing but needs an update on the latest developments in the medium.
This entry was posted in 2016, online training, Social Media, Social Media Courses, Social Media Training, Social Media Training Courses and tagged social media, social network, Facebook, examples, options on April 26, 2016 by Michael Carney. There’s something of a balancing act when it comes to representing your brand on Facebook. On the other hand, the sorts of posts that are most likely to be shared are those that are entertaining.
This entry was posted in 2015, Facebook, social sharing and tagged Facebook, website, idea, posts, money on December 11, 2015 by Michael Carney. Join us in this sponsored thought leadership project, featuring insights from many of NZ’s leading marketers and communications professionals. As the title suggests, MARKETING INSIGHTS is a new book collecting advice and opinion from leading NZ marketing professionals, enabling them to demonstrate Thought Leadership in their category. The first edition will be published in late January 2016 and will be distributed free of charge in electronic form to a wide range of New Zealand marketing decision-makers, from small, medium and large organisations. A sponsorship box at the end of the article, featuring the name & logo of your organisation, along with phone, email and website details. The article can be written on your behalf, based on the topic you choose and featuring any key copy points that you wish to specify. This book will be distributed initially as an ebook, offered free of charge via email, to New Zealand marketing decision-makers on our 1600-strong marketing database, to 3000+ current and former participants in our online marketing courses, and also via marketing blogs and social media and through participating industry associations and trade media. The ebook will also, of course, be available for contributing sponsors to distribute freely to clients and prospects. This entry was posted in 2016, content marketing, marketing insights, New Zealand, NZ, thought leaders and tagged database, medium, +GST, prospects, email on December 7, 2015 by Michael Carney.
More dollars than ever are going into digital marketing, according to the latest (February 2015) CMO Survey, conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and just released this week (Ad Age). Spending on digital marketing is expected to increase 12.2% over the next year, with some of the largest growth being seen in social media, mobile and data analytics. That’s a 40% growth in social media spend over the next 12 months, with spend levels expected to more than double over the next five years. This entry was posted in 2016, CMOs, marketing budgets and tagged Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, social media, data, numbers on August 26, 2015 by Michael Carney. If we look at how New Zealand Facebook pages scored this time last year versus this year, the answer is: not so good. As always, of course, there are outliers — Facebook pages that achieve far better results. Most engaged Kiwi Facebook page of all (in percentage terms), at least in mid-June 2015, was the Fox Glacier TOP 10 Holiday Park & Motels page.
The reason for this indecent popularity: a single good Samaritan post that was widely shared.
For a more sustained success formula, check out ZM Online, whose success (272.82%) derives from multiple posts each contributing to total engagement. One common thread that you see across all these pages: these marketers are NOT talking about themselves, surprise surprise!
Media channels such as ZM Online obviously find it really easy to talk about other things that are relevant to their audience, without lapsing into self-promotion. On the other hand, if we look at some of the NZ Facebook pages that are under-performing the average, we typically find plenty of posts that Facebook has deemed self-promotional and not to be shared (without the advertiser paying for the privilege).
Perhaps the toughest task in NZ Facebook Marketing 2015 is faced by retailers (both online and traditional), who’ve been accustomed to posting their new products to Facebook and attracting attention as a result. For you to achieve success with NZ Facebook Marketing 2015, you need to put on your thinking caps and do some serious brainstorming about your content. PS We would be remiss if we didn’t suggest that you check out our Complete Facebook Marketing and Facebook Accelerator online training courses, which discuss in great detail exactly what you need to succeed in NZ Facebook Marketing 2015. This entry was posted in NZ Facebook Marketing 2015 and tagged Facebook pages, Facebook followers, result, results, things on June 18, 2015 by Michael Carney. Google has been warning the business community for months that websites now need to be mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, expect it to be demoted in search results on smartphones from today, April 21, as Google rolls out its latest algorithm update.
The new algorithm will give priority to mobile-friendly websites, rewarding those who’ve made the change and punishing those still stuck in a desktop-bound world. Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.
It’s an update that makes complete sense to anyone who has ever visited a website through a mobile device and then found the site virtually unusable. Links and any elements that you need to touch are not thumb-friendly and are too close together (i.e. For the last year or so, Google has been developing and testing software that can look at the code of a website and determine whether or not the website has been optimized for mobile devices. Tracking this “Mobile-Friendly” label experiment has proven to Google that helping searchers find “mobile-friendly” results is a winning strategy: mobile searchers prefer “mobile-friendly” search results. It affects searches done on mobile devices only — not searches done on a laptop or desktop computer.
It is applied on a page by page basis, not site-wide, so it may be that some of your pages will be affected while others won’t. This evaluation of “mobile-friendliness” is done not by humans, but by Google’s computers, so it’s possible (though unlikely) for a website to look fine on mobile devices, but still be dinged by Google. If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report. Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend that you also check out our own ten-part Principles & Practice of Mobile Marketing online training course.
This entry was posted in 2015 and tagged world, pages, Advertising, online training course, problems on April 20, 2015 by Michael Carney. And 93% of travellers worldwide say that their booking decisions are impacted by online reviews. TripAdvisor, the biggest online review site on the planet, plays a huge role in helping travellers make travel purchasing decisions. In the first lesson, we introduce you to TripAdvisor, reveal even more significant statistics and discuss exactly why TripAdvisor should matter to you.

We examine TripAdvisor’s Popularity Rankings, which have a significant impact on the sales generated through the site, and discuss the three most important factors that determine popularity. We identify the best practices recommended by TripAdvisor (and show you how you can do even better). We talk about TripAdvisor Certificates and Awards: how to get them and what to do once you have them. We also cover the new importance of mobile now that more that half of all travellers visit TripAdvisor through their mobile devices. And, for those who are new to TripAdvisor, we take you step by step through how to get started listing your property on the site.
In this lesson, we review the nine different types of reviews that you might attract on TripAdvisor. We discuss what makes a helpful review (and how you can encourage your happy customers to contribute such reviews).
We deconstruct TripAdvisor’s Review Express service and examine how you can use it effectively to get more reviews.
We identify the tools that will enable you to monitor what customers are saying online and respond to reviews, comments, and questions nearly in real-time. And we tell you why you simply MUST respond to reviews (both positive and negative) if you want to grow your business. Now that you have your TripAdvisor Business Page set up effectively and have optimised your Customer Reviews, we turn our attention to promoting your business on TripAdvisor.
We look at the tools that TripAdvisor provides for your own website, email newsletters and social media pages, including icons, widgets and badges like “Travelers’ Choice” and “Certificates of Excellence”.
We identify the real-world items such as cards, stickers and certificates that TripAdvisor provides for you to display at your business premises and show you how to use them to optimal effect. We talk about what you must do for every single customer to improve your TripAdvisor reputation. We examine how you can promote your TripAdvisor awards effectively outside of TripAdvisor and your own website. We talk about Content Marketing and how to develop and implement an effective content calendar for TripAdvisor.
And finally for this lesson, we examine other TripAdvisor paid advertising options and opportunities that you might consider. TripAdvisor comes with plenty of numbers, via its Snapshot service (available to all property owners) and its full Dashboard (available to those with Business Listings).
In summary: Lesson Five will introduce you to valuable insights into traveler engagement, visitor demographics, competitor data and in-market trends. In Lesson Six, we talk about TripAdvisor’s booking capabilities, including TripConnect. And we explore alternatives that will enable you to facilitate online booking through TripAdvisor even if you don’t qualify for services like TripConnect. Apart from its online reviews and extensive listings,TripAdvisor is also the home of a number of online forums where people talk, ask questions and voice their issues, concerns and complaints. In this final lesson, we talk about the various forums and help you find where you can best contribute.
Finally, we wrap up with a peek into our crystal ball, looking at where TripAdvisor is going and what that means to you. And we discuss the strategic importance of TripAdvisor’s inclusion within Apple Maps. And we close with our advice on how you can best keep track of new TripAdvisor features and services that will impact on your business. This online training course is conducted on a web-based e-learning software platform, enabling course participants to proceed at their own pace, accessing materials online.
Course lessons will be provided in seven parts, for participants to access in accordance with their own timetables.
Owners, operators, managers, marketers, communications managers and customer service executives of any business that operates in the travel, tourism or hospitality sectors.
To reserve your place in this course, please pay by credit card through PayPal by clicking here. This entry was posted in how to use TripAdvisor, travel, TripAdvisor and tagged Wednesday, Investment, RESPOND, customers, list on April 15, 2015 by Michael Carney. Overtly promotional posts will no longer be shown to page followers, beginning in January 2015. Facebook gave some hypothetical examples of undesirable posts, but here are just a few of the millions of real Facebook page posts that would seem to fall foul of Facebook’s new rules. I received the copy paste job package just fine and look forward to utilizing the opportunities. At first I was skeptical but I decided to go ahead and sign up anyhow, I was offered 17 assignments my first week.
My blog will show you how to start your business with free advertising sources, and to then build your business with the profits.
Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. Learn key office and administrative skills to fulfil a reception, administration or office support role. Delivery and support: This course is delivered online with tutor support via email or phone. Her career history has strong roots in the administration sector, having worked as a receptionist, PA and administrator at a major Auckland Hospital. Ange enjoys the variety of her role at The Career Academy and being part of a growing, fast-paced business, but says that the best part of her job is reading the wonderful feedback from happy students. Certification and Accreditation: Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of achievement. I have found enrolling with Career Academy a great choice, from being able to complete my first certificate while putting my learning into practice on the job.
For those who wish to master Facebook Marketing in its entirety, we’ve created a ten-week online training program which will take you from Facebook novice to highly effective Facebook communicator. Those who wish to master all aspects of Facebook Marketing, from the basics to highly advanced topics. In this first lesson, we step you through the process of creating a business page for your organisation and your brand(s). Even if you’ve already established your business on Facebook, we recommend that you work your way through this lesson — you’ll be surprised at some of the basics you may have overlooked (and which just could make the difference between Facebook Marketing success and failure).
It’s easy to set up a Facebook page — not quite so easy to get the infrastructure humming along the way it should (and meeting your Facebook Marketing objectives).
Once you have some real customers and prospects following you, it’s time to start talking with them.
Who have you attracted so far to your Facebook page, how much are they interacting with you and what do they get to see when they arrive at your Facebook Business Page anyway?
There’s a whole lot more to social shopping than just offering a drop-dead, deeply discounted deal and ending up with bargain shoppers who won’t spend a penny more than their coupons allow. Finally, we look at the increasing number of ways that your consumers can connect with their friends outside Facebook, how you can help the process along and why it matters (hint: these days people trust their friends more than they trust you — nothing personal). NB By purchasing this product, you agree to accept the Terms & Conditions under which it is offered to you.
On the first day of the course you will be supplied by email with login details and Course Notes for the first lesson. Further Lessons will be provided at weekly intervals for the duration of the ten-part course. The Career Academy delivers quality workshops for NZICA and ICAA candidates to help them pass their exams. One of our own Dubzz local tourism clients has had an increase of 70.65% in mobile traffic, compared to the same period last year, and this is a common trend. In order to stay competitive in today’s online marketplace, your mobile website needs to be attractive and easy to use or you risk customers leaving the site in frustration.
So, what does being ‘mobile friendly’ or ‘mobile responsive’ actually mean and how mobile friendly is your business website?
Just because your website can be viewed on a mobile device,  does not mean it is mobile friendly or mobile responsive. Can you navigate your site with one hand and without having to increase or decrease the size of the content in order to read it? Are the links on the website far enough apart that a user with larger thumbs or fingers, won’t accidentally select the wrong option. Is the design clean and simple without too much going on, such as video, images or text, that may distract the user from the end-goal, such as making a booking or a purchase, or finding your opening hours or contact details. Are your website’s forms simple, short and easy to complete while at the same time gathering enough required  information to follow up with the user? For further information read our blog Top Tips To Apply To Your Mobile Website or for a free review of your business’s mobile website, email Dubzz with a link to your website. To keep up with the latest Dubzz news, including helpful hints and tricks that can help you market your business online sign up to our e-newsletter! Save hundreds to thousands of dollars by not paying for courses individually with The Career Builder Library. The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. You may even have signed up for one or two yourself, especially since Facebook split its messaging capabilities off from its main Facebook app and pointed its members to Facebook Messenger instead. Instead, they have become much more likely to use Dark Social tools to share the juicy stuff with their friends. Despite its elegance as a term, it’s a complicated and nuanced phenomenon – one that evokes norms of behavior, communication, sharing and privacy all at once. Because it’s trivial (and free) to download a messaging app, when you need to connect to a friend who uses a different app, you simply add that app to your phone. Nowadays, with messaging apps free and happily co-existing on the same device, those who use messaging apps typically have several different apps, with different clusters of friends connected through each app. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about messaging and how you can it in your business.

So we’ve devised this social media marketing refresher course to capture the latest developments across the expanding world of social media. Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly hard at work developing and evolving their offerings. Now the top four messaging apps attract more eyeballs than the top four social networking apps. In Lesson Three we examine the key providers of live video services and show you how you can determine whether live video will meet your promotional needs. In this lesson we examine how to make the most of your advertising options across various social media networks — and how to really take advantage of the enhanced targeting opportunities that social media provides. However we offer an Early Bird Discount of $100 +GST — pay just $397+GST for bookings received by Wednesday May 11. Then on the first day of the course we’ll follow up with details of your Login and Password, along with an Enrolment Key for the Social Media Refresher 2016 online training course. That often means posting funny pictures and videos — particularly those that are rating well elsewhere. Our pick would be that many of the likes might be from promoted posts — but not the shares. This is a content marketing project featuring sponsored contributions from many of New Zealand’s leading marketers. Marketers are invited to sponsor an article on one of the above topics and provide 500-1000 words on the agreed topic. It will also be made available to members of at least a dozen NZ LinkedIn business and marketing groups with a combined membership of more than 50,000 Kiwi business people. If you’ve been hoping it would go away, sorry (now might be a good time to check out our Social Media Marketing online training courses). The most significant development in that sphere came from Facebook itself, which announced late last year that from January 2015 self-promotional posts on Facebook pages would no longer be shown to Facebook followers. Bad news because marketers fondly hoped that the fascinating news that they were offering a discount or having a sale would be freely distributed to all their followers by Facebook; good news, however, because the new rules actually require that marketers create posts that are relevant and interesting if they are to be shared. Now, businesses such as Designer Gear Women are greeted by deafening silence (just a single like for the post below) despite having 6,854 followers.
In fact, these three are much more successful than most, having already attracted thousands of followers.
This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.
If you’ve used Google search on a mobile device lately, you may have noticed that they’ve started adding “Mobile-friendly” labels to the results. Locally, the proportion of mobile users is far higher, especially if your target audience is under fifty. In fact, according to a late 2013 study by PhocusWright of 12,000 travellers across the globe, more than half are not willing to book a hotel until they read reviews about the property. In this lesson we consider how you can turn your TripAdvisor Business Page into a powerful marketing tool. The number and content of reviews will drive your TripAdvisor popularity ranking, determine how much traffic TripAdvisor generates on your behalf and how many sales you will generate as a result.
In this lesson we review how you can use TripAdvisor analytics to get a much better understanding of your prospective customers and refine your marketing accordingly. Even though the site has declared in the past that it has no intention of becoming an Online Travel Agency, TripAdvisor has in recent times acquired companies and software that enables the organisation to provide instant bookings for hotels and instant reservations for restaurants.
This particular eCourse provides content in a variety of multimedia forms, including videos, slideshows and PDF files.
Interaction with the course tutor is enabled in the first instance via email (with telephone backup if required). However we offer an Early Bird Booking discount of $100 for bookings and payment received by Wednesday May 18.
Then on the first day of the course we’ll follow up with details of your Login and Password, along with an Enrolment Key for the How To Use TripAdvisor To Promote Your Travel, Tourism or Hospitality Business online training course. In this Ad Posting Job, You'll be paid for every Ad you post, Every Click your Ad gets, &Every Ad that brings sales to us. Because of huge requests from people worldwide to have job work which can be really done in 10 Minutes. Get Paid upto 1080% (Daily 3% Interest) returns annually on your investment amount (Refundable). It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH! Generally students complete one module per week, each module taking around 10 hours - so plan to do around 10 hours per week over a 10 week period.
She attends Auckland's Alliance Francaise French Film Festival every year, and her favourite movie of all time is Amelie (for its quirkiness and humour.) She loves to travel and, yes, France is one of her best-loved destinations, along with Italy and Spain. She also has solid tutoring experience with both a private company and Unitec Institute of Technology.
I have found admin staff really helpful when deciding to do a certificate or diploma paper. Michael is a long-time marketer with an insatiable passion for whatever’s new, different, exciting or interesting in the world of communications — and particularly in the social media marketing space.
Next we take you through the process of finding your first followers and claiming your User Name (you’d be surprised how many thousands of companies have yet to claim their name).
In this lesson, we show you how to take maximum advantage of Facebook’s Timeline format and explore some of the options available to you on Facebook (which might even include how to set up your own online store within Facebook). We discuss how often you should be adding content to your Facebook pages and how you should structure your content for maximum effectiveness.
We show you some of the ways that leading brands and organisations have set themselves up on Facebook and identify the key elements you’ll need to include if you want to increase your Facebook Marketing impact. This not-very-well-known formula determines exactly how visible you are on Facebook, especially to those who say they like you.
We look at how some marketers are already making use of gaming to promote their wares (both actual social gaming and gaming cues). We take a serious look at some of the best practices in this space and identify smart ways to help your customers spend more of their hard-earned money with you.
Along the way, we’ll identify a few simple protocols that you (or your IT folk) can add to your own website to sharpen your social results.
However we offer an Early Bird Discount of $100 – the course is just $497 for bookings made and payment received by Wednesday January 13. Prep2Pass candidates achieve superior pass rates and we are the market leaders in CA Program support. In a recent report by Walker Sands Digital, in the first quarter of 2014 mobile traffic to websites  increased  133% compared to the first quarter of 2012. Being mobile responsive means that a website will automatically change from how it looks on  a desktop computer,  to fit whatever size device is being used to view it, such as a mobile phone, iPad or  notebook. This means that they are a smaller file size so can be quickly downloaded to a mobile device and won’t use too much mobile data. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion with a passing score (for the online assessment) and will be issued a certificate via email.
Dark Social sources include messaging apps, email and other private digital communications.
We want computers smart enough to understand us and take appropriate action — whilst at the same time we worry about what might happen if they are that smart.
We should note that competitors like Kik, Line and Telegram have had their own bot platforms running for some time, so the concept isn’t exactly new. But how do you embed your brand in a consistent fashion, without spending large amounts of time and money?
All we’re saying is that times have changed and now new Facebook Marketing strategies are required in 2015 and beyond. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. No special software is required to participate, just your web browser (Firefox, Safari or Chrome is recommended). Our 10 Minute Job Work is for those you really want to make extra income in their spare time. I decided on a second certificate also relevant to my work and again finding it helpful and practical. We also explore how to add useful content to your tabs within your Facebook page — and tell you about Facebook’s rules as they apply to pages, promotions, advertising and competitions.
And we show you how to browse Facebook and get noticed; and then attract the interested and curious back to your own social hideout.
We peek under the covers and show you exactly what you need to do to prosper under EdgeRank — and how important it is to engage in particular ways with your fans and followers to further your Facebook Marketing aims. In this lesson we look at the principles behind some of the most effective viral campaigns of recent time — and show you how to harness those concepts to reach out to influencers and consumers alike. Along the way we’ll discuss pre-commerce, augmented recommendations and how to turn existing customers into advocated (without them having to do anything).
Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction. And how do you reach out to influencers — those who have significant communities of their own? You'll also get form filling software, using the same you can fill each form in less than a second. But neither of these are complete without the support and encouragement of the staff at Career Academy for which I am grateful, especially as I am online at odd hours of the night or day. We’ll also discuss how you can (legally and legitimately!) make Other Peoples’ Content actually work for you! You'll get all the Ad matters, List of classified websites &you can see real-time income statistics.

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